Crossing the Line: Border Stories

everyone, I’m Joanne Faryon. Welcome to this Envision special,
Crossing the Line: Border Stories. As the country debates Arizona’s controversial
new immigration law, we take a closer look at unauthorized immigration
here in San Diego County. Tonight, we’ll explore why migrants
take big risks to work in the U.S., and what happens to the children
of deported parents. But first, a look at the numbers. Three million unauthorized
immigrants live here in California. The statistics raise an important
economic question – just what are the financial implications
of such a large undocumented population? MARTHA TORKINGTON: You can look up
on the hillside and see the tracks. They look almost like water tracks
but they are human tracks coming down. FARYON: Martha Torkinton points to the faded
yellow tracks that traverse down the hillside. This is the view from her horse ranch in
the south westerly edge of San Diego County. On the other side of this hill is Mexico. Torkington has seen her share of
migrants trickle past these hills. TORKINGTON: The ones who do want to
come in and contribute and participate in the United States we want them, but the
other side is we don’t want to support them, its tough it’s a tough situation. FARYON: Just whether illegal
immigrants cost more than they contribute is a complicated question. JOHN SKRENTNY (UCSD Sociologist): Immigration
most sociologists will tell you have short term costs but long term benefits. FARYON: John Skrentny is a sociology professor
at UCSD and the director of the center for comparative immigration studies. SKRENTNY: The fiscal impact tends to
be positive for the federal government and negative for localities and states. The studies will indicate
the negatives for localities and states are not that huge,
but it is negative. For the federal government
it tends to be positive. FARYON: A few years ago the Congressional
Budget Office looked at the various studies of the financial impacts of illegal
immigrants to state and local budgets. This report looked at healthcare,
law enforcement, and education. RICHARD BARRERA (SDU School Board President):
I’m Richard Barrera and I’m the president of the San Diego Unified School Board. FARYON: By law, all children in the
US have access to public school, despite their immigration status. BARRERA: Our job is to educated kids that come
into our schools and its not out job to try and discern their immigration status. FARYON: About two million school age
children in the US are illegal immigrants. Studies estimate it costs
between 20 and 40 percent more to teach kids who are not fluent in English. But Richard Barrera says contributions
made by immigrants far outweigh the cost. BARERRA: We realize that every kid we
educate is going to be a contributor to our community and our country. We all benefit when we educated children. None of our lives will get any
better by keeping kids out of school. FARYON: Studies have found immigrants
are less likely to have health insurance and are more likely to rely on
emergency rooms for medical care. By law, emergency rooms must
treat people regardless of their ability to pay or immigration status. San Diego county government does
not operate a county hospital and therefore does not incur
emergency room costs. However, privately run emergency
rooms do incur some of those expenses. For example, Scripps Health operates
four non-profit hospitals in the county. It estimates illegal immigrants
accounted for about $10 million in charitable care last year.Undocumented
residents are also eligible for some state health care
programs such as MediCal, and county health services
such as immunizations. Research shows that immigrants are less likely
then native born citizens to be incarcerated. However, a 1999 study by the United
States/Mexico Border Counties Coaltion found that San Diego County spent $50 million in
law enforcement related to illegal immigrants. Taxes paid by illegal immigrants
offset some of the costs. The IRS estimates about half of all
illegal immigrants file income tax returns. Many also pay sales and property taxes. The net effect – cost versus
contribution – is a tricky calculation. At the federal level, the unauthorized
population may actually pay more in taxes then they receive in federal benefits. However, The Congressional Budget Office
concluded that taxes paid at the local and state level do not offset the cost of
local services, particularly in California, the state with the largest
number of illegal immigrants. Skrentny says in the long
run, contributions made by an undocumented worker
benefits the overall economy. SKRENTNY: Over a lifetime of the
migrant, an undocumented immigrants tend to stay here the taxes they pay will exceed
the taxes they are taking in right now. It would be different if were getting waves
of undocumented elderly who would come here and impose immediately all kinds of costs on the
health care system and they wouldn’t be working and they wouldn’t be generating much tax
revenue they wouldn’t be generating much wealth that would be a different story. FARYON: Richard Barrera believes the debate over
the cost of illegal immigration is being fueled by bad economic times and politicians
offering easy answers to complex problems. BARRERA: They want an easy answer and they
want to be able to say if we only took a group and their families and we
rounded them up and took them back across the border, that our
lives would get easier. TORKINGTON: Often what you’ll see is
clothing, that’s a perfect example of a piece of clothing you’ll see on
