Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 32 – Full Episode – 27th August, 2019

where were you all this while? Where is your partner Jeetu? It’s true that my wife Malti had an affair with Sharad Bagwe and I knew about it. ‘Catapult Part 2″ Police found out
two such evidences they were completely
unaware of before. Firstly, after he went missing Kamlu returned to his
home after four months. Was Sukhilal not guilty? Why did Jeetu not return? Secondly,
Tukaram Tolari’s wife Malti had an affair with Sharad Bagwe. Who was Sharad Bagwe? Why was Tukaram content with her wife
and Sharad’s affair? The situation in our home
was very dire. The house needed to be repaired. Tukaram, your roof is leaking. While plastering,
repair your roof as well. I’ll do it for the same price. Decide fast or else the roof will
break down soon. Yes, we need to repair it. How much will you charge? Rahul, go to school
or else you’ll be late. Father, everything will become
as good as new, right? Yes, it will. Leave now.
Be careful on the road.. Plastering, painting
and repairing the roof will cost a total of Rs. 75,000. I can give you a bargain
and do it for Rs. 70,000. Oh, no.. But I don’t have Rs. 70,000
with me. I know. I can make arrangements
for money too. How, Mr. Nawab? Nawab?
– Mr. Sharad is here. Mr. Sharad.. Sit. Mr. Sharad, this is Tukaram. Tukaram, he is Mr. Sharad and he will arrange
a loan for you. Tukaram,
I like to speak things clearly. I work for a money lending
company in Solapur. Nawab told me about
lending Rs. 70,000 but I can arrange for
Rs. 1,00,000 as well. What about the interest? It’ll be Rs. 9,50,000. I’ll come on
the second of every month to collect the installment. You cannot miss any installment. Not even one! Tell me if you agree to it or else I shall leave. You won’t get a better offer
in Solapur. He’s a noble man.
Say yes, Tukaram. I a-agree. Drinks are on me. Sharad Bagwe doesn’t seem
like a decent man. He just met you
and got you drunk. He’s a noble man. You’ll get to know him
because he’ll come to collect installments on
the second of every month. I still feel that you
should have asked someone from our society
for the loan. Leave that aside.
I’ve already done a deal. I’m aware of everything. Listen, Malti..
– Yes? Let’s go inside since
Rahul is sleeping. It’s been quite long. I have a headache. ‘The reconstruction
started from the next day’ ‘and it finished within a week.’ ‘On the second of that month..’ Greetings, Mr. Sharad.
– Greetings. Is the work
done? – Yes, it’s done. She’s my wife Malti.
– Greetings. Beautiful.
– What? Nawab has done some beautiful
work here. – Yes.. More importantly,
is the installment ready? Yes, it’s ready. Please,
have a seat. I’ll just get it. Will you have tea? Sure. Listen, Malti.
– Yes? These are for you. These are from my garden. I give them at every new place
I go to. Keep them. They look good in your hands. ‘I never knew that something
was happening’ ‘between them, behind my back.’ ‘I just had one goal.’ ‘It was to work hard’ ‘and save money’ ‘so that I could invest it
in Rahul’s upbringing.’ Father, look what
Mr. Sharad got for me. It’s an
amazing book. – Wow! There are many games
on his phone and he allowed me
to play them as well. Amazing.. Malti?
– Yes? You have given
the installment, right? Yes. Mr. Sharad gets these flowers
on each one of his visits.. He gets something for me too. Father,
please buy me an old phone. Just for gaming.
– Not right now. Let me pay Mr. Sharad’s
installments and I’ll buy you a phone
thereafter. Promise?
– Yes, dear, I promise. Can I get a glass of water?
– Yes. – Go. ‘I paid 6 of the 12
installments’ ‘and everything
was going smoothly.’ ‘At least,
this is what I thought.’ ‘It was not the second
of the month that day.’ ‘I felt like
killing them on the spot.’ Fine?
– Yes. What about that?
