Dr Liz Mear, Innovation Agency chief executive, on ECO 21

So the Innovation Agency
has been working on a range of programmes
around respiratory conditions. One is on analysing the data
so we know where we’ve got hot spots of COPD
sufferers especially and supporting the clinicians
in that area to work with those people. The other is supporting digital
innovations that can help people to self manage, we’ve got a range
of apps and devices that you can use if you’re
a respiratory condition sufferer. We’ve worked with a Lancashire
and Cumbria Innovation Alliance testbed which has been about
testing a range of innovative digital products and ways
of working with people so they’re supported to use
digital and that has actually shown the 80 per cent of people
from any age group will use digital solutions and then
we’re working with our colleague AHSNs
to look at what they’ve got in the innovation space and how
we can adopt them into region. We’ve been working with East
Midlands with our colleagues in London
and we’re going to start a bigger programme in 2020
around air quality and we’re supporting some of our
university partners in pushing that forward. We’re also working with system
innovations around workforce so the new physicians associate
roles that we’re promoting to our primary care colleagues
and in secondary care. And these are people
that can come in, that can work at a different
level than doctors and nurses and have a different range
of skills and give time to sit down with patients
to talk them through what they can do to manage
conditions to talk through some of the symptoms so that we know
if they’re going to exacerbate. So we’re really promoting these
new roles. We know we’ve got a problem
with a decrease in number of workforce
especially in the north of England. So we want to maximise the use
of these roles so that patients benefit the end of the day.

Stephen Childs

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