the trails that they follow and sometimes you’ll see
a whole change of clothes. FARYON: It turns out one of the
largest and most tangible costs of illegal immigration is right here in
front of Martha Torkington’s property. It’s the cost of keeping migrants from
jumping the fence and crossing over this hill. This year the US Border Patrol will spend
$3.6 billion dollars patrolling the country’s borders- almost triple the
amount spent 10 years ago. JOANNE FARYON (Host): Despite the economic
downturn, the desire to work and live in the U.S. continues to drive migrants north. They come looking for a better way of life. Reporter Amy Isackson brings us
the story of one man’s journey. AMY ISACKSON (KPBS News): This is Oaxaca. It’s a state in Southern Mexico
known for its rich culture. It’s also a state where 75-percent
of people live in extreme poverty. Work is scarce. For the last seventy years, men have headed
north to the United States to find jobs. Rogelio Mendez is one of them. ROGELIO MENDEZ: We’re the kids of an ex-bracero. They told us that in the United
States the dollar was worth something, more than the Mexican peso. ISACKSON: In 1974, Mendez and his father,
older brother and cousin took a bus from Oaxaca to Tijuana to try their luck across the border. Mendez was 17 years-old. From the station, they had
special instructions from friends and family who’d traveled the route before, to
take a taxi the few miles to Colonia Libertad to meet another relative who’d
help them cross the border. MENDEZ: Because even though
the taxi is more expensive, they aren’t going to kill you or kidnap you. ISACKSON: This is where Rogelio
Mendez first crossed the border. These days, barely anyone tries their luck here. There are two fences. The border has been also been
fortified with the latest technology, like motion sensors and infrared cameras. And there are a lot more Border Patrol agents. Years ago, that wasn’t the case. MENDEZ: The Border Patrol wasn’t so strict. You could cross where you wanted to. ISACKSON: Mendez, his dad and brother eventually
landed work in the fields in California. For the first three weeks, they didn’t
have money for food and ate only tomatoes and a plant they recognized from Oaxaca. They lived in a canyon. When the picking season ended,
they went back to Mexico. Mendez repeated this pattern for a dozen years. His brother taught him how to
do roofing and construction. In 1986, along with nearly three million other
illegal immigrants, Mendez earned residency in the United States under
the immigration reform act. Mendez went through ups and downs, but
he was able to work most of the time. MENDEZ: We were able to send home
four or five hundred dollars a month. I didn’t have a house in Oaxaca. We built one. Those were the benefits of
the time that was really good. ISACKSON: Mendez brought
his family to San Diego. In 2004, 30 years after he first crossed
the border, he bought a home here. Many of his friends and family
from Oaxaca did, too. MENDEZ: We all bought. Then we all lost. I think we are in the worst
crisis in the United States. ISACKSON: The economic crisis
has hit street corners across San Diego, like this one in Vista. Jorge Ruiz has picked up work from north
county street corners for the last 20 years. He also earned his residency
with immigration reform in 1986. He had a few steady jobs. He says he used to earn 20
to 30 dollars an hour. Now, it’s eight. Ruiz says he hasn’t worked in two weeks. JORGE RUIZ: A lot of the time, you
just have to endure the hunger. It’s tremendous suffering. The guys, we say, hey, buy me a soda
or a roll, I don’t have anything. And then, the family in Mexico, they say, hey, what about your kids here
and paying for their school? But, I haven’t worked. I don’t have anything for me. I am living out in a field. ISACKSON: Ruiz says many of his friends who couldn’t make rent anymore
moved back into the canyons. Mendez says, even so, it’s still
more attractive to stay here. MENDEZ: People who don’t have documents don’t
leave because their kids were born here. Even if they’re just working one, two or
three times a week, they can dress them. Several families pool their money to make rent. But, if they go south, where
are they going to work? There’s nowhere to work. ISACKSON: UCSD Professor Wayne
Cornelius studied migration in the small Oaxacan village
where Mendez is from. He says people there and in villages throughout
Mexico have been hit by a double whammy – the US downturn and historic
economic contraction in Mexico. WAYNE CORNELIUS (Professor at UCSD):
It’s been far more severe in Mexico than it has been in the United States. So it’s required a great deal of ingenuity
to ride this out on both sides of the border. ISACKSON: Mendez says he has an idea. He’s working on plans, with three San Diego
engineers, to tap into underground aquifers in his village back home to irrigate
hundreds of acres of arable land. CORNELIUS: A big water project like
that will need machines and workers. So we’ll create work. Electricians, plumbers, all will have work. And why will they come here
if they have work there? Taxis, restaurants, shop
owners, they’ll all have work because the economy will start moving again. ISACKSON: Mendez says a reliable water source
will grow new crops and new life in the village. Wayne Cornelius says that might provide
an inventive for older people to stay put. But for 17 year-olds farming
doesn’t compete with the possibility of an iPhone in the United States. Amy Isackson, KPBS news. JOANNE FARYON (Host): The national
immigration debate largely centers on the viewpoints of adults. Very little attention is