– No. I was passing by
and I thought of meeting you. What happened
to you hand, Tukaram? Did you get wounded
in the field? I will go and get
some turmeric. Tukaram, meet me
at the bar tonight at 8:00 p.m. Listen to me. I know that it is wrong but there is something
called need. It is not just me
but Malti wants it too. Sharad, you have a wife
and kids. What would you have done
in my stead? If I never had a child I do not know
what I would have done. I would think if I had
a family! For my kid.. Wife has her needs
and I would handle myself. No point in breaking
the family apart. And you have just
fixed your house. Do not worry
about your loan. I will pay it up. Listen to me. I do not wish
to break your family apart. I do not wish
to be discreet about it. Tell me, do you agree? Handle this pain,
it is new. Soon you will get over it. ‘Was it greed? Helplessness?
Or fear?’ ‘I did not know.’ ‘Or was it all?’ ‘But I accepted
Malti and Sharad’s bond.’ What happened? ‘Since then I started
a new bond with Malti.’ ‘And it was silence.’ ‘We lived under a roof ‘connected by a child.’ ‘Nothing else.’ Will you not eat
your meal? May I change
your bandage? It is so much fun!
Yes! It was so much fun! Is that so? I will take
even further next time. I will teach you
how to ride this one day. Yes. Bye, Mr. Sharad.
– Bye. ‘Soon, I got used to it.’ ‘I only thought of Rahul
and I just lived for him.’ ‘The rest was simply
a nightmare.’ And I got used
to it all. I could have tolerated it all
for my Rahul and now they killed
Rahul! Sir, I think Sharad
killed Rahul. No.
– Why not? Do you know
something else? Are you hiding
something? I have nothing to hide.
I lost it all. Nothing is over. Nothing is over till we find
Rahul’s killer. Tukaram, you said that Sharad and Rahul had a good bond?
– Yes. We know that Rahul was killed
by someone he knew. And hence he called Rahul
to the fields and Rahul went. Rahul, did you dad put
new games in phone? No, Mr. Sharad.
Not yet. Listen to me. Do you know
the Neelchandi farms? Yes, why do you ask? Bring your phone there
in the evening. I will give you knew games. Really?
– Yes, but listen to me well. Do not tell anyone.
All right? Yes. Rahul, come here! Give me the phone.
I’ll add new games. But why will Sharad
kill my son? As I have been saying
from the start. He wanted to take
Malti away from you. Rahul kept you
both together. We will ask Sharad Bagwe
of the reason. Radhika, bring
Sharad Bagwe in. Sir. Sir, can we go. For now, yes. But we have our eyes
on you. I still think that you are
keeping something from us. What did Kamlu say? He said he never
ran away. You did not run? Where have you been
for past four months? And why did your father
file a missing complaint? Sir, you folk had beaten me
for no reason when there was a theft
at Sukhilal Neelchandi’s place. We did nothing, sir! And yet there was
nothing against me. But I did not want
to work there anymore. And I wanted
to go out of this village. So I went to Delhi. What job were you doing
in Delhi? Where? There is an eatery
in Paharganj. It is called
‘Roli Da Dhaba’. I was a waiter there. So why did you not call
even once back home? Your phone
was switched off since past four months? Sir, my phone was wrecked
as I went there. I had no time
to get it fixed. I will give you
the contact details of Mr. Roli. You may ask him.
– Write it down. Why did you come back now? I have not.
I am on a leave for a week. And your friend Jeetu?
He works with you? Did he not get a leave
as well? Even his phone
was not working? Sir, I do not know
where Jeetu is. I went to Delhi alone. I have not spoken
to him in past four months. It seems that we did not
treat you well last time. You think we are fools
to fall for this rant? Sir, I am not lying. I do not know
where Jeetu is. You have the number now. Call my boss
and speak to him. And if you hit me again,
I will get a lawyer. I will gather my people. You threaten a cop? If saving my self
and honour is a threat then so be it. What did Roli say? The same as Kamlu. I asked the local police
to verify. Let us assume Kamlu
is telling the truth but how does Jeetu
goes missing same night? And he is no contact zone
since past four months. And how can their families
file a complaint together? We should put an eye
on the families. Something is odd. What happened
at the station? They held you
for the night. Nothing. They know about you
and Sharad. Dear God!
How? No matter the attempts
to mask it. Truth comes out. Malti.
– Yes. Did you learn anything
about my son’s killer? You’re being summoned
to the police station. Sir, did you hear? Kamlesh has returned
home. He was in Delhi. And he told the police
that he went willingly. All this time they were
painting my dad as the villain! I say, he needs
to disappear for real this time! Shut up!
Make him understand. He needs to keep
his tongue in check. Go away. Idiot. Hey, Mahesh.
