Easy Yoga For Beginners ♥ Full Body Gentle Flow

hey guys welcome to to beautiful ko wait, thailand i have an easy yoga flow for you that will focus on fundamentals of yoga its perfect for anyone thats starting out in yoga anyone thats beginner or found my other yoga classes a bit too challenging its also a great class to learn some fundementals and also if you’re looking for a nice easy flow to calm your mind and body this is perfect for you as well so if you’re ready grab a mat gets do this were going to begin today in a seated position on our mat starting with seated cat cow inhale exhale wonderful coming into seated position big head roll to the right big headroll to the left just warming up the neck spinal twist looking over the right shoulder keep your hips square switch to the other side grab the outside of your right foot with your left hand bring it up extending the right knee if you wanna take the modified version keep front knee bent take your twist look over the right shulder pull up from crown of the head awesome come back to center pull the leg bend your knee slowly make your way down to the mat hug the right knee into the chest roll ankle around you can alternate the direction slowly begin to extend that right leg keeping the knee bent and then extend its like your pressing the ceiling away bend and push bend the knee and push in and press just pull the leg into bofy the slowly release the head down lowering the right leg release the body inhale flex your feet exhale pushing the arms down come forward our seated forward fold see if your can reach for those toes and then slowly come back to center lets take it to the other side reach for the outside of your left foot and then again extending the leg out take that twist hips are square come back to center then bending knee to chest slowly making your way all the way down to the mat roll out that ankle from here go aide grab your calf pull the knee into your chest and then push the ceiling away from you extend that leg bending the knee and then press push it up hold it here point your toes just feeling that stretch remember to breath then slowly releasing the leg reach give yourself a big stretch rolling yourself up to seated holding and breathing here reach for those toes lengthen up coming into seated crossed legged position inhale arms up big side stretch reach left arm over slowly switching to other side inhale exhale sit bones grounded on mat lengthen through side of body coming back to center inhale big reach with the arms exhale come all the way forward walk hands to the top of the mat allowing your chest to come down head down towards the mat slowly come back up from here bring legs around cat cow exhale arch the back coming into downward dog walk out the downward dog letting go of any tension you may feel in those hamstrings slwoly hold it there inhale exhale walk to top inhale exhale do a rag dog where you sway side to side releasing the hands add head movement then side to side letting go of any tension in the neck see if you can go a little bit deaper grab toes if possible pull head towards the knees just keep holding onto the backs of your legs awesome let go of your feet bend your knees and slowly roll up inhale reaching the arms up reach up exhale dive it down inhale half way up stepping left foot back warrior 1 hips are square eagle warrior cross right elbow over left arching the back elbows touch the knee inhale look up brinf elbows to knees releasing the arms reach them up high reach them up to the sky stepping forward inhale arms up exhale swan dive to the floor inhale half way exhale bending the knees stepping back into plank take your chaturanga baby cobra or full upward dog bring it down come on up to your knees sit back to childspose come on up to all fours cat cow tuck toes come to downward dog slowly from here walk forward to the top releasing the hands head to your knees interlace your fingers behind the back shoulder stretch here hand fall forward to the floor allow head to come close to the knees roll up to standing cobra opening chest and heart coming back to center inhale reaching the arms up exhale hands to heart inhale arms up dive it down to your mat inhale half way stepping right foot back into warrior 1 left knee over ankle take eagle warrior inhale open the chest exhale get elbows right down moving body with fluidity come back up reaching both arms up hold stepping forward top of mat inhale arms up exhale dive it down inhale half way exhale bend the knees step back to plank chaturanga baby cobra come back down push back to knees sit back to childs pose take a moment to breath in exhale roll yourself back up come to the mat extending left leg out right knee bent inhale reach the arms up exhale go ahead take your left elbow to the inside of your left thigh opening through the side of the body come back up to center stack the knees together inhale and then exhale come forward right knee stacked over left knee you’re allowing the forehead to come as low as you can great stretch for the hamstring come on up knee to chest take spinal twist hugging knee with left elbow look over the shoulder switch sides right elbow to right thigh fingers reaching for the toes think of looking to sky coming back up left knee over the right knee folding forwrd spinal twist looking over the shoulder lengthening through the spine returning back to center coming toward top of mat make your way all the way down hugging knees into chest take a rock side to side bring soles of feet togethr reaching arms over head take a moment to breath bring knees together inhale and exhale roll over to the side coming over to the seated position feet crossed resting hands on knees’ head roll inhale big reach with arms palms together exhale hands to heart one more time fill lungs with oxygen exhale all air out thank you so much for joining me today on our beautiful yoga practice i hope you enjoyed it and i wish you the most lovely day namaste

Stephen Childs


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  2. I loved it and love your channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. This was honestly the best beginner yoga vid I've found yet!! It's not TOO beginner, so I still feel it and it's still a little challenging, really stretches me out in the morning 😍 so relaxing, I have anxiety but the consistent flow of this really calmed my mind and body together. Thank you so much for uploading!!

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for all the yoga videos you do. I’m 27 and two months ago I was diagnosed with spina bifida occulta and degenerative disc disease and I am in constant pain but once I start one of your videos the pain eases. I am so thankful for you ❤️

  5. im 13 and i play volleyball. i have never realized how tense i was until doing those stretches. i cant even touch my toes. im doing this everyday now so thank you !

  6. Thank you so much for this video, I got so relax after a few days of this yoga

  7. I can see this is a nice yoga routine but it's not beginner! I can't even sit cross legged or intertwine my arms. Yikes! I think a true beginners routine would first include explanations for how to properly do the stretch. Then a section going through the workout. Beginners won't even understand the names of the stretches.

