Elsa and Anna Toddlers Surfing Adventure Part 1 – Holiday – Vacation – Beach – Swimming Pool – Toys

Elsa and Anna Toddlers Surfing Adventure Part 1 with Moana. Annia! Elsia! Where are you? Annia! Elsia! Where are you? (sounds of rain and a waterfall) Lily can you see anything or anyone? (sounds of helicopter) The storms getting worse, I wonder if anyone will ever find us Toys in Action Oh This is so exciting Elsia, I can’t wait to try out my new surf board, it’s so beautiful today. It’s a beautiful day with the perfect blue skies. It’s just a wonderful day… Ok… I’m diving in… Geronimo! (splash sound) Come on Elsia, Come in. It’s so nice. Okay, here I come geronimo (splash) (giggle happy sounds) You’re right the water is beautiful (laughing) I think it’s time to try our our new surfboards. 3 – 2- 1 – I’m surfing out there – look at me! I’m a surfer girl.. Woo hoo! Okay Yeah I Know it’s you. They think I’m starting to rain The rains pouring really hot Anya gon keep swimming Come on come on do rap swim teacher taught us today Look city sure or look for something you can hold on to Thank goodness, I agree and it Feels so good to be on dry land. But Annya you didn’t help me up. Oh Sorry Elsya, I was just so tired, you know I would always help you if I could My villages I’ve got a bit of a walk but I know a place Come on, follow me. We’ve got to get out this storm. I know a safe cave up ahead Oh Oh no mum is going to be so worried Look Moana’s pointing that way Like and Subscribe to see Part 2 You can also click here for other awesome and exciting adventures You

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  1. would you like the girls to get rescued? Then give them a big thumbs up!

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