Draw Tip Tuesday – Happy Holidays

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! Today we’ll use water, watercolors, a brush
and a sharpie. In case you forgot to send someone a holiday
card, don’t panic! It’s simple to make one yourself! Pick some green watercolor paint from your
palette and throw it onto the paper. Don’t think about it too much. It’ll become a
christmas tree later … … or something else if you want to! While the paint dries, write down your message.
It could be a holiday wish, a little note, a poem, a quote. You can draw a frame around it to pull everything
together. Then you can paint the letters
I use the opposite color of green: red. It’s nice and contrasting and these two
colors happen to be Christmas colors as well. I make a smooth transition by adding a bit
of water to the paint. The red and white striped letters remind of those festive little christmas canes you can decorate a christmas tree with. Now that the paint has dried you can draw
the outline of the tree if you want, and decorate it Simple circles will represent balls,
but of course you can add a lot more if you like… …depending on how much time you want
to spend. Speaking of Christmas decorations: see if
you can think of other holiday related shapes to paint. You could do an endless range of personalized christmas cards this way! Whatever you do, you will make awesome art.
And if you want to give yoursellf a holiday present, why don’t you sign up for my online
workshop ‘Awesome Art Journaling’. Every day you will fill your art journal pages,
for a whole month, starting February 1. Go to my website makeawesomeart.com and sign
up today! Best wishes from me to you… happy holidays!

Stephen Childs


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