COVID-19 outbreak GLOBAL UPDATE: More than 70,000 confirmed cases, 1,700 deaths reported in China

the novel coronavirus is showing no
signs of easing in China however 1700 people have died there with the number
of new cases rising and reports of more infections are coming out from the
quarantine Diamond Princess cruise ship as well art says Jang Hyun has the
latest the number of confirmed cases of the Nova corona virus has surpassed a
70,000 in China the Chinese authorities reported on Monday that the virus has
infected at least 2,000 more people within the past 24 hours
there were also 100 more deaths in Hubei province the epicenter of the outbreak
hiking the total death toll in China to over 1,700 in Japan 70 more people have
tested positive for the virus onboard the quarantine diamond Princess cruise
ship that remains docked at Yokohama port it brings a number of total
confirmed cases on the vessel to 355 and over 400 in the country the highest
number outside of mainland China on Monday morning the u.s. evacuated its
citizens that have been holed up on the cruise ship for weeks some 300
passengers boarded to air place chartered by the US government at
Tokyo’s Haneda Airport American travelers who are current éand on the
cruise ship for more than 10 days were screened for symptoms prior to
disembarking the ship and will undergo another two weeks in quarantine upon
their arrival in the u.s. 44 Americans who tested positive could not return
home Taiwan also reported its first covert 19 death on Sunday after a male
taxi driver in his 60s died from the virus
it makes him the fifth test outside of mainland China the men was one of the
two confirmed cases in Taiwan with the other being a family member of the
deceased male it’s been reported he had no recent travel history of site Taiwan
however local reports say most of his customers were people who had a history
of traveling to China Hong Kong and Macau as they could have been human to
human transmission from another carrier cha dong-young
arirang news

Stephen Childs


  1. That news anchor is hot. I will take her away from China and bring her to America. Anybody know her name?

  2. Maybe this is a wake up call…A "global society " might not be the way forward for humanity?

  3. This virus infects Chinese and Chinese nationals. When they say American, Canadian and so it is Chinese nationals.

  4. Who ever finds a cure for nCoV you get reward if 90000000000000 dollars 💵 in your account

  5. To solve a problem first you need to know what you're dealing with. This issue we are currently having with Covid 19 is do to a lack of co-operation. America is taking this virus case by case and completely negating the real issue. We don't know whos infected. So how do you solve this? Wear a Mask. Wash your hands. Keep sanitized.

    Many say that the mask will not help you from getting the virus, and this is true, but the mask is not to keep you from getting it, its to keep you from spreading it. The virus has an incubation period of 3-14 days and during this time the person may show no symptoms at all and still spread the virus through the mouth or nose. After the incubation period, if the virus has not left the body, the person may develop complications due to the virus accumulating in the lungs, thus causing pneumonia. This is why China had to build 2 new hospitals because a wave of infected all came at once.

    Everyone is talking about the problem but no one has a solution when the solution is right in front of us. China regained control in a month because many people cooperated and the ones that didn't were forced into quarantine. America is just at the beginning stages of this epidemic. Without a vaccine, we are just as vulnerable to this virus as our ancestors were in 1918. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6Ccdk5wPvk .To have a future, we must learn from the past. 2119. Wear A Mask, Stop The Spread. gf.me/u/xkc3uz

  6. Today is Monday. By Friday the figure of infected will treble. By end February it will reach 1 million. Thereafter it will be a castrophe…. nobody reporting anymore, only people dying. Remember the Titanic.

  7. Don't get panicked and don't share false news in social media without knowing the real truth. It creates more problems. Trust the authorities, they are trying their best to find solutions .Don' blame anybody. This is a time to trust each other. Keep your hopes alive. Dont give up. Entire world is working together to overcome this threat. Entire world is with people of china . China can overcome the situation and definitely they will. We in sri lanka bless loving people of china. May the noble triple gem bless you all and protect you.

  8. Now that Everyone knows China is lying about the numbers , they intentionally Misdirecting peoples Focus to Wuhan . The virus may have started in Wuhan but the truth is the virus is wide spread in whole of China . I have no doubt other provinces Are under reporting their numbers , probably by direct order from CCP so to make it seem it a wuhan problem. Typical Chinese, they rather let a fellow man die rather than loosing face .

  9. 0:16 what is the point of the nurses having full protective gear to stop the disease from spreading, when you have PAPARAZZI's and Security Guard walking next them unprotected? This virus is going to spread all around the world thanks to greedy and stupid people.

  10. Coronavirus come to sanctuary cities and to Democrats. Minnesota, Michigan, New York City, Philadelphia, California, Nevada, Arizona.

  11. https://youtu.be/c82amYihgoU WATCH THIS VIDEO! people in china are PURPOSELY spreading the Coronavirus!

  12. Chinese person : Gets Coronavirus
    His brain: It's Time To Travel The World🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

  13. Terrible tragedy even more terrible if watch the real leakage news in China;poor puppy in China was beaten to death 😤😤 because they thought he got corona virus?! I also heard people said Kim Jong Un killed whoever showed the symptoms of corona 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ but no news is talking about him?? 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. where is the update of WHO? you already send representative there, coward, why don't go to wuhan to see for your selves what is the true situation, you had your best equipment and suits. or you want another country to be like Wuhan?

  15. The world dies and then Hermits and Incels start coming out of the woodwork to repopulate the planet

  16. An average 150 lb. body will take 2 hours to cremate. 1 unit in Wuhan has 30 chambers to cremate people. If that one unit is supposedly running 24/7 as reported then they alone can cremate 10,800 bodies in a month. And China claims only 1700 people have died since the beginning of December. Yeah right!

  17. What about the passenger who gives virus to Taxi driver? Actually we can't Imagine how many people are effected.

  18. Every action has opposite and equal reaction. Eat animale more. You gave pain so you have to receive.

  19. I am litterally scared of chinese people in my city.. i mean i don't wanna be racist.. i am scared to even see a chinese person.

  20. does that mean that the incubation period was underestimated ? and the virus an survive for a long period on any surface ?

  21. Coronavirus is not a virus it's radiation energy microwave frequency poisoning that has virus flu like symptoms

  22. This is Fake number about 70,000 of people of China infected, must be more more more …… than that .

  23. This is something every state should pay attention to somethings not right it this virus has crippled chinas way of life each death was someones family member no one should have to die like that my fellow U S citzens pay attention to whats going on this is more than serious its adier situation

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  25. this is how you will know this media is not telling the truth, when they say "over so many people have gotten the disease". lol They will not give the total exact number. Just it is over this number? lol

  26. If this thing is so easily spread why is it not going up faster in China? Makes no sense

  27. Ask for help from Allah, no one except Allah can help if this is the punishment of Allah. Build mosques and ask for forgiveness from Allah. Truly Allah the All-Merciful, the Merciful.

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  29. no natural viurs would do this….if it is natural it would not be like this this is a biowappen made and payed ….by thoose that….bill gates and co …liga

  30. people really need to know that "this type of corona virus really could kill hundreds of millions of americans and europeans" more correct is "because of this corona virus, hundreds of millions of americans and europeans could be killed" BY NUCLEAR ATTACKS FROM CHINA.
    for several years, america and its allies have been ingesting their populations (by chemtrails) chemicals/bio meds that will make them immune to the worst effects of this #virus. If what is happening in china is a bio weapons attack from the americans, the only way for china to get even is by launching multiple nuclear attacks to the americans and its european allies.

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