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  2. Iran never planned on keeping their side of the deal anyways, they harbor terrorists, have disgusting human rights violations, etc. I just really hope this shit doesn't ramp up since the missile attacks tonight. We dont need another neverending war. We need to be out of the middle east all together

  3. Well we have the news cycle covered for the next few weeks…good times ahead

  4. Honestly it doesn't really matter if what Donny did was legal or not (It probably was). Nancy is senile and fueled by rage and will stop at nothing until she can declare him a traitor and have him executed.

  5. just declare iran not a state then it wont be a war crime, and the combatants non human then it wont be a human rights violation

  6. Do you think you would be allowed to wear this and broadcast in Iran…no you would be married off with about 5 kids

  7. Strictly speaking, on an international level Soleimani was a "Terrorist" so his assassination wasn't illegal from that perspective.

    And, from a US perspective his assassination wasn't illegal either since he was classified as an enemy of the State within a Congress approved war zone (Iraq).

    As such, Trump is covered here surprisingly well.

  8. It should be illegal to seriously threaten war via social media

    The spotlight is always on Susan and Mark because of content and ads on their sites but how has trump affected things for twitter?

  9. She's not yet a level 100 presenter. She only uses one hand to gesture instead of two like the mighty PhillyD

  10. Now we know the answer to that final question: they retaliated promptly. What did Trump expect? Schoolyard bullies get punched back if they pick on the wrong kid

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  12. Conflict between countries lost the "glamour" of the cold war, now they are fighting on twitter…

  13. Trump needs to be impeached his decisions are affecting the whole world and creating more chaos.

  14. Why was it presented in the first place? I mean my impression of politicians is everything that they do is pre-vetted predone and they just say yes or no. I'm not a trump supporter but this seems like a little bit of manipulation of trump

  15. This report doesn’t site any actual proof of imminent threats that the trump administration has provided. This is because it has not been provided.

    Presenting Trumps arguments without noting that his administration has provided no evidence to justify his actions to this point is poor reporting. It equivocates factual arguments with fact-less ones and causes a debate where there isn’t one to be had yet.

  16. Thank you for finally converting this. I needed guidance in the 24 hour shit show news cycle.

  17. 9:30: How are we supposed to determine if he acted legally or not without knowing what the intel is which Trump said he acted on? It's ridiculous to call this "wrong" or "right" without knowing the intel, that needs to be released, even if not to the public, at least to congress.

    But now Iran has attacked US bases in Iraq, we'll have boots on the ground in the next month or so, and it'll be another Iraq invasion, I reckon.

  18. at 1:03 she says that trump kick started things when he ordered the attack on soleimani. WRONG, Iran kick started things by ordering an attack on the us embassy on new years eve!

  19. Trump is time to step up wipe this motherless Iranian regime off the face of the earth

  20. What is the difference between Trump's strike and Obama's air strikes? Obama made several hundred air strikes without "congresional authorization."

  21. Trump is acting both recklessly and bordering on majorly overstepping what it is to be president. He is not a dictator. He needs to remember that.
    Also going to point out his "defensive measure" is now directly causing Americans and our allies to be killed in retaliation.
    Convenient he does this while congress and senate are fighting about his impeachment, don't you think? It's his MO. He's accused of, or in danger of being guilty of something so he acts out.
    Granted Clinton also launched airstrikes during his impeachment as well but didn't kill such a high ranking member of another country, also known as an assassination.

  22. what trump is doing it well within his power to protect the nation and its people from any type of attacks

  23. Now a deep dive on the Australian situation? Some facts I've seen are all over the place. I would like the accurate rogue rocket treatment to the story.

  24. thanks for putting this up! Nice to see this covered while Phil is getting much needed R&R

  25. Thanks so much for that video! I was patiently waiting for your video on the subject and I'm glad it's out now.
    Would've been nice that you included a little more attacks from Iran in the past year to get a better idea of Iran's wrong doing that justifies in part this action of Trump.

  26. Trump already knows that the public views him has a loose cannon that shoots from the hip, however this attack wasn't just reckless, but will incur pandemonium across America and Iran and all their neighbouring countries should this evolve into a full fledged war (which, based on information given, appears as such). Could it be because elections become skewed during war times due to the difficulty in collecting the votes of military personnel? Could he be setting up the next presidents term to make them a hero bigger than he will ever be or turn them into a villain who could overshadow the blemish he left as President? Either way, this will be a trying time for Americans, the Western world, the Middle East, and so much more. Then classifying the document that outlined the reasoning behind the strike befuddles me even further. All I do know is that history WILL be made, let's just hope it ends better than we can ever predict.

