DLA is…The Nation’s Combat Logistics Support Agency

The Defense Logistics Agency
is a complex network of people…processes…and
organizations. At DLA, we focus not just on
our mission or how we do it, but we also understand the
why…it’s all about serving the warfighter and the nation. Logistics is about managing
and controlling the flow of goods…energy…and
other resources. It’s also about rapid
response and big data. We push ourselves to meet
challenges…be innovative…and think strategically. At the Defense Logistics
Agency logistics is our profession…our
mission…our passion. DLA is the Nation’s Combat
Logistics Support Agency. In 1961, the Defense Supply
Agency was established to order common parts for the
military services. In 1977, DSA became Defense
Logistics Agency and began performing a mission that was
more than just ordering parts. Headquartered at Fort Belvoir,
DLA is a global enterprise postured to meet warfighter,
whole of government, and partner and allied nation’s
logistics requirements around the world. For us…logistics means
leveraging our worldwide network and expertise to sustain
warfighter readiness and increase effectiveness to
our government partners. It also means our dedicated
teams located in our Regional and Major Subordinate Commands
or MSCs work tirelessly to acquire and provide the supplies
and services you need to accomplish your mission. When you think of DLA, our
expertise is procurement. Think of an end-to-end
supply chain provider. We achieve this by working with
more than 12-thousand suppliers to manage nine supply
chains…provide about 5-million items and more than $34 billion
in goods and services annually. DLA supports more than 2300
weapon systems…and nearly 100-percent of fuel for
the military services. We offer energy
solutions…manage the reutilization of military
equipment…administer the storage and disposal of
strategic and critical materials…offer document
services…manage distribution centers worldwide…and provide
logistics information products that leverage data with
cutting edge technology. DLA also supports 110 nations
with $2 billion in foreign military sales. As the nation’s combat
logistics support agency, our number one priority is to
strengthen service readiness and lethality for our
combatant commands. We exist to provide warfighters
with what they need…where they need it…when they need it. Our dedication to support our
Nation runs deep and our global network and expertise in supply
chain management not only supports the warfighter, but
we are also able to improve efficiency and increase
effectiveness of our Whole of Government partners especially
in domestic and international operations. At DLA, we understand logistics
is not just about supplies… …it is about collaboration …building strong relationships …and being cost-conscious. We work hard to align our
strategic plan and our efforts to enable DOD and the Nation
to address immediate needs and long-term challenges. Speed… …robust partnerships… …resilient networks… the ability to deploy
at a moment’s notice… …global posture… …cutting edge technologies. This is logistics. This is DLA – the Nation’s
Combat Logistics Support Agency.

Stephen Childs


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