Do White Girls Like Asian Guys? (AMWF)

do you white girls like Asian guys
insider I wanted to record this video today because for those of you who’ve
been following us for many years you may have seen the video that ended up
getting tons of views titled this exact topic it’s since been removed but I’ve
realized a lot of my personal clients were going through relationship issues and
they had some stories that was preventing them from moving forwards and
succeeding in terms of love so that’s why I wanted to rerecord this because
things have changed times have changed society has changed and also my
viewpoint a viewpoint has changed as well and this is why Toma is back and
we’re gonna be answering this question once and for all and putting a
close to this chapter let me ask you Toma do white girls like
Asian guys tell me and we just click stop after that right now we’ll
elaborate of course sorry um I do think that it’s not about the race to put it
simply personally I never thought gonna end up with an asian guy as I never felt
like I had someone why is that I think it’s because of the stereotype I had in
my mind about Asian guys as you actually were the first Asian guy that I’ve met
and dated so oh no I met somebody in university but I didn’t date them but
yeah I never felt like Asian guys were my type because I had the sort of
stereotype in my head that Asian guys are really shy and all the interested is
their computer and everything to do with numbers and computers and all of that
because I didn’t see many of them like socializing with other girls going to
the clubs I’m seeing them more like studying
like with the heads down and really likes soaked into their computers sounds like me I think
it’s kind of true to a certain extent in terms of loving computers I do love my tech I gotta say
but definitely have changed myself because for those of you then in my
background I used to be an extremely shy ever since I was pretty much growing up
I was suffering from social anxiety disorder meaning I was homebound every
single day I got addicted to video games as a result and I loved I suppose
technology I’m not sure why I’m from Seoul South Korea so maybe that’s partly
the reason I have no idea but I struggled with relationship for most of
my life because I never interacted with girls I would have never approached
Toma or spoken to Toma back in the days but once I began to develop my
personal development things really transformed for me so would you say then
white girls like asian guys then or what what’s your answer in terms of that I
think I do think that it’s a very unfair to hide behind the race I think what girls
really like girls like the confidence girls like somebody who you know it’s
fun to hang around with and this sort of ask questions they seem interested it’s
more to do with the confidence and personality more than the race um of
course they’re always gonna be girls that not gonna like one reason or
another there’s like girls I’m never gonna date black guy asian guy or sometimes
even the white guys is that maybe or I would say it depends on the person you need to do
like in part 2 video to answer that yeah I do think it depends on the person and
how you carry yourself do you do you like the way you are are you confident
in your own skin because if you are not and if you don’t put any sort of effort
to approach a girl and you don’t put any effort in terms of like developing
yourself and me gonna becoming best version of you it doesn’t matter which
race you are it’s not something that girls will be attracted to yeah I think
it’s just attraction is a choice that’s why I discovered from my life because
I’ve had a period of my life where every single approach I ever attempted and I’m so
scary trying to do so it just kept on flopping failing failing failing but the
more I just kept on focusing on me in terms of my growth and just working on
growing myself into the best best version of myself and letting go of all
of that shyness and social anxiety and all about sadness I was going through back
in my dark times I’ve realized the more I kept and worked on me and getting my
character the more I just found women were just I suppose wanting me to approach
them because you’ll find when you seek love you always find this quite kind of
hard to find love but when you aren’t looking for it for example you’ve just
fell into a relationship you’ll notice all of sudden left right and center
people want to approach you girls want to date you it’s because you got to
realize when you’ve worked on you got the cup full that’s when you’re the most
attractive as an individual and that’s not determined by your race and I think
it’s crazy how the whole a AMWF community talks about this topic in this way
because race has not been a factor in my life race has been
yes sometimes there’s an objection a girl says I don’t like Asian guys or
whatever maybe but then what do I do I sell myself better and I show I’m not
the typical stereotype so it’s all again based upon what you’re saying it’s based
upon yourself and I think people Asian men especially if that’s you you gotta
get off your story yeah get off the story of blaming society get
off your story of saying oh but you don’t understand the western media
realize things are changing but even if it isn’t changing you gotta take
control of your life and that only happens when you stop being a victim of
the circumstances and I remember when I was younger I used to always complain
always just justify always to say many reasons why I can’t take action in life
you either have reasons or results you gotta choose yeah so why would you say
asian guys could be attractive to white girls what do they need to have in terms
of equality just so we can give them some golden nuggets and we’ll wrap up
from there I personally think what Asian guys really have is like the strong
manners when it comes to like treating the girl the right way so you want us to
over amplify that well I didn’t say over amplify that but I think it’s also
show up in your best light I think because you guys are really handsome but
if you don’t put yourself together firstly like in terms of grooming then