paid to the children affected by immigration enforcement and policies. Research shows today there are an estimated
five-point-five million children with parents who are in the country illegally. If those parents are deported, some of those
young people are left to fend for themselves. KPBS Education Reporter Ana Tintocalis
tells us about the kids who are left behind. (Classroom): When I dream
about my future I see myself… ANA TINTOCALIS (KPBS News): A group
of high school students in Vista goes over their classroom assignment
before the final school bell rings. This class is like any other in San Diego
County, except for one big difference. Each student is either pregnant or has a baby.
TEACHER: Boy that’s a powerful feeling
as a mother when no one else can calm your child down and you take that baby in your
arms and they stop crying, huh… TINTOCALIS: These teenage
girls are all coming to terms with their new reality as young mothers. Most have family to fall back on. But one student is not so lucky. Amy is 16 years old. She’s living in Vista illegally. She didn’t want to show her face or give
her last name for fear of getting caught. Amy says her family was smuggled into the U.S.
from Mexico when she was just in fourth grade. She says family lived peacefully in the
shadows of the law for almost a decade. Then immigration officials arrested Amy’s
mother at a bus stop in Vista last year. Amy was at school.
AMY: I came home from school
and the phone rang when I got there. And it was my mom. And she told me. It was very difficult cuz… we just got upset because my mom got deported. TINTOCALIS: Amy was about eight
months pregnant at the time. TINTOCALIS: Where you able to see
your mom before she was taken away? AMY: No. TINTOCALIS: So that
was the last time you saw her? AMY: Yeah, in the morning. TINTOCALIS: And then what happened after that? AMY: After that, my sister
decided to go with her. And my dad stayed here to work
for a little bit and then he left. TINTOCALIS: And why did he leave? AMY: Because he didn’t want
to leave my mom alone. So…they left. TINTOCALIS: Amy says it was
an agonizing decision, but she and her parents agreed Amy
should stay with her boyfriend. But things began to fall apart when
Amy and her boyfriend separated. Within just a few months, Amy was homeless.
AMY: Yeah, I just went with
this friend, she’s like my best friend. I spent some of the days with her
because I didn’t want to be alone. TINTOCALIS: The plight of children like
Amy was highlighted in a recent study by the non-profit Urban Institute Researchers
noted that at least 100-thousand parents living and working in the U.S. illegally
have been detained or deported over the past decade, often in workplace raids. They’ve left behind thousands of children. The study finds when those kids are separated
from their parents, they suffer a wide range of financial, social and emotional hardships. The most common is not having
a stable place to live. Martha Flores is a social worker. She says she’s seen an increase in
the number of children left behind. MARTHA FLORES (Social Worker): For
the time being, they are homeless. The home they would have gone back to,
there are no parents there anymore, so they are obviously not able to stay there. And so usually someone will step in a
family member, a friend, the church – somebody is able to help them out
during but sometimes it’s temporary. TINTOCALIS: Carmen Chavez is
executive director of Casa Cornelia, a law firm that provides free legal service
to kids caught up in the immigration process. CARMEN CHAVEZ (Casa Cornelia Law
Center): It is a very sad situation. Because it really has pulled
apart so many families and unless the family has
some kind of preexisting plan. What we find what happens, and the telephone
calls that we get are from teachers, school counselors, social
workers and good Samaritans. TINTOCALIS: Chavez works to get their parents
status legalized so she can reunite the families in the U.S. But more often than not, the young
people end up living with relatives or friends. Others enter the foster care system. She says still others simply
fall through the cracks. CHAVEZ: What about the kids
that have not been identified? What about the child that becomes homeless? And they are cases where children
end up in the streets of San Diego. Some of them are US citizens,
some of them are foreign born, but they just weren’t detained
alongside the mother. So what happens to those kids is very tragic. TINTOCALIS: Chavez supports a series of policy
recommendations issued by the Urban Institute – one of which states that U-S born children
should have a court appointed legal guardian who can fast-track a petition so one
of their parents can legally live in the U.S. Congressman Brian Bilbray, Chairman
of the Immigration Reform Caucus, disagrees. BRIAN BILBRAY (Congressman, 50th
District): This is calculated strategy of how to move the legalization issue. We’ll start with the children, we’ll use
that as excuse to get some people in, and then once we allow the parents of
children to get amnesty, we’ll then say, well we gave it to this group,
we should give it to everybody. The fact is we don’t have
enough safety net right now for those who are legally in our country. Now to be talking about carve-outs
to those who have broken out rules is really counterproductive. TINTOCALIS: Regardless of what side
people take on the immigration debate, one thing is for sure – immigration policies
and enforcement have resulted in the separation of countless of young people from their parents. That reality might prompt adults in the