  27. There will be no war with Iran. They fear us, which is why they violated the nuclear deal. They have no leverage until they have nukes. This regime will crumble from the inside as they continue to see failure after failure. Khamenei has been calling bluffs for years, and this time Trump had the card. But he had to wait until Soleimani and his Iraqi counterpart were together.

  28. If only Iran had 1.7 billion fewer dollars maybe we'd have fewer dead Americans. Thanks Obama.

  29. It seems ridiculous to me that the way these world leaders and political figures are communicating is through fucking Twitter

  30. I dont think Trump acted appropriately. He should have obtained Congressional approval before issuing the strike – his actions have huge consequences…Yes, Soleimani wasnt innocent, but what Trump did was essentially committing murder. It's like saying he killed Ted Bundy before Ted could kidnap and kill Trump's daughter, he'd go to jail for that.

  31. Did not Tulsi add a directive back in June to a bill, preventing actions against Iran, actually voted OUT by congress?

  32. What's going on is Americans have zero input in what their wealthy elite instigate
    And we're gonna die because of it.

  33. Why are people arguing over old decrepit men petty fights to keep owning us? I propose for us peasants to force the leaders to fight themselves against each other instead of using us as canon fodder.

  34. You can definitely tell who's Democrat from this comment section lol Thank goodness the U.S. stood up for US and so many others finally and got rid of someone who kills U.S. citizens and service men as well as others from other countries.

  35. You guys are WAY obsessed with Politics. There is so many other topics to talk about

  36. He is the commander and chief. He can do whatever he wants with the military. As long as it's not A-war crime

  37. Soleimani was designated a terrorist back in 2002, so I'm not sure how its not legal?

  38. not being from the us, i feel like attacking the us embassy to me is enough to have created a response in the first place, im kind of surprised it took this long to begin with.

  39. The Iran missiles were a PR stunt. They were careful not to kill any Americans, and meticulous to show the videos to Iranians. They purposely left Trump a reason not to respond, obviously because they know they would be obliterated in a war with the USA.

  40. Great…this probably means he will get re-elected. Presidents usually get re-elected during war… I hope he drops dead of a heart attack at his point. Keep stuffing that fast food down your gullet President!!!

  41. This is why I love this channel. Completely informational, no spin, no politics, just the points of fact. Great work guys it's so hard to keep up with the news cycle these days because it's nothing but toxic, partisan, garbage.

  42. The part about responding with a disproportionate amount of force is concerning, as while I understand it, sounds to me much like unfair punishment, and would lead to a continued escalation of atacks. It's like when two brothers punch each other in the arm, and the one punches harder, which makes the next one punch harder, and so on until it's a fist fight.

  43. I’m no Trump fan (at all) but I don’t think him ordering these strikes was illegal. This guy has killed hundreds of people, Americans and civilians, so retaliation is fair, and this only adds to evidence that he was going to keep doing it, so it makes sense. There was an opportunity and they took it. It isn’t right for this guy to allow attacks on our embassy and all this other stuff and then just not do anything. It sends the wrong message. As for Congress, they want to get involved in everything because of optics. It’s an election year and this is a big move that can be spun way against trump and the republicans. Declassifying information like this before you strike only gives a chance for the enemy to move. If Congress debated every single thing then nothing would get done, and acts like these are extremely time sensitive. Trump has overreached before, but not in this case. As long as there were attacks on Americans in Iran, retaliation was imminent so this is no surprise and only fair.

  44. this is a high stakes ploy to distract from the imminent senate Trial to remove Trump from power. Contact you Senator and say them to vote for the removal of Trump from Office. He is a danger to US national security, US and NATO citizens and peace in general.

  45. Trump is in Putin's pocket and is a blatant traitor. The punishment for treason is death. How long will it take for us to figure this out?

  46. Trump just wants to do something he perceives as heroic after his impeachment.

  47. Tbh if I was president Democrat or Republican, I'm not going to congress. A Bunch of buffoons who hate each other and want to sabotage each other more than do what is necessary for this country.