nobody is gonna see that so what should you focus on terms of grooming to make
sure you well firstly clothes that fit you um I’m so sick and tired of were
like two jeans they’re baggy and dirty and all of that like pay more attention
to the way you look because if you want to attract the pretty girl do you think
that somebody who’s looking after themselves I’m gonna be attracted by
somebody who just like puts whatever on themselves isn’t it it’s the same thing
so true yeah so I think if you are looking at more like you know that type
of girls that look after themselves you need to do that as well but but more
than looks I think work on improving your confidence on on improving yourself
I think that is something that’s really important because if you’re happy with
the way you are and you happy in your own skin then it doesn’t matter which
race you are like you you already like them said you’re a cupful and that’s
what we’re looking for we we always are looking for people that are interesting
that are fun and they feel confident and comfortable with the way they are yeah
how you should picture it since I assume you’re Asian guy watching this imagine
you get your dream car that could be a Ferrari or Lamborghini I’m sure you’re
not gonna allow that to rot in the garage what will you do you give it the
best polish every single day you may take some selfies with it you make it
seem really nice right but that’s the exterior that car however doesn’t mean
anything unless it’s got that engine as well and that engine is you your
personal growth the exteriors the way you show up okay so you’re gonna make
sure you work on yourself outer world but then you gotta master that inner
world as well and both of those is important you can’t just go out there
and just sudden it tuck on a t-shirt and just hope that things will be okay
because if you’re aiming for eight nine ten in terms of the looks in terms of
the girl you want to attract you gotta make sure you present yourself as an
eight nine ten and sometimes just bit of clothing Toma’s specialty is personal
branding by the way and she shows different clients how just the different
clothes just changed entirely the way you look so work on that the skin care
the hair all of this by the way I had to transform because back in the days just
give some idea because I was addicted to a lot of drugs when I was growing up I
wouldn’t even brush my teeth every day oh my God it was it’s funny I suppose looking back
now at the time I just didn’t care about my life I just was addicted to a lot of
the hardcore different level drugs which I don’t get to today but you could just
tell from my photo that I just didn’t care about myself and as a result guess
what there’s a great saying goes you’re constantly letting other people know how
to treat you by the way you treat yourself and so that’s why people didn’t
care about me they didn’t even give me a job when I was looking for a job
in fact i was only the only job I could get was a toilet
cleaner at the time and so it always goes to show the exterior world is
important exterior but then you’ve gotta have that engine fuel that engine
give it the right health give it the right nutrition in terms of your mind
and nutrition you must master this everything changes and so if you want me
to talk more about this insider I’m more than happy to share with you the
transformation I had to go through just let me know in the comments box below
because your feedback helps me to create like specific topics and so forth
now Toma if yours to leave everybody with one final message in terms of
putting an end to this chapter once and for all what would it be I would
just say that you know it’s very lazy to hide behind the label and to hide behind
your race and now blame just your race why girls are not attracted to you like
look at yourself and think like are you doing the best from your sight so you
get different results because if you’re not doing the best and you just
expecting all those results to come it doesn’t work this way in order for you
to receive something you have to give something yourself so I think stop
hiding behind your race and start working on the best version of yourself
and start becoming the change that you wanna see in the world
definitely this video for me means a lot because firstly it’s what started
success insider I created these videos to help out my younger self and a lot of
people who approached me they look like my younger self at the time and this
video was what ended up taking successes out his channel just on a whole another
level getting hundreds of thousands of views and at the same time this this
video is almost like I’m speaking to my younger self because I’ve been through
this I know what it’s like to be on the other side of my life where my health is
deteriorating and just is an absolute mess so my advice is this is the advice
I would give to my younger self if I could speak to him you gotta believe in
yourself and realize that nobody is to blame
the only person is actually you right now and you gotta believe in your
capabilities that you can get yourself out but it’s only you that has to decide
this nobody else don’t wait for the world to transform you gotta transform
don’t wait for things to get better you gotta get better now and this takes a
firm decision decide today you’re gonna work on you decide today you’ll
become obsessed with personal development once you mastered this once
you’re a master mind set and heart set game over you’ve mastered life so go out
there insider and do your absolute best if you enjoy today’s video be sure
to like this video and comment below in regards to your biggest takeaway and if
you want us to create more videos in terms of this is a little bit off-topic
but I understand that a lot of you high achievers you do suffer from
relationship maybe in terms of maintaining relationship or getting into
a relationship so I’m more than happy to provide you with whatever value you need
and I’m here to serve born to serve okay so as always insider follow your heart my
friend and take action and go live the life you’re truly born to live I’ll see
you very soon my friend take care

Stephen Childs


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