Cross Stitch #26 (1/3/2019 – recorded 12/22/2018) Pre Trip Jitters

hi again it was so quick so again I’m
waiting for somebody to pick me up I’m going on a trip I have the kids are
taking me on a cruise for Christmas it’s Christmas cruise and I have worked
myself up into an absolute panic because I’m not driving and so I’m not in
control so I’m having mmm I guess anxiety yeah let’s call it what it is
I’m having anxiety because I’m not in control and so I would have left
yesterday because we have to get to Fort Lauderdale tonight and it’s currently
quarter to 1:00 in the morning which doesn’t bother me because I’m usually up
at this hour but um I’m it’s yeah so I thought I would distract you by
distracting me or no distract me by talking to you whatever anyways I
thought I’d just show you something that I’m gonna take with me um and then show
you something that somebody gifted me and a borrowed and just gonna show you
real quick and see then I’ll just cuz I’m not taking my laptop I’m going to be
technology disabled we’re gonna it I’ll be just fine
so anyways I’m not gonna have my laptop so basically what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna set this up to upload all by itself and then halfway to Florida I
will hop on the interwebs and press go or whatever you have to do so
anyways I got about 15 minutes so we’ll see what we can do here I have no plans
just I’m going to grab I am taking this was my unicorn
this was my unicorn piece and Wow Cathy Cathy what sure I think it’s
crafty crafty cat you know I’m gonna put you down below so I can give you credit
anyways she had posted this one of our national holidays and I said oh you
tease you always show me that I can’t believe I can’t find this and and then
one of her friends so oh I’ll let you borrow it so I am I have the nice lady
named Nicole Nicole in Michigan thank you my dear very much it is still in
pristine condition this is not going on the cruise I have made a working copy
that’s going on the cruise and in fact it is so important to me that I have put
it with my identification I mean it’s in the same area so I am but this is not
going this is staying home because I lost the last one on a vacation so
anyways this is what I’m taking its Basques designs I pledge allegiance and
I don’t really think maybe you can see it on the live better this has got all
there’s only two colors of red and two colors of off-white and you stitch them
in different patterns and so it looks like there’s different stitches here but
there’s not different stitches it’s just two different colors and so two
different reds and two different cream daisy colors and each one of the stripes
is different every single one of them so and so Ms Nicole your
your chart is still in safe at home where it can’t be lost so let me show
you real quick and it is going with me in my Diana it’s kismet stitches bag
this is my beautiful friend Diana made me this lovely bag isn’t this absolutely
Oh some look at all the freaky critters so anyways um okay so real quick here we
are let me see if I can get you close enough
that you can see maybe on the cream maybe on the cream but each one of the
stripes is different and here’s my needle minder from Marsha Marsha Marsha
Marsha yeah I guess you haven’t heard that this week Marsha gifted me this in
Austin when I went to the retreat in Austin so uh so here’s my star on my
flag and so this is just using the DMC threads there’s as I said two Reds two
creams and and up and the blue is a hand dyed I can’t remember which one
let me look real quick is wavy navy by crescent colors okay so you see there’s
a little bit of variegation there okay so yes you throw this back together okay I
mean other one so that I have borrowed this one and so we are taking very good
care of it because I’m still on the lookout for it and not finding it
anywhere so if you find it wrap it up because I know a couple people are are
still on the quest and looking for this all right so we got that packed back gun
oh really quick I had a finish I don’t think I showed you this this is
Pseudolus the beatings will continue until morale improves so this was my
take it and go piece for a while and I finally finished it and it just really really needs to be ironed okay this is this is a little clutch that I got from
I always call her the sparkling one I’m my brain’s no good I’m just no good I can’t my sweetie I am so sorry
Oh am I gonna I love you um I bought this off McKenna when she was having one
of her sales and it’s a clutch that she she sewed and it’s just the perfect size
for an ort bag and and my project and the flosses and the thing and the thing so
this is Flosstitute is in my line McKenna bag and let’s see
we got almost all the lettering done almost all the lettering done so you can
I don’t know if you can see variegated pattern behind the letters variegated
pattern behind letters and so I thought that should go with me on my trip so I
can when I have quiet time at night because I stay up weird hours but at
least I’m going west which makes my hours a little bit more normal
to everybody well everybody else has to get up early I just have to get a bit
regular time and I’m up early so there’s this okay and then let me show you the
pattern and it’s a Glitter Gulch pattern and it can be found it’s not I haven’t
seen it it’s not common there’s there’s another one in the series and it talks
about fabric like Fabric Hussey or something like that anyways but this is
Flosstitute so this is what it’s going to look like so it’s got it’s got this
other pattern all I’m about almost half way I’ll say I’m
almost halfway okay so I’m taking that map okay so this is not going this is
not going so another another put that away in a minute sorry people
another borrowed chart is from my friend Jill also known as Sim Swank Jill gifted
me this absolutely adorable bag and it’s got cross stitch on it it’s just cute
and it’s the it’s the vinyl so anyway she loaned me ocean treasure these are
not real easy to come by they can be found but they’re fairly rare I’m with
I’m still looking for I have my eye out looking for this and then she also ocean
curiosity again by who knew and there’s another one out there until they’re very
pretty so so that’s unlike you really want to start next year which is coming
up soon and oh let me show you this wonderful see all the bird’s beaks and the birds
and the butterflies it’s so cute you ladies who are so talented at picking
choosing colors and choosing patterns that are complementary I’m lucky my
clothes match the fact I don’t even bother with my socks anymore I just put
clean socks so yes Diana’s Diana’s little bag also
has has please very complimentary very
complimentary y’all are just so talented Lori is so jealous Oh for heaven’s sakes
do that in a minute okay so what else did I buy I’m sure over the course of
hopefully we’ll get back into this I will show you things that I have picked
up over the last year I have because there are some stuff that’s new new
designers and new fabric painters and things that I really think need to be
shared and I just haven’t you haven’t seen me in a year and a half so anyways
this is I got a heaven and earth design this happens to be 5 of wands and the
reason I got this is because I zoomed in on a part of the chart and I said oh my
goodness that is just the best fox ever and you know foxes are hot this year so
I if you really want to see a good and see it better on your own screen go to
heaven on earth designs and then do a search for the 5 of Wands and it is a
it is based on a tarot card and the and it’s got a gazillion little oxes on it
and it’s so anyways what I really liked was this guy leaping right there he is
awesome so the artwork was done by Stephanie Pui -Mun Law Stephanie Pui -Mun Law
I probably butchered that and oh my goodness I am so sorry don’t correct me
I’m embarrassing I know show you and he is just adorable and of
course you know he’s just humongous I mean four or five pages I’m exaggerating
maybe these two know that probably four so anyways all the little foxes are very
cute on here and I thought so I may just do the one Fox all right boys and girls
I think that’s it I’m going to start this so then I’ll be ready when when my
ride comes and I feel so much better thank you very much for letting me talk
to you I’m gonna load this up I again wish you all a Merry Christmas Happy New
Year probably won’t see you until after the New year well I definitely there is no
way I’m going to do another one before the end of the year you are asking too
much but anyways I love you all wish you the best
happy stitching stitch well I don’t remember what I used to ring off with I
may have to find that out okay take care bye bye