immigration debate to start focusing on the children who have
been left out of the picture. JOANNE FARYON (Host): The
immigration issue sparks strong views. That’s because there are powerful
interest groups who have much at stake in either changing things –
or keeping things as they are. KPBS reporter Alison St John takes
a look at who are the winners and losers under the current system. ALISON ST JOHN (KPBS News): An estimated
200 thousand illegal immigrants work in San Diego County. They bring costs and benefits. UCSD Economics professor Gordon
Hanson says the problem is those costs and benefits are not evenly distributed. GORDON HANSON (UCSD Economics Professor):
Those benefits go primarily to one group of individuals and that’s
employers in industries that hire illegal immigrant intensively:
construction, agriculture, hospitality, tourism. ST JOHN: Agriculture is a five billion
dollar a year industry in San Diego. Erik Larsen is with Farm Bureau. He says five thousand family owned farms in San
Diego would not survive without migrant labor. ERIC LARSON (Executive Director, San Diego
Farm Bureau): We grow these specialty crops that take a tremendous amount of labor to
hand plant, hand care and hand harvest. If we don’t have an abundant workforce of
laborers then we can’t have these crops and these farms will just go away. ST JOHN: Larson says San Diegans benefit from
fresh, locally grown produce and open space that might turn into housing developments. LARSON: Without it, the avocado tree that
blanket the hills of Fallbrook, valley center, the oranges here in San Pasqual Valley,
the nurseries of San Marcos Vista, Carlsbad the flower fields it goes on and
on, without farm workers those all go away. ST JOHN: Construction and tourism also benefit
from the pool of illegal immigrant labor… their lower labor costs boost
profits and keeps consumer cost down. So who are the losers?
HANSON: Among the losers are workers
who compete with immigrants for jobs and that’s a minority of
workers in San Diego county. The workers who face the most competition
from illegal immigrants would be U.S. workers who haven’t completed high school. That’s less than 10% of the total labor force. ST JOHN: San Diego Congressman
Brian Bilbray says that’s a problem. He says the losers are at the
bottom of the economic heap and don’t have much political clout. BRIAN BILBRAY (Congressman, 50th
District): If illegals were coming in and taking the professors’ jobs and the
lawyers jobs, there would be a lot more outcry in Washington and Sacramento about
doing something about it ST JOHN: But Bilbray says taxpayers are the biggest
losers because they are footing the bill for health and education
services for illegal immigrants. BILBRAY: The fact is, there are a
few who are making money off this and they’re expecting the general
population to carry this and that needs to be brought up you got to stop that. The trouble is the very wealthy and the very
powerful are the ones who are making the most out of this, who are making
the most profit out of this. ST JOHN: The wealthy also use immigrant labor to maintain their mansions
and manicure their estates. Hanson says they are winners because the
cost savings of using immigrant labor more than balances the taxes they pay that cover
health and education for immigrant families. HANSON: Compare that wealthy family
with an upper middle class family. In a higher income tax bracket but your
income doesn’t make it possible for you to pay for all the home care, child
care, yard care services that that wealthy family is getting
.That family, they might be net losers. ST JOHN: In fact, some unauthorized
immigrants pay taxes too. This man, who did not want us to
use his name, has lived and worked in San Diego illegally for 20 years. ORTIZ: This is the actual
document the IRS sent me and through this number I been doing
my tax reports every year since 1993. ST JOHN: The federal government assigns
workers an official number called an “Individual Taxpayer Identification Number” so
employers can deduct taxes from their wages. ORTIZ: This is 1998, I would
be more than willing to prove that I been paying taxes like everybody else. ST JOHN: But he will never see
any earned income tax credits or social security because
he isn’t a U.S. citizen. HANSON: Those payroll taxes go to the federal
government which keeps it, and you’re talking in the order of $40 to 50 billion a year. ORTIZ: No matter how long I been here,
no matter how much taxes I been paying, there is no law that says
OK, you could be legal. ST JOHN: People of all political stripes may
agree the current system unfairly creates winners and losers, but they
disagree on how to fix it. HANSON: There’s a built in
inequity in the system. We’ve got to do a better job
of spreading the benefits of immigration around than we do currently. BILBRAY: If you’re here legally you have
rights and you’ll have a better life and if you are here illegally
you’re going to need to go home. LARSON: The community is going
to have to make a choice, it’s not the farmers choice or
the farmer workers’ choice… does the community want this agriculture here and does the community want immigrant
workers to come here and do the work? ST JOHN: Until there is a better
understanding of who’s getting the benefits of illegal immigrant labor and who’s
paying the costs, it will be difficult to get enough support to craft solutions. FARYON: You can learn more about this issue
by going to our website kpbs.org/immigration. For KPBS and Envision San Diego, I’m
Joanne Faryon, thanks for watching.

