Coronavirus: China Cancels Huge Government Meeting

The deadly coronavirus: Chinese leaders say things are getting better, but should you believe them? Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Shelley Zhang, filling in today for
Chris Chappell, who has been temporarily taken down by YouTube. Well, I’ve got some good news and bad news about the coronavirus disease that started
in China— called COVID-19. First, the good news. The head of the World Health Organization said this week that their team in China has made a range of findings about COVID-19, including this: “They found that the epidemic peaked and plateaued between the 23rd January and
the 2nd of February and has been declining steadily since then.” What a relief! The W.H.O. says the epidemic peaked in China three weeks ago, and now it’s been declining. And if you want to verify that, just read Chinese state-run media… …which just cites the W.H.O. again. Creating a perfect, harmonious circle of information that is definitely both believable and trustworthy. Let’s see how things are on the ground this
week, like in Beijing. Well, that’s pretty light traffic for rush
hour. And all these shops seem to be closed. What’s going on? “Our company has less than 100 employees, and now we only have around 10 people working
in the office.” That does not sound good. Well, unless he hates his co-workers; then it’s pretty great. Look, we’ve all been there. Now, I think it’s time for the bad news. The bad news is, when Chinese state-run media and the W.H.O. say coronavirus cases are on
the decline… that is a lie. Did you hear that? That was the sound of this episode being demonetized by YouTube. I hope you watched our recent also demonetized
episode about how corruption in the W.H.O. helped
the coronavirus spread. If you did, you’d know that you should not
trust the W.H.O.— because while their top executives are galavanting around the world in first
class, the division responsible for handling the
coronavirus outbreak, “is so chronically underfunded it has repeatedly
been found to pose a ‘severe’ and ‘unacceptable’
level of hazard.” That certainly hasn’t stopped the W.H.O.
from partnering with China, and taking China’s money. Which is another reason that you shouldn’t
trust what the W.H.O. says about how the Chinese Communist Party has handled the coronavirus. Look how close they are. Wait, don’t get that close. There’s a coronavirus spreading. Wash your hands, Wang Yi. Meanwhile, Chinese leaders are encouraging Chinese peopleto return to
work because they don’t want the economy disrupted. But Chinese leaders *themselves* have just canceled their hugely important
“Two Sessions” meeting, because the fight against the coronavirus
is actually intensifying. Yes, everything is fine and the masses have
nothing to worry about. Go make the economy strong. But the Chinese government is going to call
in sick. Just in case. Look, nobody actually likes the Two Sessions. Which is an annual meeting of the National
People’s Congress, or the NPC. And the Chinese People’s Political Consultative
Conference, the CPPCC. Mostly it’s an excuse for the attendees
to get in a good nap. Unless you’re Yao Ming. He can’t exactly blend in. But you know who’s really glad the meetings
have been postponed? The tea ladies. So gross. Postponing the two sessions is a political
blow, and a loss of face. But, Chinese leaders don’t want hundreds
of Party delegates from all those possibly disease-ridden provinces coming to Beijing next month, thank you very much. This is called “setting the right example.” It’s like how, as the masses deal with a severe shortage of face masks… …Chinese leaders…set the right example. Seriously though, when it comes to the coronavirus, don’t look at what Chinese leaders say. Look at what they do. So the W.H.O. is corrupt. And the unholy alliance between the W.H.O. and the Chinese Communist Party could also
be leading to, at best…mixed messages, and at worst, dangerous lies. So take their advice with a grain of salt. And a handful of Purell. What do you think? Leave your comments below. And before I go, it’s time for me to answer
a question from one of our contributors on Patreon. Episodes like this one usually get demonetized
by YouTube, so we rely on viewer support to keep this
show going. And as a reward, we answer some of our contributors’ questions at the end of some episodes. Today’s question comes from…Coralline
Algae. “Do you think it would be beneficial for
president Trump to take a hard stance against the WHO? Perhaps something similar to the hard stance he took against NATO early in his presidency.” Well, that’s a big question. The W.H.O. is definitely corrupt. But how much can the US really do? The W.H.O. is a United Nations organization. No single nation can control it, and that’s by design. That’s a good thing when it’s running
cleanly. But it doesn’t seem so good when US taxpayers are forking over half a billion dollars a
year to a corrupt, ineffective, and wasteful organization. But this isn’t just an issue for Trump. Leaders from both major political parties should unite behind this issue, and publicly criticize the W.H.O. for corruption. Beyond that, the US could consider reducing its funding
for the W.H.O. or putting conditions on it, like what Trump did with NATO. But the W.H.O. is the only major international
health organization. So while it’s hard to live with, it’s also hard to live without. It’s a lot more complicated than NATO, so there are no easy answers here. Thanks for your question, Coralline. And thank you for watching. Go to Patreon.com/ChinaUncensored and contribute a dollar or more per episode to help us keep making episodes like this. Once again, I’m Shelley Zhang, filling in for Chris Chappell. Thanks for watching China Uncensored.

