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Welcome to Santa Barbara, California. With its spectacular views
of gently sloping hills, Santa Barbara is often considered
the American Riviera. I decided to go to Santa Barbara because I wanted
to improve my English and see beautiful places. I knew that Santa Barbara was going to be great. I chose the EF School in Santa Barbara because
it is really sunny, the weather is good. We can go to the beach. We can go to the swimming pool,
and get a tan. The EF International Language Center
is located in downtown Santa Barbara, a short walk away from the beach
and Main Street. We believe in an interactive teaching method
with faculty who supports and assists you in your learning progress everyday. Our teaching method, the EF Efekta Learning System,
is tailored to facilitate your language learning. You will learn English faster
than you could ever imagine. I decided to come here to
the United States to learn English, because when I go back to Chile,
I will keep studying engineering and it will help me in my future job. What makes Santa Barbara so special is that over 90 per cent of our
students live with host families. It’s an opportunity for them to learn about
a new culture while sharing their own culture. They speak English with their families and interact in a real world situation
outside of the classroom. Students can also choose to stay
at EF’s student residence. We have a really great residence
here at Santa Barbara. It is very centrally located to school. One of the best things about our residence is you
actually get to live with other American students. I have been living at the Tropicana
for the last four months. I like it a lot because there are a lot of
facilities like the gym, the cafeteria, and the movie room where you can watch movies. Santa Barbara has a lot to offer,
and our activities coordinator will help you fulfill your wish list. Santa Barbara offers
everything you could imagine. You can walk anywhere. You can get around by car, by foot, by bicycle.
Everything is easy here in Santa Barbara. You can do beach volleyball, we offer kayaking. We have sunset cruises and whale watching. The sky is the limit as far as
beach activities go. We offer hiking up into the mountains.
You get a beautiful view of Santa Barbara. You can go to the beach every day.
You can go shopping. The people are really kind, really nice!
They say hello every time. When you are on the street,
they talk with you. I like so much to travel with my friends,
and Santa Barbara has good opportunities for it. I went paragliding last week. It was pretty amazing being there and
it was a really different experience for me. Enjoy the scenic waterfront,
which features Stearns Wharf, the oldest operating wharf
on the West Coast. I’m a surfer and I came here
because there are very good spots like Rincon Beach, Sand Spit
and Campus Point. Study with EF Santa Barbara and return home
with memories that last a lifetime.

Stephen Childs

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