Ellen Helps Reunite Long Lost Friends Who Reconnected on Twitter

[MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] What? [LAUGHTER] 12 years ago, our next
guest was vacationing with her family in Hawaii when
she met another young girl on a dinner cruise. They became best
friends for one night. After finding this photo of
the two of them last week, she tweeted it out
and asked the internet to help track her friend down. Her tweet was shared
over 120,000 times. We’re about to reunite them. But first, from
Hampton, Virginia, please welcome Brianna Cry. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, Brianna. Hi. OK, this is really exciting. This is so exciting. So how did you find the
photo, and why did you decide to post it? Because you only knew
this girl for one day. Yes, I live with
my grandparents. So my grandmother collects
a lot of scrapbooks, pictures of everything. I could just be sitting
down and she’d be like, let’s take a picture. So she has scrapbooks
of everything. So I like to go back sometimes
and look at the pictures. So this particular
night, I wanted to look at the Hawaii
vacation photos. And I’m flipping through,
and then I see this girl, and I’m like, OK, we were
really close right here. We had a great time
for this one night. So I’m like, where is she? What is she doing now? Because we look so close
right there, right? Yeah. And I posted on Twitter
and I said, guys, please retweet this. Help me find her so I can
see what she’s doing now. What’s going on? Right. And how long was it
until you got a response? It was about 11 hours. I woke up. It was not retweets
when I went to sleep. It was like 4:00 in the morning. I don’t know what I was doing. But I woke up and it
was over 1,000 retweets. And I’m like, OK, these
people are actually taking this seriously. I might find her. So when she commented, I
was like, this isn’t her. And then I zoomed
in on the picture, and I see her Hawaii
vacation photo. And I’m like, oh, my goodness. We found her. Y’all found her. That’s amazing. OK, so you haven’t met. This is just– we’re going to– you haven’t seen her. So we’re going to
reunite you right now. So Heidi, come on out. [MUSIC PLAYING] How are you? Don’t be nervous. OK, Heidi, hello. There’s your friend, Brianna. It’s me from the picture! [LAUGHTER] You flew in from Virginia? We’re here. You live here? I live in California. So yeah, we flew her. And she didn’t do it on her own. [LAUGHTER] So I don’t know if she
would’ve paid for this. I mean, this is– It’s Ellen. All right, so did you
feel the same way? Did you feel like you had that
connection for that one day? I think yeah, I did. Yeah, I mean, it was
just for one day. I’m sorry. But it was. It’s OK. It’s OK. Look at us. So you do remember her? I do remember her on the cruise. How long before they got
to you and you saw this? I think it was about
11 hours, I think. Yeah. So right away, as
soon as you knew, you got in touch with her? Mm-hmm. When my friend
contacted me, they sent a message that was
like, it’s a weird question, but were you on a dinner
cruise in Hawaii in 2006? And see, I never
told people that I was on vacation back then. So it was a kind of
a weird question. But I said yes, and they
sent me a screenshot. And yeah, it was me. And you had a picture from that
same vacation in your house as well? Yeah. It was in a big– my family tends to take a
lot of vacation pictures. And– See, y’all have a lot in common. It was in a big display
cabinet about my height. And I had to go
digging around for it. I had a little
Indiana Jones moment when I had to pull it out
and blow the dust off of it to see if it was still OK. And I pulled it out. I took a couple of pictures. I picked the best one. I mean, at least I hope
it was the best one. And then– well, I mean, I
suppose you do know the rest. Yeah. Let’s take a reunion
picture so that– we’re going to go to
the doors over here and we’re going to take
another reunion picture. So if y’all separate again,
we can reunite you again. [LAUGHTER] Aw! I’m sorry [INAUDIBLE]. [APPLAUSE] [LAUGHTER] Look at us. All right, that’s good. Now here’s what we want to do
because you’re both in college, and that’s very expensive. So our friends at Shutterfly
care about reunions that happen on Twitter. So they want to help you
pay for your education by giving each of you
a check for $10,000. [CHEERING] Thank you. You’re welcome! There you go. We’ll be back.

Stephen Childs

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