Wait. Listen. What about Jeetu? Is he back as well? Kamlesh,
did the police say anything about Jeetu. Why would they tell me
anything? They only questioned me
about Jeetu. Sir, why are you asking us
questions you already have
the answers to. The truth depends on the person
telling it, Mr. Sharad. Is it true,
that since last year you’ve had an affair with Tukaram’s wife Malti? Yes. Did Rahul capture
a video of you two together which you’d want
to stay a secret? That’s rubbish, Sir. Nothing like that
ever happened. Sharad, did you kill Rahul once you brought him
out to the fields? You’re speaking non-sense, Sir. That kid really loved me. And why would
Sharad murder Rahul? Where were you on the evening
of 10th June, Sharad? Sir I was with Malti at her house. Sharad, can you please
check outside if Rahul is there? He was suppose
to be home an hour ago. Malti, people will spot me
if I step outside now. Yes.
That’s true. I’ll go and check. You can leave
once it’s dark. And listen Rahul dad’s will be home soon. Please go after he’s home. I’ll be back. Ma’am, I waited there
for half an hour. Then Tukaram came there. Hello, Mr. Sharad. Where is Rahul and Malti? Well, Rahul isn’t home yet so Malti went out
looking for him. What?
Let me go look then. Listen, Tukaram it’s dark outside,
let’s leave together. That is all that happened,
Ma’am. That’s the truth. Did my husband tell you that Sharad got Rahul.. Look, it’s not important
who told us what. We had our suspicions
and that’s why we asked. Tukaram never
pointed his finger at me. I’m sure
it’s his brother Praveen who tattletale on me
to you. He never liked me. Since you’ve dug so deep
in to this I’m sure you’re also aware that Tukaram and Praveen
has disputes regarding the land. Are you saying
Praveen had killed Rahul? He is accusing me without
a reason. Maybe he has
some shortcomings. No, Sir. I don’t think it’s Praveen. So, who do you suspect? I don’t know, Sir. Look, Sir maybe I was wrong in having
an affair with Malti but believe me I’ve done no other wrong. Because of this relationship I’ve lost my living
breathing husband as well as my only son. Due to this relationship? I don’t know what else
to tell you. This is my punishment
for the sins I’ve committed. That is all. We’re not bothered about
your personal affairs. It’s none of our business. But if we learn
that this relationship is connected to Rahul’s murder
in any way then I’ll have to peel off and dig deeper in to
every relationship there is. Sir.
Kamlesh is back. But what about my Jeetu? We’ll ask him
when he returns. You’re not taking
this seriously, Sir. I can guarantee that Sukhilal did something
to Jeetu. You were confident about
Kamlesh too, Rohini. Because they disappeared
at the same time. Kamlesh’s family is fortunate
that he came back. But how long can we sit
and just be hopeful? Malti. We won’t meet again. Tukaram was right. You can never get rid
of the smell. ‘Sharad Bagwe’,
and ‘Malti Tolari’. Bur, Sir,
Malti is the mother. I know that. This happens
very rarely, Radhika. But sometimes an affair can engulf the morals
of a mother. It’s very rare,
but I have seen it. Right, Sir. But, Sharad Bagwe
had accused Praveen Tolari. Radhika, pull out
their call records and analyse them. And post informers
on their tail. They mustn’t go off the radar. Two months had passed. But there was no
significant progress into
Rahul’s murder investigation. Each possible suspect’s
call records were scanned along with their
phone locations. But the police didn’t find
any clues or leads. Tukaram and Malti’s neighbours
were shocked to learn that Malti had a yearlong affair
with Sharad Bagwe. Listen to me, Supriya. Please listen to me. Sharad Bagwe’s wife
was shattered after learning about his affair. The informers too
failed to gather any valuable information
about the suspects. To learn about
her missing brother Jeetu Rohini kept making visits
to the police station. Also, Sukhilal Neelchandi
kept facing accusations. On the other hand, Kamlesh
ended his vacation and went back to work
in ‘Delhi’. The police had no evidence
to hold him. And upon losing his son Tukaram was drifting away
from every relationship. But he was suffocating within. Something was eating him
from the inside. Rahul’s murder
was a well-planned conspiracy. And very soon, this conspiracy
would be revealed. Vilash. Yes, Sir? Remove Kamlesh’s photo
from the board. He went willingly and then
came back. His missing complaint
is a closed case. Bring it down.
