Daily Holiday – Election Day

It’s time for our Daily Holiday this morning. Daily Holiday Election Day Today’s the day to do our civic duty. and vote! Before you head to the polls. there are a few things to keep in mind. Election Day Polls open 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. MyVote.WI.gov to check registration status Valid photo I.D. required in Wisconsin Free city bus service today in La Crosse high turnout is expected. so prepare for lines. and be patient! If you’ve moved or changed your name since you last voted. you may want to head to ‘my vote dot w-i dot gov’ to check your voter registration status. You *can* register at the polls. but you’ll save time by getting the process started online. -Valid form of identification that includes photo Acceptable IDs: -Current Wisconsin issued Driver’s License -Wisconsin issued Voter ID -Current Military ID Address on ID does not have to match current address With the Wisconsin Voter I-D law. you will also need a valid form of photo I-D to have your vote counted. Valid I-Ds include a Wisconsin driver’s license or voter I-D card. a passport. or a military I-D card. And now it’s time for a check on our weather forecast.

Stephen Childs

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