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  36. This story is bias and doesn’t give all the numbers when it comes to cost of immigration. They make no mention (numbers or percentage) of Anchor babies or burdens of the welfare system or the gang violence. Gangs pay taxes too! So what their point.

  37. I moved away from my home town 40 years ago, but I have always had fond memories of a wonderful childhood there. Recently I was communicating with an old High School friend who still lives in the Orange County, California area where we both grew up. When I asked her how the old neighborhood had changed this is what she said:

    (Our City) is no longer the city we knew it to be. The old places are no longer desirable to be in. The bugs have eaten the trees, the Chinese have bought up all the land, the transit homeless people are the worst kind of bums, drugs addicts, and thieves. The old part of town is where the county of LA sends their convicts who want to come back to OC, so they give them vouchers to stay a week here in the neighborhood in the dilapidated motels left unimproved since the 80's. They get EBT cards and hotel vouchers and 1 free ride to the old side if town and that's as far as the bus will take them. So many if them call this home and their only ambition is to walk the alleys at night looking for a fix.
    The police here are gang baby sitters at best, and they rarely can do anything about the petty theft and other illegal dealings since the laws changed… Laws that protect those here illegally or without means. Unless your damage is over $1000 no one here bothers to call anymore.
    The streets are so over crowded with cars the fire department has to have yearly garage checks to stop multiple families from living in a single family dwelling…They often don't even use the toilets and have triple animals and convict friends that go in and out of family dwellings which are being raided only to have the landlords have to completely redo them and then have to rent back to the same problem again.
    They are growing gardens that are not controlled or all the way out into the street.
    On Stanton ave we have an apartment complex growing vegetables in the public bush ares, and now they are actually covering it like it's farm land and then selling it.
    Every weekend is a flea market in the apartment lawns but dumping costs almost as much as the product your trying to throw away so people dump bug loaded couches and furniture everywhere. I personally have a meth addict that sleeps on the couches dropped off in the alley behind my house.
    It's so bad Wal-Mart cannot allow parking in the parking lots because people dump their waste.
    Everyone wants to be here because they hate their third world country wherever they come from but they treat this place like it's their home and now we live in a city that seems to be turning into Tijuana.
    The water now tastes like chemicals, the heat has become almost unbearable and the rotting trees and plants are bringing up fungus and mold like we've never seen before…
    And we are worried about nothing of the sort.
    I've always been an advocate of this city, but I gave up a year ago when the laws changed and I realized doing business means living in a hell hole with a government that prefers a legal system I can't even make sense of anymore.
    In the last 10 years this place has become unrecognizable and it's a disgusting place to live as for the amount it costs for the lifestyle you have to live to survive here.
    One of the best places in the world is now a pit of steamy foriegn bull, confusing laws, and social warfare that seems like a chapter out if a vampire novel.
    Americans just don't get it.
    I'd love to see you but don't come here, you'll only be disappointed.