– Right, Sir. When will you solve
my brother’s case, Sir? Just like Kamlesh returned
on his own to close the case we believe your brother will return soon
and close his case. Listen,
you may have saved Sukhilal from being held for the murder
of the from our community, Rahul but I will not let him
go scot free for my brother’s disappearance.. What is it, Mukul? I’ve got a tip, Sir.
– Tell me, quick. Rahul’s murder
and Jeetu’s missing case are related.
Can you meet me? All right.
Give me ten minutes. Rohini, I think
your brother’s case is about to be solved soon. What’s going on, Sir? What did Sukhilal
do to my brother? I’m coming with you, Sir. Pleas go home.
Let us do our job. But.. Sir, her name is
Maya Tolari. She has studied till 5th grade. She was my sister’s classmate. Mukul,
I know that you are my friend. But I cannot tell you
what happened there. Our community
had sworn on God that we shall not
reveal it to anyone. Maya,
children are a form of God. And here,
a child has been murdered who was from your community. Why don’t you understand? I can’t tell you
what happened there. What exactly happened there? A day after Rahul’s murder there was a community meeting
at his house. What was that meeting about? And you were saying that
Jeetu missing case and Rahul murder case
are connected. How? Maya said it to me
and I will tell it to you now. You will now crosscheck this
with Sukhilal and Tukaram. Just ask them directly instead. I told you that it was a case
of community conflict. Listen.. Get up, the police is here. The police is here. Get up. Did you find out
who killed my son? You will tell us that, Tukaram. Me? Tukaram, in the afternoon
of 11th June you had a meeting of your
Tolari community at your place. Yes. Rahul was alive a
day before that meeting. And today, we are searching
for his murderer. Tell me what happened
in that meeting. I wasn’t even listening to them. I couldn’t think of anything,
but Rahul. Tukaram, Malti.. Our whole community
feels for your loss. Your younger brother,
Praveen, is here with you. Even we will ensure
that you get justice. Mr. Om Prakash, you are
the chief of our community. Why don’t you
tell the police directly as to who is behind all this? We all know that it’s
Sukhilal Neelchandi’s work. Rohini, did anyone ask you
to interfere? All of us know
how Neelchandis treat us. But nobody is ready
to raise their voice. But someone has to speak up. They killed my Brother Jeetu. Just see there. They killed Mr. Suresh’s Kamlu. It’s all about caste. Hold on. Mr. Om Prakash are we sure that
it’s Mr. Sukhilal who has got my son killed? It could be someone else too. What do you mean?
Be clear, Tukaram. Don’t be afraid. What’s there to feel afraid? I am just saying
that the murderer can be someone else too. It could be one of us. Then take his name, Mr. Tukaram.
Say it. Yes, Tukaram. Take his name. If you have suspicion
on someone from our community then take his name. We all swear that we will
keep it to ourselves. Promise. – We promise.
– We promise. But if you are not going to
point out someone in particular you better not have suspicion
on our community. Don’t give a chance to the
Neelchandis and the police to trouble our people. How much money did you
get as compensation? What? – Sukhilal’s
aide Pakiya gave you money. Pakiya was here yesterday. I saw him giving money
to Tukaram. But I told you for what
he gave it. Mr. Sukhilal sent me my salary
and an advance salary of a month through Pakiya. Yes, he told us that. But how do we believe you? You might have been paid
for keeping mum. Sir, will I keep mum about
the murder of my son? But you are
keeping mum before us. Your wife had an affair
with someone since one year. You didn’t tell us that. There was a community meeting the next day after
your son’s murderer. Sukhilal’s name was revealed. Your community demanded
compensation and investigation. But you didn’t speak
even a word. Why so? Sir, I had become numb. And both these cases
have no connection with my son’s murder.
– There is a connection. You are that connection. What are you saying, sir? You started
hating your wife, Malti. So much that you started
hating everything which was related to her. And Rahul was born
from her womb. No, sir.
How can you even say that? It’s your silence which
is saying that. And we consider silence
as lie. Rahul knew the murderer. He called him to the farms
and he obeyed. And it was you
who called Rahul to the farms. Dad, why did you call me here? You were going to gift
me something, weren’t you? Did you bring a game for me? But how will you
install it on my mobile phone? Close your eyes. Did I kill my Rahul? Sir, did I do that?
