COVID-19 infections spike in China’s Hubei Province; 40 more cases confirmed on Diamond Princess

more cases of coronavirus have been
reported on the cruise ship diamond princess the Japan Japanese government
it says 44 new cases have been confirmed and thousands of people are stuck on a
ship in Japan’s Yokohama port for more on that we have on the phone
our young one Yellen what’s the latest hi Devane just a couple of hours ago the
Japanese Health Ministry said 44 more people under Krishna tested positive for
the coronavirus 29 of them are Japanese while 15 are from other countries this
brings the total number of infections on the cruise ship to 218 the ministry also
said it will discharge elderly people or those with pre-existing conditions as
early as Friday if they test negative for the kornev virus but they will be
sent to designated facilities for extended monitoring as of now all the
confirmed patients have been sent to local hospitals for more than 2,000
passengers and crew members are still current in on the ship and they’ve been
stuck there for nine days now with other ships also not being accepted by any
country the World Health Organization has called in countries to practice
freedom of poor entry saying it will sign a joint communicate with the
International Maritime Organization organization on the matter
well now over in China who Bay province the epicenter of the virus has reported
a sharp increase in its figures overnight tell us more about that yes
they’ve been both the number of new infections and the death toll in hebei
province increased drastically on Wednesday China’s state-run CCTV
reported Thursday that the province reported more than 14,000 new cases and
an additional 242 deaths the number of cases has surged nearly tenfold from
yesterday reversing the declining trend from the past couple of days the
official officials explained on Thursday the spike is attributed to their new
counting method they decide to come clinically diagnosed cases as confirmed
cases along with the ones that have been confirmed in a lab it means that they
are counting anyone who is diagnosed to have symptoms of the corner virus like
severe respiratory tract disease and lesions in their lungs the rest of China
apart from Hebei Province had already been applying these guidelines so far
China’s National Health Commission it’s yet to release the figures for the
whole of the country but we don’t run 44,000 total cases as of Tuesday the
total number of infected people in China is expected to be around 60,000 mark
well that’s all I have for now back to you Devin all right Youngman thank you
for that

Stephen Childs


  1. 218 cases out of how many tested so far? Best wishes to everyone stuck on that ship. Has it been spreading while they are in quarantine? Is it airborne?

  2. Why don't children get the virus with the virus corona?

    Why did children less affected by the virus corona?

    The answer is simple. Thymus (thymus).

    The thymus is about 15 grams at birth. By puberty, it grows to 35 – 40 grams.

    Then it starts to shrink.

    It is very important for the formation of cellular immunity and T lymphocytes.

    If a scientific team were to start seriously studying the thymus, I believe you would find great cures for treating viral infections including HIV. Also for tuberculosis as well as for some tumors.

    dr Aca Cvetković, epidemiologist, Serbia.

  3. ccp and xi killed the doctor and the reporter and more than 100k deaths now in china
    what CCP & Xi doesnt tell you

  4. In a Thursday press conference, China said it confirmed 15,152 new cases and 254 additional deaths. Those figures include the ones reported earlier by Hubei province under its new diagnosis methodology. (See 7:55 a.m. and 10:40 a.m. updates).
    That brings the country's total death toll to 1,367 as the number of people infected hit 59,804, according to the government.

  5. Too bad,Japan should have known better! Risking local citizen of a disaster is not worth the effort,

  6. A little frog lip tea and some baby rhino jerky and you'll be up and walking around in no time

  7. MG! why doesn't all the countries go in and rescue it's citizens off this ship???
    They have no problem rescuing their citizens from China!!! Seriously!

  8. COVID-19 is on a covert mission nobody know who is patient zero or how far it has gone. But the world is watching to see who will be the next victim lol

  9. kung flu … it spread as fast as lightning … it was a little bit frightening .

  10. Beautiful K-pop journalists on Arirang, i can't focus anymore, which one is headline ??

  11. there was 1 guy at first 1 person infected whole ship! let them out ! put them in hospital but no space

  12. The fake knews pisses me off. They won't give the exact figures and with the thousands upon thousands of people infected they are banging on about the 100 odd that are infected on a cruise ship. What about all the towns and cities that have had about 200000 deaths and apparently the 1.5 million people infected?

  13. every time they find a new case on this vessel the quarantine period has to be re set from day one again . they are not going anywhere anytime soon .

  14. realy patiens like in prison?!?hm af course they will die….in one room more then 200 people,very bad treatment,common if communist can build conkret blocks with 30-50 levels can.t make hospigals at least 10-20 levels….it.s…dissapointment…drama.tragic they snould build new hospital but at least 15 levels

  15. Smh…If isn't Saudia Arabians, then it's Iranians, then its Russians, right now it's the Chinese going to kill everybody and everything.

  16. It was 44 new cases not 40. There was 175 confirmed then add 44. Total of 219. Its was 174.. but then the quarantine officer who was tested positive was also added to the list

  17. The infected people is more than +300 on the Diamond Princess .
    This NEWS is Fake .

  18. 14 days then more infections 2nd day 14 more days starting from second day 3rd day new infections then 14 more days starting 3rd day a couple years from now 1 passenger left just 14 days to go for you passenger

  19. Does anyone trust the air filtration on these ships. NOT hospital HEPA certified. Everyone could be breathing small amounts of the same air!

  20. I have a back ground in air filtration. I would get everyone off those ships and away from each other immediately !

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  22. Keeping people on this ship is CRIMINAL. OF COURSE NEW CASES ARE FORMING!!!!!! They're sharing the air vents! This is a crime against humanity. Shame on Japan!!!