  38. THIS breeding MEXICAN RACE has OVERPOPULATED there own country now there coming to DISTROY OUR COUNTRY they will just keep breeding if there is food I wish RUSSIA would BOMB MEXICO AND BOMB southern California

  39. I live 30 miles of the Mexican Border and my advice is to make more Dirt ROADS along the MEXICAN BORDER. WHERE THE NATIONAL GUARD and ARMY RESERVE can play their war game. The can be trained different to assist BORDER PATROL! While BORDER PATROL can concentrate on the point of entries. This will stop the illegals and the durgs coming to AMERICA!

  40. If they are not legal CITIZENS they don't belong in America. And if they had children here why are they AMERICAN. Their parents are illegals.

  41. I was stationed in Germany. And my oldest son was born in Germany. But his AMERICAN not a German! And i had busniess there ILLEGALS don't!!

  42. ILLEGALS are wasting our taxes. They are no help. ICE is doing the right thing.

  43. Yes but there should be a program for FIELD Works.they can be pick up at the Mexican border and bus to the job location!! After the job is done bus back to the MEXICAN BORDER!

  44. the libs better get ready because america is siding with trump. for yrs the libs have told america without the mexican invasion we as a country will die, fam0n will cover the u.s. boarder to boarder. million will starve every farmer in america will go broke. whithout mexican invaders all this will happen. BULL FEATHERS if america can build 2 6 wheelers send them to mars for yrs we can invent a machine to pick tomatoes. we built the world, us white people did and some dark skinned people may have added labor they had nothing to do with the big picture.. it's pretty simple, with the proper trade policies in place we, america plant crops that require little manual labor. we provide these crops worldwide. countries with tons of labor grow and pick the tomatoes. instead of millions of mexicans invading us under the pre tense of picking tomatoes. we build the boarder wall and import tomatoes from them. sorry you scum sucking american hating liberals, trump and america wins you get a signed picture of hillary naked or if you're a by racial faggot a picture of obama naked. we get fresh tomatoes.

  45. They should have been given chance to pay for their illgal status everyon could have been a winner imptly the children and funds to.build the wall paid for b illegal immigrants

  46. So many people continue to use the word immigrants for the border jumpers ! They are NOT immigrants ! They are illegal migrants. An immigrant is a person that has properly applied for permission to come to this country to live. It is the same in Europe . Nearly everyone of those Muslims that you see are illegal migrants ! Border jumpers. . The people that are crossing the order with Mexico should be treated the same as Mexico would treat you if you crossed illegally into Mexico. In Mexico , if caught , you will be put into prison for a number of years , fined , and eventually be deported. At your own cost ! The U.S. should do the SAME as Mexico does ! We don't have enough prison space ? Then build a few prisons out in the desert. There is plenty of space for them. Eventually the migrants will stop wanting to go to prison !
    Does it work ? Do you hear of many Americans sneaking into Mexico ? Right . Nobody wants to spend 5-7 years in prison.

  47. Teenage Amy, whore. Has she ever even been on a proper date? Besides a meal at Burger King? Why isn't she at school and studying? Why is she throwing her legs up in the air? Desperate? Lazy? Cheap? All three?