How can you say that? – Hey! Sir, how can I kill him? I told you how
much I love Rahul. No! Then who
killed Rahul, Tukaram? I don’t know. Was it Sukhilal who
threatened you to stay quiet or was it your
community’s direction to do so? To heck with
the community’s order! They give directions
for every other thing. They impose restrictions on us. I got a direction even in
the case of Jeetu and Kamlu. What? You arrested them when Mr. Sukhilal accused
them of a robbery. And then, a meeting was called
at Mr. Om Prakash’s place who was our chief. I usually don’t attend
our meetings. But I was called
specially that day. There are a few among us
who consider Neelchandi as their leader. You serve them in spite
of their oppressions. Or I would say,
you survive on their favours. I warn those people.. Don’t you even dare
work for him. He has leveled
baseless allegations on our Jeetu and Kamlu. They have tagged
them as thieves. Are we thieves? We are decent
and hardworking people. How are we thieves? The police has thrashed my
brothers Jeetu and Kamlu. They have threated them
like animals. They will get justice. But until then, every Tolari
here should take a vow not to work for anyone
from the Neelchandis. We vow! – We vow! – We vow! I have something to say, sir. Sure, Tukaram. I was waiting for you to speak. That’s why I have specially
invited you for this meeting. Mr. Om Prakash, everyone knows
that for all these years I have been working
in Mr. Sukhilal’s farm. I am looking after them. I have no enmity with them. They have always
treated me well. What are you trying to say? We should consider this
an allegation of thievery. We should not relate it
to the communities. Then, Mr. Tukaram,
are you saying that my brother, Jeetu,
and his son, Kamlu have actually
committed this theft? Does that mean you have
joined the Neelchandis against the men
of our community? No, I am not saying that. I am just saying that we should
let the police do their job. How would you have felt
if the police had thrashed your brother, Praveen,
black and blue and if the Neelchandis
had done something with your wife, Malti
and son, Rahul? Rohini, I don’t want to
get into this argument. And, Mr. Om Prakash,
I do not accept your command of not continuing work
in Mr. Sukhilal’s farms. And the ones that are working
hard just like I am and trying to settle
the differences should also refuse to follow it. Why should we refuse? Mr. Om Prakash,
this is not fair. This is unfair, Mr. Om Prakash.
– Quiet. Quiet. You have said what you
had to say, Tukaram. Now listen to me. The ones that doesn’t
help society will not have anyone for help
during tough times. Don’t come to us
looking for help if the Neelchandi harm
your beloved ones tomorrow. Mr. Om Prakash.. And all the members
of the society.. You all are angry
at the moment. You all are riled up. Therefore, I must say that enmity is a double
edged sword. Even if you kill your enemy the other edge
will kill you too. It was a useless order, sir. Some people didn’t listen. Some kept working secretly. And Jeetu and Kamlu kept working
at Sukhilal Seth’s field after being released. And disappeared
after six months. I don’t know if they disappeared
or left on their own. Do you suspect anyone who might
have killed Rahul and why? You told me earlier
that it’s regarding my kid’s mobile phone. Then you said
it’s Sukhilal Seth. Then you said it’s my
brother Praveen. And then Mr. Sharad. Now you are saying
that I killed my son. I.. I am tired, sir. I am tired. I want to go to my Rahul. The missing of Jeetu and Kamlu
and Rahul’s murder case. In fact, these two cases
are associated with Om Prakash, Tukaram,
and Sukhilal. Shastri, go to Sukhilal’s
house and speak with him. And Radhika, you go
to Om Prakash’s house. But be careful.
Keep in mind that that these two kidnap people from each
other’s community. Sit down, Malti. Do you know, Malti, what they
told me at the police station? What? They said.. I hate you so much that.. I took it out on your son Rahul. I.. They said that I killed Rahul. They are being mean. There is no father
like you in this world. But I couldn’t
be a good husband. And I.. The limit that I crossed cannot
be forgiven in this life. But you had a big heart. What do you mean?
