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(upbeat music) – So getting from Dublin
to Hartford, so easy. We had a seven hour 15 minutes flight, and arrive in Hartford,
straight out in the airport, Through in 15, 17 minutes,
we were out, bags and gone. So this is my first time in Connecticut, and my first in the whole
region, this region. Highlights for me would be the
aquarium, Saltwater Winery, the vineyard out there,
really enjoyed that day. Loved the Seaport Museum. Loved the town of Mystic and the beautiful properties we seen, and the hospitality we had
in the area was fantastic. So the three great places I
stayed were the Simsbury Inn, then I stayed in the Hilton in Mystic, and then I also stayed in
the Homestead in Madison. The Homestead would be a boutique hotel, 13 rooms, at the moment
ready and renovated. You could honestly fit
a week in this area, there’s enough to do, you
could take some downtime and not rush around, but
there’s a lot to fit in, and especially in the
fall when the foliage is in bloom it’s a beautiful
place to visit and see. So, in the area there’s
so much to see and do, everything from the Foxwoods Casino, and outside of the same place you can also do a beautiful one mile zip
line, if you’re into adventure and you’re adrenaline
junkie, on the same campus. There’s also their
beautiful Pequot Museum, an Indian reservation,
get some history of that. Then from there you can go
to the Mark Twain house, you can see the Seaport Museum,
you can go to the aquarium, and that’s just to name a small few. Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to do so much, see so much, enjoy so much. The food was outstanding,
genuinely, it was really good. We didn’t have any bad meals, really. And we got lattes, loads of local produce, and local, lots of
in-season pumpkin produce. And I championed the pumpkin soup and the pumpkin deserts, everywhere. I am now an expert, and
I will google the recipe for pumpkin soup when I go
home, and I will bring it home. If you haven’t been here you
wouldn’t know what to expect, and what to see, and what to
do, but there is so much to do, really, there’s an awful
lot more than you expect. It’s a beautiful part of the world. The area’s very affluent, and so, with that comes beautiful towns to visit, very picturesque small
local fishing villages, that you wouldn’t expect. And yeah, it’s a real treasure. (upbeat music)

Stephen Childs


  1. Great video giving a wonderful insight to the number of things to see and do in Connecticut. Love the giggle about the pumpkins!

  2. Great tips and advice Deirdre. What fun we all had. What a lovely part of the world.

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