  8. Hi, you know at the end of each video there are video suggestions to watch next, you can not click on it to get me straight to it…I must go to your YouTube page look for it. Can’t find it sometimes as there are so many. I think easier would be that you could click on the suggested video or have link under… 😉
    I must say you guys are wonderful…and meat free 😲😎You finding you balance in this world 🌍 and peace and love and that’s all about…great yoga, energy and you both are just beautiful, in and out! ❤️ Locations of your videos are amazing…! All the best Dominique Warsaw, Poland 🇵🇱 😍☺️

  9. Been weightlifting since my teens, these movements are not easy. Appears to be a complete set of different muscles involved here. Ever see a grown man cry and whine? Get one to do this for the first time for 15 minutes.

  10. This was my first time doing yoga and I absolutely loved it! Some of the things were a little hard for me because I am not flexible at all. Lol. I started a 365 day challenge for myself to do yoga at least 20 minutes everyday. I can’t wait to see where I’ll go in this journey! 💖

  11. Loved this video so much. I sit all day for work and running around keeping up with my daughter and this just released all the crackles and stretched places I didnt know need it. Thank you so much

  12. FYI: I am retired and overweight so I know I need to modify my positions for me. I’ve been following this video for 3 weeks now, and still haven’t reached the maximum stretching I want per position, but I’ve already lost weight, feel so much more limber, and stretching farther each week. I’ve even got my daughter started too, and I am so happy! If I’d known I could lose any weight just doing yoga, which is just stretching, I would’ve done this in my 20’s! I’m inspired and thankful! 🧘🏻‍♀️

  13. I have been watching yoga videos for more than 5 years now. I approve that this is NOT for beginners wtf.

  14. All you people out there who are asking where is Sophie you guys need to stop because asking where is Sophie is not gonna help you so are you suggestYou stopAnd then the stuff she puts on the Internet is what she puts on the Internet but what she keeps in her social life is what stays there so asking where Sophie or Sophia’s not gonna help us I

  15. On my 4th week now of following you and I’ve lost 8 lbs! Thank you, I love your quiet soothing voice 🤗

  16. I just started exercising again for the first time in 2 years, after some medical stuff happened, and this yoga video was the perfect way to help me, gently, get back into it. Perfect for beginners!!

  17. Girl I am feeling it. This is me today before my smoothie. Thank you!!

  18. Someone please tell me, what does this do for your body and mind? Does Yoga genuinely improve health and well-being?


  19. I did yoga for years and it was tremendously helpful. Now the older heavier me wants to get back to it. This vid is good for beginners and at a slow easy pace.

  20. I did enjoy…..with being a complete, true beginner….u should allow just a little more time for us to get into position……also, there has got to be some modifications. With ppl like me who are short, and trying to lose weight, there isn’t a lot of room to cross legs over at the knee….your videos would be perfect if it met the needs of those who need modifications, like me! Thank you for the experience!!

  21. I really love your channel, and I love that your routines are at or under 30 mins and they flow well and have minor instruction. It’s so difficult to find yoga instruction, whether on YouTube or in person, that’s seamless and easy.

  22. Thank you. Learnt some cool tricks from this little practice. Bit rushed and definitely not beginners as described, but I managed all poses. Will try these again in my own time to get more accustomed to them. Appreciated!

  23. Thank you, your videos motivate me to start doing yoga. Gratitude 🙏🏻🧘🏻‍♀️✨

  24. Hope you see this. Since I found you Ive been watching this video regularly and doing my yoga. I love it! Plus I refer everybody, and I have given your name out to many people who are interested too! Thank you

  25. That was the most wonderful practice I've experienced. I love you all 💞

  26. I just found you today and did my first yoga practice. Thank you so much I love it feeling the whole of my body💕💕🙏

  27. What do you do if you can't even reach your toes because you've got a fat belly

  28. Just so relaxing with the background music, make it easier to do the practice.
    Thank you!

  29. I always love coming back to this video. It always helps me reset.. I'm a beginner, and this is so helpful and peaceful

  30. I follow this video almost every day. I love this one cuz it’s simple, and I can modify positions for me as I move forward. Thx again 🥰

  31. It started good then went South. Beginners aren't that flexible. It takes time but good video

  32. I didn't get it right the first time. I believe I need to watch this video about three thousand more times. 😐😐😐

  33. I’m following this every day now. I started at twice a week, then increased to every day! Now I feel bad if I miss a day. 🤗

  34. If this is beginner……..Then I'm richer than Bill Gates & Warren Buffet combined……

  35. I ❤️ this video! Thank you for showing the modified version of some of the more difficult poses. You are amazing!

  36. I'm so glad I found your channel! I do this video after all of my workouts to stretch and calm down. Thank you so much!

  37. Do you know where yoga actually came from and what it is actually intended for ?

  38. I'm a complete novice and found it so easy following you! Great video!

  39. I really like the yoga moves. I need to take a vacation in Koh Wai, Thailand. What a beautiful beach and she is heavenly beautiful. I can't imagine a better place right now.

  40. That’s a perfect body. Those legs and that ass, and those 32DDs…..😍😍

  41. I have watched your online store http: //www.bohobeautitable. Life

    The couple followed you.

  42. Is it just me or is boho beautiful the only yoga Chanel that I’m conterbull with

  43. I just did this before bed with my favorite candle going and I must say thank you so much this got me out of my breakdown

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