I exceeded the limits of greed. I too will not be forgiven
in this life. But.. We both lost our son. Let’s hope that wherever he is,
he will forgive us. Greetings, Mr. Shastri. Tell me, what can I do for you? It’s a simple question,
Mr. Sukhilal. Who killed Rahul Tolari? It’s your job to collect
evidence against Sukhilal Neelchandi, ma’am. But I can assure you that it’s
no one from my community. How can anyone kill a child
from their own community? The child has been killed,
Mr. Om Prakash. And we didn’t find any
evidence against Sukhilal. In Jeetu and Kamlu’s case too. And Kamlu has returned. That’s the issue. My name has been deliberately
involved in both of the cases. Even a child would
say that someone from their community
is behind this. But Rahul has really
been killed, Mr. Sukhilal. They must have sacrificed
the child just to defame me. Impossible. But if that’s the case,
then I give you my word. You will get all the help
from our community to catch that traitor. But you won’t find him. Because there’s no such person. What did the police say, Dad? I have told you, Mahesh. Don’t
get involved in this matter. I inherited it, Dad. Just
like you and grandfather did. Therefore, I want to know
what happened. The investigation had no
grasp over the things that had happened or are happening
with the case so far. But soon the investigation
was going to head in the right direction. And things that were unknown
to many was going to be unfold. Sir, I did a background
check on Om Prakash. His records are clean. He does cause trouble
in his community but he has settled
everything and it’s peaceful. The same was found
about Sukhilal. Tukaram and Malti
lost the child and they are not the suspects
right now. Sharad is out. Praveen is out. We don’t have Sukhilal
and Om Prakash under our radar. Then who is it that’s
in this world and not under our radar? Sir, she is again
here to annoy us. Rohini Tolari. And she is saying the same thing
that Sukhilal is hiding Jeetu and Sukhilal killed Rahul. Shastri, When Sukhilal
was here he said that someone from the Tolari
community wants to entrap him. Yes, sir. He even said that Rahul
was killed so as to trap him. Jeetu and Kamlu’s
case was always considered to be the same. Kamlu said that he
hadn’t ran away and he had no clue about Jeetu. Still his father Suresh
used to come with Rohini. Bring Kamlu’s father Suresh. Shastri, start
investigating about Rohini. Obtain her call records. I think we have found the link
between the two cases. Kamlu used to stay quiet
after being accused of stealing. One day he went for his job
and didn’t return home. I felt that Jeetu is know
about his whereabouts. Please ask him. In fact, I was about
to come to you to enquire about my brother. Even Jeetu didn’t return
home last night. Even his phone is switched off. I am going to the police station
to file a complaint. Please wait.
Even I will accompany you. Okay. But what will be the complaint?
– My son has gone missing. I will request them
to search for him. Mr. Suresh, two young boys can’t
go missing just like that. Someone must be behind this.
The allegations of stealing couldn’t be proven
against them. So they have been abducted.
– Who is behind this? That scoundrel,
Sukhilal Neelchandi. After that, I just followed
what Rohini asked me to do. Actually, when Kamlu returned
home after talking to the police Rohini came too behind him.
– What! What did she say then? What did they ask you?
– They asked me where Jeetu and I sold
the stolen items. Where is Jeetu?
Etc.. But I have told them
that I have nothing to do with Jeetu’s disappearance.
I don’t know anything. But you know
that Sukhilal wants to harm you. Look, you need
to tell the police that you are sure that Sukhilal has done
something to Jeetu. I am begging you. Don’t drag me
in this caste fight. I won’t tell the police
about anything. that I don’t know or something that didn’t happen. Jeetu is missing.
And you are saying that nothing has happened! Mr. Suresh,
won’t you say anything? Kamlu is right.
What wrong did he say? Mr. Suresh, remember
what Mr. Om Prakash said. The one who doesn’t think
about the community is left alone. After that, she doesn’t even
talk to me or my wife. I feel scared that she might complain
Mr. Om Prakash against us. Or she might harm us.
– Don’t worry. She won’t do anything. We will do
whatever needs to be done. Yes, I am Rajendra Surve.
Who are you? I am Sub Inspector Shastri calling from
Jhanjarwadi police station. Y-Yes, tell me. You are very close
to Rohini Tolari. Y-Yes. You meet her late
in the night. Sir, Rohini joined
my medical store as an assistant 1.5 years back. Our affair continued
for 6 months. And my wife doesn’t keep well.
So.. We didn’t ask you
for an explanation. We are asking you questions.
Answer our questions. Do you know?
