Donetsk Creates an Independent Government: Russian Roulette

Stephen Childs


  1. Дьявольские компьютеры по убивали, так будет со всей техникой сатаны из запада!

  2. Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
    Anti-Uaf Anti-Una Anti-Oun Anti-Rs

  3. The redhead at 8:04 was kind if cute but jesus is she on uppers, she was talking at light speed and literally fucked yo the spacetime of everyone around her.

  4. Funny to think the governor of Donetsk would later swallow his words

  5. Did they go through with the petitions? It migth have helped them if they did.

  6. Putin is a MASTERMINDS. He has more impact on the people of Ukraine than even Ukraine's own leaders.

  7. They threw out all of the alcohol? This man at 1:30 was licking that shit off of the ground.

  8. So do these people got jobs. Looks like everyone standing around waiting for orders but not sure from whom

  9. Their first mistake was admitting women. Their second mistake was letting women speak. Their third mistake was actually listening to women.

  10. The empty suit with glasses at 11:50 reminds me of Obama&the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. I sincerely hope Poroshenko does not expect America to help him if Russia invades. This is not our battle. If Donetsk Crimea etc citizens want to be Russian that's not our business. End corruption in Kiev&maybe people won't want to leave so badly!

  11. I don't see this being resolved peacefully, I hope I'm wrong. Side note: Standing around screaming your opinions to a bunch of people who either aren't listening to you or just can't hear you won't help either.

  12. 2:41 – The computers with the motherboards removed so they can be searched for intelligence – or perhaps the Ukrainians (for lack of a better term) did that upon leaving the building for the opposite purpose. Wonder who did what here.

  13. Peoples Republic of Donetsk, are they communist or why that typical "peoples" in their name

  14. On some issues Vice puts on a neutral face, while on others, not so neutral. On Ukraine it's just very obvious they're not. So, where they stand politically, I would venture to say, shady at best!

  15. Like Russians like Serbs I pray to God that this both slavian nations get destroyed!

  16. Donbass…… more like dumbass, if they only knew half the truth they would have just moved to Russian territory and left UKRAINE TO THE UKRAINEIANS. This has only gotten worse for the population not the Russian backed soldiers. Truly this is a sad beginning to hunger, inadequate services both medical and personal……

  17. Ich kann nur hoffen, dass die Regionen Donezk, Luganzk und Charkow, so schnell wie möglich unabhängig werden und das sinkende Schiff Ukraine verlassen und sich Russland zu wenden. Die Krim hat es vor gemacht und den Bewohnern der Krim geht allmählich besser.

  18. In hindsight, Donetsk, Lugansk were right to oppose the zionazi yankee putch in Kiev, Pushilin is still there & level headed.

  19. They were all laughing at her until it clicked within them mentally that she was right about the UN and universal recognition

  20. People called these elections rigged but many journalists confirmed these people were local and the majority did want to be Russian. Ukraine should cut its loses and concede these regions to Russia and move on.

  21. This was What Vice news used to be…this reporter has the biggest balls ever some off the situations he has been in is incredible

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