  48. PDS goes away and WW3 is on the horizon! Bring back the PDS quick. The world depends on it!

  49. I guess the question I have is whether Obama was given congressional approval on the strike against bin laden? If so then perhaps it was illegal unless credible evidence is shown. But if not approved, it would seem like most of this is partisan Slander against Trump for defending an American asset. I wish we could atleast stand behind being American and defending her interests first, and then disagree with each other about other issues

  50. It's silly to even mention the possibility of a WW3. America has been at war before plenty of times without it being a WW3.

  51. Hm…and just when you'd think this administration couldn't get any worse, the cornered dog lashes out yet again; Idiocracy, to put it lightly.

  52. Fun fact during 2011/12 when Obama was up for re-election trump accused him multiple time of attempting to start a war with Iran in a bid to get re-elected

  53. Good God, how can you still let that man lead your nation? He already has shown an abuse of power. He thinks he's above you all and he doesn't have to answer to anyone. He's surrounded himself with yes men and anyone who opposed him is sent packing. This is tyranny, not leadership. He has threatened civilians in retaliation for God's sake. Yes, that General was a threat but he made a stupid move. This isn't the Gulf War, you don't airstrike a political power. Your leader is burning away any hope of building peaceful relations in the east. Get him out of power before he sends a nuclear strike. I'm not joking. This is a real fear.

  54. You're mistaken about Iraq voting the US out. They voted for a non-binding resolution, the US has not been expelled from the country.

  55. Isn’t there some statute somewhere that says the president can go to war with a country without the approval of congress for 90 days??

  56. the biggest problem i have with all of this is the naivete both countries show in just sheer aggression and revenge. "to stop a war" when has killing someone outright blatant and blunt ever prevented a war? wouldve been more effective as a major conspiracy coverup of a spy going to assassinate him. smh

  57. Current problem main starting point from the U.S then minutes later saying Iran's actions caused current problem.. try not showing bias, will keep credibility..

  58. Seriously? We are talking about killing a inhuman piece if garbage. If Obama had done this the media would still be sucking him off. Rouge Rocket why don't you give the facts about who he killed over the years the long list of war crimes and crimes against humanity, lets be honest with each other everything you said were indeed facts but you couldn't be more heavily skewed without tipping the earth on its axis…and you all fuck'n no better.

  59. What Trump did was basically one step away from assassinating a foreign leader. What's to stop him from just deeming any foreign leader he doesn't like a terrorist and taking the executive decision to execute them? To say it's problematic is an understatement. One man shouldn't be able to be global judge, jury and executioner.

  60. Is there background music? Bc it’s kinda messing w my focus on her talking

  61. I gotta be honest, I didn’t follow most of that video because I was too distracted. The only thing more distracting than someone talking with their hands is someone talking with only one hand….

    “I’m sorry, I’m not sure what to do with my hands…” -Ricky Bobby.

  62. It's funny seeing comments referring to USA as a world police where in reality it's a world bully who goes around invading countries for its own interests. In general you can't deny the good that USA has brought to other countries but you definitely cannot overlook the violence and interference it has acted upon certain countries out of its own interests. If the States never entered the middle East for oil in the first place, none of the middle Eastern conflicts would be relevant to it. Being the instigator from the very start, US deserves any bloodshed on them and the blood will be on the administration's hands. Live for your country, don't die for your administration's ignorant politics.

  63. I think he did act legally. Congress only has constitutional power over the purse.

  64. Soooo is Trump a nationalist or a globalist?
    Just kidding, he's a sociopath.

  65. Just letting y'all know your subtitles have a spelling error: eminent should be imminent. Thanks for providing them though. 🙂

  66. I love this channel. As straight forward, just gives the main points of what's going on. Most news outlets just don't do that.

  67. You people are liars! The Iraq vote was not a vote but a binding resolution which was boycotted by most a parliament. Also, no mention of how Obama did something worse without congressional approval. Such lies!

  68. lol if they charge Trump with this they should go back and charge Obama for the American citizens he droned.

  69. Iran's going nuclear… Russias probably going nuclear since we also backed off of that treaty… N Korea never stopped.. even if the first n last are behind, it's still a sign of things to come.

  70. One of the things I like the best about the PDS is how balanced it is. Rogue Rocket is leaning WAY left these days.
    I’m very middle of the road, but the fact you are only reporting one side is frustrating.

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