  48. God bless people who SAVES LIVES!
    Every person just needs a GUARANTEED RESIDUAL INCOME, LETS JUST DO IT!
    Corporations are slave plantations because wage slavery is slavery and illegal!
    CHILD SLAVES built America, who were oftentimes the only working member in their family. Please research "CHILD LABOR" in America, so you learn to see it is child slavery!
    By allowing wage slavery to exist anywhere is to allow CHILD SLAVERY worldwide: in chocolate, minerals to make iPhones, and computers! They pick coffee beans, make clothing, in factories, mines, street vendors, farms, SEX SLAVERY!
    Can you see the WAGE is actually SLAVERY of all humans.
    And it's the opposite of EQUAL WEALTH, a GUARANTEED RESIDUAL INCOME, like
    God wants: to END OPPRESSION worldwide (the wage)(Isaiah 14:24-27, Haggai 1:6)

    1925: Children rise at half-past 4, commanded by the ogre scream of the factory whistle; they hurry, ill fed, unkempt, unwashed, half dressed to the walls that shut out the day… 1925…
    Often rich men are playing golf next to the factory, while children must work…

    1913: Declaration of Dependance By the Children of America, are declared to have been born free and equal, and
    Whereas, we are yet in bondage in this land of the free, forced to toil the long day or long night, with NO CONTROL over the conditions of labor as to health, or safety, or hours, or wages…..

    Although it expanded after the Civil War, it expanded dramatically from 1870 through World War I, as USA developed into a world industrial power…
    Before long, children as young as 10 were working TWELVE OR MORE hours, SIX days a week…
    Some factories had whipping rooms…
    Children caught talking or giggling had their WAGES CUT!
    Soon it became easier for CHILDREN than for their fathers to find jobs, since children could be hired for less!
    Children took jobs away from men who needed higher WAGES to support families…
    Child labor kept wages down and created a cycle of POVERTY in which families depended on their children's pay checks to survive!
    Employers got more work done FOR LESS money, thus increasing their PROFITS…! [like today]
    1881- laws required children to be at least 12 before they could work for wages!
    Managers taught them to lie and say they were 12…forged "proof papers"
    But this proposal died because many businesses insisted that NY companies would not be able to COMPETE…
    Children as young as 4 regularly worked in tobacco factories; very young orphans could work & had no choice…
    Capitalism is PROFITS BEFORE PEOPLE! We must destroy capitalism!
    Also study America's "Orphan Trains" (1854-1929) which relocated over 200,000 to farms, some were orphans, but many had parents who weren't paid enough WAGES to get food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and they never saw each other again!
    Imagine a single mother with 12 or ONE child who can't get money and there weren't any jobs for women!

  49. THREE MILLION ILLEGALS sending home millions of dollars every month, billions a year. The MEXICAN President is loving it. He says it is great for the Mexican economy. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE AMERICAN ECONOMY. THESE illegals couldn't care less about America!! WHEN after 10, 20, 30 years they STILL do not speak English. THEY are NOT assimilating but stealing our jobs and money to send back to their REAL HOME, MEXICO!! WHY should we lose billions every year to Mexico and their illegal citizens working in OUR country. THOSE illegals fly the Mexican flag NEVER the American flag!!!

  50. CALIF. is a fascist/socialist state. They stopped being a democracy after obama! THAT state needs to fall into the ocean. THEY are hurting the USA much more then they think!

  51. illegal aliens went to the same public schools as the democratic party. they do math the same way. the dems think increasing spending is answer when you're broke. the mexicans believe paying sales tax on a taco means their doing their part. paying into the system. their math forgets the 3 children born for free, $12.000. they forget the food stamps $500.00 mo they forget the extra teacher hired to translate, $35.000 a yr they forget the free lunches the spanish sinage and everything that gets done because of them being here. like the dnc their math sucks. when you hear a lib explain how illegals are a win win for america hand him this. my guess is he will agree the taco tax more than covers the $60.000 bill because thats how they think, cnn style.

  52. She is trying to say the cost of border patrol is more than the cost of illegal immigration. Bias B.S. Tell that to parents of dead Americans.

  53. It cost the US billions est. 45 billion a year for illegal immigration, not counting death, rapes, gangs who come over.