Stephen Childs


  1. Great video and have a great cruise. Can’t wait to hear all about it

  2. McKenna… the sparkly one! I love it! I know you had a great cruise… so happy to see your face so soon!

  3. I miss your face so much!!!!! Your projects are great! Jill’s bag is amazing. I’ve been enjoying your cruise pics – hope it was a fabulous time. I love you bunches and bunches and bunches 😘😘😘

  4. So glad to see a video from you! You can tell me all about it soon. 😊

  5. Nice to see you. Hope you had a great trip and came back relaxed:) happy New Year!

  6. Glad to see you doing flosstube again. I have always enjoyed watching your videos.

  7. Hey Lori, thanks for the little bit more than a tease! I hope that your Christmas cruise was absolutely fantastic. Really enjoyed seeing your WIP's and planned projects. Wishing you the happiest of New Years with lots of stitching time. Looking forward to visiting with you more often. Stitchy love, Suzette x

  8. It is wonderful to see you again! When I saw that you had subscribed to my channel I couldn’t believe it!😊I have watched you for a very long time and you are the best!💕I hope your cruise is amazing!

  9. Happy New Year! I hope you were awed and amazed on your cruise. I actually didn’t hear Marsha, Marsha Marsha for the last couple of weeks 😂 I look forward to hearing about and seeing what you stitched on the cruise. I haven’t had the nerve to try a 🚢 cruise so I look forward to hearing what you think.

  10. The other Glitter Gulch pattern is called Fabric Floozy. This may be the year I finally start my Flosstitute, I would say yours is more than 50% done. I'm so glad you love the project bag, I hope to get back into making those. Also it might have gotten stuck in that bag, but there was a third Who Knew pattern in there called Ocean Whisper. Is that the one you were able to buy from a destash page, complete with fabric and floss? Anyhow, glad you made it to your cruise. Otherwise, we would have missed out on the turkey art! 😉

  11. I followed your Facebook trip photos!! What a wonderful way to spend Christmas….family memories to be remembered for many seasons to come!! So good to see you back and looking forward to the next session! Flossitute is almost finished…looking GOOD! LOVE YOU and miss you!! 😊 . HAPPY STITCHING TODAY AND EVERYDAY!!

  12. So happy to see you! Happy new year 🥳. Hope you had a wonderful cruise. Great to hang out with you x

  13. I hope your cruise was wonderful! Hope to see you soon! Happy New Year!

  14. So nice to see you back! Hope you had a great trip. Look forward to seeing you soon! ♥️

  15. Love seeing you get into the swing of things again and hope you and your family had an awesome holiday!

  16. Hi Lori! I’m binge watching for Stitch Con and I thought I’d stop by and say “Hi”. Love that American Flag (and I’m from Canada). The colour palette is lovely and the piece has so much texture with the way the colours are charted. It looks fun to stitch. Love the HAED foxes as well. Are you just planning on stitching the one that is pouncing or will you stitch the whole thing. Hope you had a great trip. Looking forward to meeting you at Stitch Con. 😄

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