– Yes, sir. He is Rohini’s brother. He came to my shop
a couple of times. Where is Jeetu now?
– How would I know? Rohini left job one year ago. And I didn’t want her
to work in my shop. Because we broke up
one year back. Why did you break up
with her? Did your wife recover
completely? No, sir.
She was cheating on me. She had an affair
with another person too. Tell me his name. Inspector, say something. He is not here. Will you tell me
why you are looking for my son? Have your son turned
18 years old? No.
He will turn 18 after 2 months. He is still a kid. Your son has been having
an affair with Rohini Tolari since the last one year. And we suspect that Rohini
was involved in Rahul’s murder. It’s possible that your son was
involved too in Rahul’s’ murder. Mr. Om Prakash, you are
a renowned person. Now, do some good work too. Tell me where your son,
Vineet, is. Sometimes, he goes to our
old house with his friends. which is situated
on our farmland. This is called fun.
– Yes. Jitendra Tolari alias Jeetu. Your sister has made our lives
miserable since the last 6 months. She kept enquiring about you. Now, we will make three
of your lives miserable. Take him away.
– S-Sir.. Sir, no.. Sir.. Sir.. Tell us everything. You will lose your teeth
if you hide anything from us. We will break your every bone.
Speak up! I am telling you.. How long will you play
the same boring game? What will I do?
I am playing what I have. Listen to me.
Meet me today at 6 p.m. in Neelchandi’s farmland.
There is a person who will upload new games
on your mobile. That too, at free of cost.
– At free of cost! Yes, but don’t tell anyone
that we will meet you there. If you tell anyone the entire village will
start hounding us. Swear to God
that you won’t tell anyone. I swear to God.
– Okay, then, Meet us at 6 p.m. Will Mr. Jeetu upload games
on my mobile? Vineet, Rohini and Jeetu
have confessed their crimes. It’s your turn now. W-What did he do? And what have Jeetu and Rohini
confessed to you? Vineet, won’t you tell your dad? What did you do? What did you do? You got Rahul killed
to frame Sukhilal! Sukhilal accused my brother
of theft. He got him thrashed badly. When Kamlu disappeared I felt that it was
the golden chance. Jeetu. Jeetu, wake up. Jeetu, wake up quickly.
Kamlu has disappeared since the last night.
I think he has fled away. Even you disappear
for few days. I am going to file a complaint
against Sukhilal. Everyone assume that he is
behind you and Kamlu’s disappearance.
Just wait and watch. He will be in deep trouble.
Understood? Come on. Hurry up.
What are you thinking? Hurry up. But I got furious when
Tukaram refused to support me. I wanted to teach him a lesson. Vineet was under my control.
Hence, he agreed immediately. Even Jeetu had a grudge
on Sukhilal and Tukaram as well.
We made a plan and killed Rahul. You killed a 11 year old kid
of your caste just to defame a person
belonging to another caste! So that a fight breaks out
between both the castes! Just because.. Just because
you have an affair with her! Rohini and her brother,
Jeetu, have been charged with IPC 302
for committing a murder. Vineet was a minor
when the crime took place. But the court charged him
with IPC 302 under Juvenile Justice Act 15 considering the heinousness
of the crime. Tukaram and Malti were shocked
after knowing the reason of their son’s murder. Om Prakash had no idea
that his son, Vineet was involved in Rahul’s murder. Sukhilal couldn’t accept it
that Rohini killed a kid in order to take revenge
on him. On the other hand,
the theft which took place in his house has not
been solved yet. The investigation is going on. Rohini tried to hit two birds
with one stone. On one hand, she wanted
to take revenge on Sukhilal who belongs to another caste. On the other hand, she wanted
to teach Tukaram a lesson who belongs to her own caste. Because he refused to follow
the order of his own community. Perhaps, Sukhilal accused Jeetu
and Kamlu of theft in a hurry. But Jeetu’s sister, Rohini,
followed the path of crime to give her brother justice.
And it can’t be justified by any means. There’s no shortage
of people who instigate one against another. But every
person needs to decide what is right
and what is wrong. Stay alert of attacks against
your honour and wisdom. I, Anup Soni, will
take your leave now. We will meet again
with another new case. And remember one thing
that you are safe as long as you are alert. Stay alert and safe.
‘Jai Hind’.

Stephen Childs


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