Early summer-like afternoon under partly sunny skies

Good afternoon For those of you that have
returned from a long holiday, as Korea had two national holidays last week and most had
the day off on Tuesday for the presidential election,… it might not be easy to get back
into the swing of working life. To get your biorhythm back, experts say, eat
and sleep well and do some light exercise In fact, today is a fine day for an afternoon
stroll under partly sunny skies with normal air quality. It will feel like early summer… getting
up to 26 degrees Celsius in the capital and Daejeon… while Daegu and Jeju will get up
to 27 degrees,… but dust levels could rise at night due to toxic dust from China….. However,… early morning rain is in store
tomorrow for upper regions, including the capital, while afternoon rain is expected
on Saturday. Temperatures will remain above the seasonal
averages for a while. That’s Korea for you and here’s the international
weather for viewers around the world.

Stephen Childs


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