  23. China should release all Uighurs and handover all detention camps to Uighurs. This could be the beginning of recovery from corona virus

  24. I said it cannot reach 3000 as totals people there is 3000 members. Japan leave human swimming in the ice as too fear. This Japanese generation is so far from the old generation. Problems is for fixing not for avoid.

  25. China should release all Uighurs and handover all detention camps to Uighurs. This will be the best step to the recovery from corona virus

  26. We shall surely overcome this COVID-2019 soon. Like my comment if you believe

  27. Find some places then take people out of the cruise ship. The cost make the people on the cruise ship pay or the owner of the cruise ship pays

  28. All of the countries are to rescue their citizens , fly back home and quarantine them there. If these people stay on one ship sooner or later everyone will get sick. Dear Lord please help these people!!! Give them patience and strength.

  29. china is the most dangerous virus in the world we need to get rid of them.

  30. sorry, but this is mother nature's way of controlling population. I don't mean to sound heartless, but diseases and plagues have been around since the start of time, wiping out large population throughout human history. This virus will die out in time, or if a cure is sooner. In the meantime, the rest of world must isolate from China,, even if it means the death of millions in that country… This is part of human evoultion.. Plagues and diseases have wiped out large cultures before.. It comes in cycles.. Please don't be mad or hate my comments.. but it is a fact throughout human history

  31. I hope, all people habe to stay on the ship. All borders need to be closed. This could be the right thing against globalisation.

  32. China has released one of the worst Biological weapons ever used against Mankind.
    Remember "WMDs"? If this situation happened in the Middle East… The government would be overthrown and the people given better living conditions. What is the UN waiting for?

  33. China people i have one idea to stop this (coronavirus) guys if you come muslim religon and ask god for help I’m sure 100% god he help you, otherways if you stay like this no one hear china country you become guys zero, you guys you still have chance come our religion,

  34. いやww このコロナ流行ってる時に船に乗るなよwww 自ら死に行くなやwww

  35. Why this indian doctor from WHO dont want go to China help?? He dont want be a hero?? Corvard.

  36. https://www.change.org/p/united-nations-call-for-the-resignation-of-tedros-adhanom-ghebreyesus-who-director-general/u/25728272
    Please help to sign

  37. Keep yourselves healthy by sleeping 6-8 hours, keep stress low, eat nutritious foods, take vitamin C, and exercise so your body and immune system can work at its optimal level to fight off this virus. Wash your hands throughly for 20 seconds and make it a habit to not touch your face. This is best we can all do until a vaccine is made. Don’t doubt your body, help keep it running at its best!


  39. I am always shocked at the beauty of Korean women. The women here look like men and weigh more than me.

  40. COVID-19
    Wuhan Pneumonia
    Wuhan Flu
    Wu Flu
    Winnie the Flu
    Kung Flu
    China Flu
    Xi Jingping Disease

  41. People from the ship! If you want not to get coronavirus, jump from the ship in water. Of course if you're sure that you are not sick with the virus. It looks like Japan government and all other governments from where the people belong to, they don't care. We can understand that you are taking from the ship only if you are sick. What is going on? Genocide? They wait so all will get infected? Japan has in 5 months Olimpic games, money and interest first.

  42. It wouldn't have spread that much if all the people were discharged from the ship and quarantine on the arrival😭

    Why everyone is waiting for the virus to reach high numbers and then take action?

  43. next week over 500 a day will dies if they dont take care of sewages the virus contamininated sewages the portable toilets need to have clorox inside the tanks or they wiil all die the virus go in sewages they need to spray inside sewages and USA and all country w contaminated shoulds worry about virus going in sewages !all the masks from sick persons going to garbages is it safe !!!!!!!!!!!!! all gargages from contaminated persons like masks need to be burn geeeeeeeeeeeeee they are no safety on SEWAGES SO FAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. They should full them out straight away in the ship
    Cz they lock them in a infected ship
    Instead only few people those 2 chenese
    Now everyone got scared cz the virous spread in the ship
    And keep the people inside,,,

  45. Petri dish cruise ship 😳 They're Guinea pigs now😷🐽 #TheLoveBoat #AirborneKarachi

  46. Countermeasures of Abe Govt of Japan against Corona virus are full of sloppy and insufficient and too late.
    They seemed to have no plan about after cruise ship was isolated.Even enough information did not arrive to passengers.

    But,Japanese cabinet secretary Suga insists that "Japanese Govt's action is proper" despite many infected persons.

    They are like Chinese authorities.

  47. Please help🙏🏻❤️
    The Diamind princess is like a mini WuHan city now.

    And why the governnents of these passengers are not taking their citizens back to their countries for a real quarantine?

    This is giong to be a tragedy if the governments from the different countries keep these passengers on the ship.

    The confirmed people is keep increasing about 40 per day.And there are 3000 people on the ship.
    There are already people coughing for days but the local government don't have enough Cobas Tapscreen MPX.
    I believe there are more people have been infected but not confirmed yet.

    Please help them!🙏🏻

    Please take some actions ,governments of these passengers 🙏🏻if the infected people is over 600,it might be out of control.

  48. I hate all these complaining idiots! Many Japanese at this port are helping this ship, and they also try not to meet their families and friends staying isolated themselves for two weeks just in case they get the virus!

  49. Seriously! “Freedom of port entry”! First he refused to declare this a pandemic and now he wants ships to be allowed entry anywhere? I just signed the petition at change.org. The director-general of WHO needs to go!

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