  54. That's stupid. If they are illegal they are not paying taxes. They are being paid under the table.

  55. This is lying to you as far as the taxes go. If you want a better life…..come here legally.

  56. This documentary proves my point, the Mexican Government doesn’t do anything to improve its people’s lives.
    The Mexican Government is corrupt and doesn’t invest in infrastructure, like mr. Mendez is trying to do in Oaxaca building a water reservoir to support agriculture!
    Truly, Mexico and all the countries in Central and South America are corrupt, and that’s why people migrate here!

  57. i think they should slowly allow families, women and children across but leave the single young men there, we can’t afford to help everyone and not everyone has good intentions

  58. @8:00 The Bracero Program was cancelled by U.S. Congress in 1964, because US farmers were abusing the Mexican workers.
    In 1964, Mexico the economy was dependent upon flow of U.S. dollars, so Congress set into motion all the problems we have today.

  59. All propaganda, these individuals live in this country for dozens of years and have been granted citizenship and yet they have not truly become Americans. They are showing disrespect by not even learning or speaking our language. It sickens me that illegals and refugees flatly refuse to assimilate into the culture that is truly an immigrant nation. Legal immigrants speak, work and grow in a culture that accepted them for coming out of the shadows and live the American dream. If migrants want to work and live in America, there is a right way to do it. We need to crack down on industries that exploit migrants. If honest and fair wages and benefits were offered and made public and marketed to the right areas of the country would gain workers that are needed to end the illegal migration and workers would benefit from a fair wage for those who need it most. Illegal means illegal, build the wall and bring in migrants that want to be Americans in all aspects. Not hide and fear the law. If you're not doing anything illegal then you have nothing to fear from the law… (+++)

  60. Most Illegals don't want to become American Citizens. They just want the Benefits
    of a Citizen. They don't even care to learn Our English Language.

  61. My life is no better because I am forced to pay their way! STUPID Freelaoders!

  62. oh, booo hooo. come in LEGALLY. Stop sending American dollars to Mexico.

  63. for anyone.. who does not understand the need for another human being to seek a better life and opportunity is just a product of American capitalism, is a loss cause and stain on the American ideology and belief in the "pursuit of life, liberty and happiness".

  64. ""Amity's"""" boyfriend,, is A gangster menber that going to inpargnate ""as"" meny girls as he can before he dies or get HIV.

  65. They broke into the country and they get whatever they have coming to them. You play Silly games you win silly prizes. No sympathy here. Go back to where you belong and take your anchor baby children.

  66. They should take them back they are illegals, and we don't want our money going to illegals.

  67. What is the backwards logic that Mexicans/South Americans have? They are poor as fuck and have no job or a job that just barely feeds them and they have kids. That's all they do is breed like rats, it's nice to have a family but you need to be established and able to be comfortable with a decent job and place to live before you have kids. It's usually the people who are in a good position in life with a good job and house that don't seem to think illegal immigrants are a problem and it rarely affects them whereas someone like myself who is disabled and living in my van that sees the what illegal immigration does to the system. I was born here, went to school and college and have good experience and qualifications but because I am now in a wheelchair and homeless, I need help from the state, government or organizations that help people who are struggling. In CA where I am, they give illegals drivers licenses and health care and they are lots of organizations that offer them help to get established and I can't get any help. I have been trying to housing, and I have medi-cal and still haven't got all of my medical needs covered. My situation is reversible but because I'm poor and homeless I'm stuck but illegal immigrants get help with funding and resources that could be used to help people like me who are citizens and have fallen on hard times.

  68. Hey pa ke tanto pedo..mujeres bonitas solteras manden me mensaje busco esposa.yo las enmigro….las saco de pobres

  69. How could any parent leave their kids behind something is definitely wrong with the parents

  70. They would soon change their minds about hiring illegal workers if they got prosecuted

  71. Isn't that strange! I didn't know children could get pregnant. That is the same logic I dealt with when I was drafted. You can go to war and kill other men at 18, but you can not drink a beer! People who think they are doing a good thing encouraging people to come into the country illegally are expecting others to pick up the bill. And doing a video and pretending all these people are cute little girls or hard working people is quite disingenuous. How many hardened criminals are too many and when is the money spent to much to keep a murderer off the streets?

  72. Why do they act like there never gonna see eachother again" they will go back to the drawing board and start all over again saving money for the coyote "might take a while but they will get right on it" so STOP helping them LIE and making SOB STORY'S

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