Crossing Mexico’s Other Border

Stephen Childs


  1. Since Mexico is in such a receiving mood, we should send all our jobless, lazy, welfare leeching & criminals to Mexico. After all, love knows no borders and if they sent them back, they’d be racists.

  2. I don’t think people in the USA know how bad things are in other Central American countries, not just in Mexico. I am very fortunate to have been able to get to the states legally, but others aren’t so lucky. Maybe if the USA minded their business, maybe Guatemala wouldn’t have had a genocide…maybe it’d be safe.

  3. A wall will not stop Mexicans/Migrants from
    getting into the United States. They will find a way…over, through, under, or around. The solution is: Round up all illegal immigrants and place them in
    Internment Camps located in the desert, (like we did to the Japan's and the Germans during WWII. Educate them in American history, teach them to speak English,  and make sure they can pass a United States Constitutional AwarenessExam. Have them sign a pledge  of allegiance to the United States of America. If they refuse or can not pass the test, send them back across the southern boarders.

  4. same goes to my Dad went from living in a cardboard box when he got here now owns 3 cars is own home with more than 3 bed rooms and is a US citizen and speaks great english. Currently a professional at making inflatables and also has a certification for transmission building. Genius in Math. Came here on his own. age 15. WillPower will get you far.

  5. Get ready to get "culturally enriched" US. The US is gone and nothing can save it now, absolutely nothing

  6. Sounds like Ali Farka Toure playing guitar, can anyone confirm who the artist is because I love it.

  7. I hope that what back bitch gets raped a million times crossing that river they fucked up their own countries up so bad that is impossible to fix so now they want to come to our land to do the same bringing all their drugs and all their Criminal over here

  8. I loved this documentary and the information it has shared to the public but I really hope that for future video/documentaries the translations are better interpreted at 18:09 “illegal” was used when he stated being “undocumented” in Spanish. illegal and undocumented are two completely different words, for most POC in the US using the term “illegal” is very offensive. Not trying to bring down the doc. just trying to inform 🙂 I really like watching vice videos.

  9. If the USA is a terrible place why are people risking their lives and the lives of their children to come here? stay home and talk s*** about the USA. Don't come here then complain.

  10. Don’t come here and you won’t be deported. Also don’t have kids if you don’t have any money…… don’t need that irresponsible, uneducated culture here

  11. what is the name of the song at the beginning anyone know pls? Google lied to me

  12. Corrupt governments in third world countries steal and suppress most of their people so they can't even live a good life in their countries so that's why they have to emigrate.

  13. WTF! One of these women has a child with her as she’s talking about being a hooker. MSM is losing their shit over the way US institutions are treating these families yet MEXICO is pimping these women and exposing their kids to this kind of lifestyle???

  14. We pay 1 $ to,walk on a pier they pay 1.8 $ to cross a boarder ?

  15. Mexicans have to stop immigration this is why the USA doesn’t like Mexico because they don’t even try to stop the southern border with the Central American immigrants.

  16. slygabby… I'm a proud American I respect your father being patriotic and giving back to this country. your story touched me. but the fact remains we cannot accept every illegal who sneaks across the border. immigration has to be done according to the law. my family came from Mexico legally over a hundred years ago. we only want legal immigration. no exceptions.

  17. America will soon be a Central America shit hole country. The very type of country that these people are fleeing from.
    America is not the world's babysitter, and these people should keep their ass at home and try to make a life with what they have.
    Build the wall now!!!

  18. How is it that people do not want a border wall…but we aid Mexico financially and with manpower on their southern border..they have denied entry to a 1/2 a million people from Central and South America in the past 4 years…Why? because there was a damn problem then and still today..good grief…build a damn wall…control the chaos and protect citizens. Help Mexico build a wall on their border…Privatize security so government can't screw it up…and we can still help other countries that need our help. Poor Venezuela people..i hate big government

  19. Most Central Americans hate Mexicans,but they always cross through Mexico. WTF?

  20. Si ayudan a los centroamericanos pero no a sus Paisas la mitad de México es es pobre..
    Debería poner operativos en la bestia para controlar tanta gente que no es mexicana

  21. Mexico is a traitor to America for not keeping their citizens in Mexico. And they should keep their southern invaders or deport them. They don't give a fuck about America, who has supported millions of their citizens here illegally and while those illegal Mexicans get welfare and work under the table and illegally and send lots of money back to Mexico. This has to end.

  22. Because not all of them are good people. like this said – women can be taken advantage of. People are forced to become drug mules. These countries extort the migrants. You break the law coming to the US illegally how are you going to follow the other laws?? Clearly you don’t care about rules.

    No sympathy.

  23. Thats why people need to apretiate what they have cuz life can be much wores im puertorican. A lot of mexicans come heat2 to work and some dont but are own hear on america to the most killing hear god bless

  24. minuto 23:11 esa señora ya sela sabe vivia aqui en los angeles California … aqui sela llevava por el Mcartur park ….es muy luchona muy trabajadora quien sabe por que la deportarian o por que se hiria para su pais…Dios los bendiga a todos centroamericanos encomienden sus vidas a Díos y animo sigan luchando como esta señora…

  25. I thought that lady at the beginning was the reporter, never would have guessed she was working in that brothel. How I would love to buy a home for her and her kids to get out of that place…

  26. I learned to love Mexico for its culture.. But fuck the mexican government.. Im glad im a us citizen..mexico is a piece of shit.. Government wise

  27. I as a Mexican, I don't understand why Americans are angry at us because central Americans

  28. I am seeing a lot of "Mexican laws are so tough!! yet they come to the USA and expect no laws!!?"

    The majority of people crossing the USA border are actually… wait for it.. SOUTH AMERICANS, INDIANS, CHINESE. Its no longer Mexican people.

  29. round the immigrants up put them aboard a ship send them to china were all the factories are.

  30. Why can't other countries offer help too for people crossing borders with horrible conditions that these people are dealing with. This should not just be US alone we need other countries including Europe for help. What is the matter with there government that these people have to leave. US has alot problems but that should be shared with other countries to offer help and safe place to live too.. We can not take everyone as Americans are suffering too. Other countries need to step up to help too

  31. Just trying to pass Mexico like nothing?
    Or thinking they can wait in Mexico till they get there change to cross to the U.S.? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Keep on dreaming Mexico don't want you hear.
    Plz go BACK!!!!!!
    Wait till you hit north of Mexico😨
    Trump don't want you hear!!!!
    This priest is saying they want to work???
    Well no shit also illegal mexicans want to do the same!

  32. They come from Guatemala Honduras because of the un security?
    Well your bring it, over!!
    Get your working permit like alot of people over the world
    Then go back to your country.
    I got alot of known ppl that do that.
    There happy!!!!!!

  33. My grandmother immigrated to the U.S. in 1918 legally with her family, and she raised a family that loves this nation. It is hard for me as a 2nd generation mexican American, because I am a veteran of my nation, for my people, the American people. However, my mother grew up 1st generation American as a migrant worker in W. Texas, Ok, Ark, and has only an 8th grade education. She made it her life's mission that I would be educated and have the true "American dream". My grandmother will always be the greatest woman I will ever know, but we cannot allow thousands, millions of undocumented aliens to enter this nation. I understand their conditions, I have seen such things in Europe and overseas first hand. I grew up on the AFDC programs myself, although poverty in the U.S. is NOTHING when you go to Central America, south Mexico, the Phillipines, India, etc. Nothing. NONE of our poor know poverty like those people know poverty, only our homeless. My opinion on it is this: We cannot afford to be the welfare state of the world, we just cannot. We have the right to our borders, we are a sovereign nation. If we just walked into Mexico and said you know what, you will now take all of our homeless and poor, good luck with that!! They would have a problem with it and would be like WT Heck are you talking about…yet they expect US to take in all of their poor, to give assistance to their women who DO tend to have alot of babies. Its a fact, I come from a mexican American family lol, im one of 28 first cousins. We have babies, let me tell you lol. And we are expected to accept wave after wave of destitute, when we have our OWN destitute, the inner cities, LOS ANGELES, SAN FRANCISCO, Appalacia. We have to care for us first. I see this woman, and I see my great-grandparents who took their family across the bridge into Texas. But they did it the right way, and there is no other way around that.

  34. Oh shit so Yoanna is a Prostitute 🤣😂🤷‍♂️

  35. My parents fled war-torn Vietnam in the 70's they swam across the Pacific Ocean and landed in Oregon.

  36. North, South, and Central America share a common history of colonization by European immigrants. Every country in the New World is responsible for the displacement and destruction of the native population. So why should US be responsible for those who screwed up their own nation of immigrants? This has to be the most conservative realization I’ve ever had. Please tell me why I’m wrong…

  37. Travel in groups and pull their balls off while gently submitting. Change modes and Yank. Take their man-hood. A rapist is a psychological terrorist. Correct the game. If some face death, it's better than birthing a creep.

  38. All said and done guys I am in Brazil and need to cross to USA before Trump constructs the wall. I need tips on how to travel through Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, and all those countries until I get to Mexico.

  39. Mexico would have a flourishing tourist industry if it wasn't filled with criminals and trash

  40. Why film it you idiot ,Now you got their other crossing point exposed.

  41. I came into the u.s. when I was 5 years old 2003 I've been living in Kentucky for 15 years and now I have legal papers to stay here in the u.s.a thanks to Obama I was able to apply for my DACA papers

  42. Listen any south american countries mexican people will kill you dont listen to me and you think trump is a chihuahua when Mexico releases el burro

  43. Meirda no mexico** Mexicans loco do you understand 👿mexico no damn they dont get it

  44. Kil! All illegal invaders !
    You can boo hoo and cry take your problems
    RIGHT back to your President !

  45. Looks pretty …….NASTY….NO WONDER PEOPLE ARE

  46. Fuck Donald Trump and his faggot boarder patrol. Make America Humane Again!

  47. You ignorant few who disliked this video.. you ARE what's wrong with so many things.

  48. Please send them back to own countries USA IS FULL and they are deporting people every day.

  49. USA interfered in Latin America elections from different countries and which cause certain Latin American governments to be corrupt

  50. 2019 “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore: (Idea) (“Photography?”) • “Respect and dignity, 2019?”

  51. Imagine if some kid said "your mom's a hoe" but she actually works for a brothel to provide for her family

  52. Causes El Salvador 🇸🇻 Gang Violence Guatemala 🇬🇹 Gang Violence & Honduras 🇭🇳 Gang Violence

  53. So… What you want to do if you can’t afford to take care of kids is not have them at all. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist.

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