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  1. YouTube is censoring our Coronavirus coverage! Please support the show on Patreon.com/ChinaUncensored!

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  3. I think it's legitimate to question the official statements, given their track record. Though, objectively speaking, the temperature range in Dec/Jan was 0-10 Degrees Celsius and now its 10-20 in Wuhan. That should have helped with the slow down in rate of additional cases. Hopefully there is at least a tad of truth to their words. We really don't want a world recession to start from this..

  4. All these fuckers like to see uncensor China bcos they have itchy ass to be fuck by UK USA.

  5. So YouTube decided to give Xi another BJ? Not a surprise. Money talks and these highly moral people who love to virtue signal would pimp 3 year olds on street corners to perverts for the right money if they could get away with it or at least that is how they come across to me. Ymmv at least if you work for YouTube.

  6. The U.S. and like minded countries should just stop supporting WHO, form a new international medical organisation. The end. And of course invite Taiwan. Bada bing bada boom.

  7. Temporarily taken down by YouTube but does a live stream like an hour later? I guess all news lies

  8. CCP liars never trusted them . This is just a surface. CCP leadings SNS and all media to Wuhan.

  9. Shelly you always do a awesome job, Chris would be lost without you..👍🏻

  10. Holy shit…You mean the people pushing for Globalization were a cabal of lying Commie shitheels? What a shock!

  11. How came that man incharge of WHO is not in jail or send him to China so he can stop the virus ok.

  12. Fuck the evil criminal forced organs harvesters, corona virus spreaders CCP mafia gangsters murderers to 70 millions plus and counting and corrupt top officials WHO evil mass murderers partnership!

  13. The world health organisation. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what a wonderful joke ha ha ha ha ha. With them in charge we are all going to die ha ha ha ha ha

  14. China is cancelling meetings and events (although may not all of them).

    So what's your problem then, DIRTY BITCH.

    Go cry in front of that DICKHEAD if you're not happy that I hurt your feeling.

  15. How long before the communist party is telling the Chinese people that it is safe too eat Rats and Bats again…That was just one bad one that got in the soup…Hey it only killed 38,000,000 people…No worries….The CCCP has everyone's Heath concerns and doing a great job protecting the public and world…Oh and they are selling a beautiful bridge too Taiwan…

  16. unfortunately this is the first video from you guys I've disliked. You can't make a fair comparison between going back to work, and a massive public gathering like Two sessions. Firstly, the majority of people are still forced to work from home, and we have controls on movement outside, including temperature checks when you leave and enter your apartment complex, enter a supermarket, metro, etc… So the risk of infection to travel for example to a small office is so small, bearing in mind also that the streets are so empty now that you can avoid close contact easily. It's a bit deceptive to compare it to a large gathering such as "Two Sessions" which would include hundreds+ people in very close contact with each other, traveling from different provinces etc… Do you know the general public are also not allowed these types of gatherings too! Huge difference between these two things!!

    Also, maybe you can show some evidence that the rate of infection hasn't been declining steadily? Do you really think that with all the strict measures now in place that the virus infection rate is not declining??? I live in China currently and have seen this unfold in front of me.

    What real evidence or arguments are shown in this video?

  17. Who: our source Chinese media.
    Chinese media : our source is who…the circle keeps going…😂😂😂

  18. Poor Chris, who would have though he of all people got the corona from his visit to hongkong….. Get Well soon!

  19. Your channel are not fair in critizing WHO&China probably your channel are fund n control by US Govt. To us is normal for any Govt.must try to contain n control any VIRUS that are very active in certain parts of countries?? Cancelled big important Meeting&Gathering are very normal!! n not that what you mean the entire country are in great danger??? Its not fair to said that China are covering up?? Where are the 100% proof????

  20. Maybe if China gets millions of its people to unlike this information the virus will just vanish – because in reality, that's the only thing they've got. Hasta la vista China!!!

  21. I hope and pray communism in China will end, for the benefit of the Chinese people, God bless the ordinary Chinese citizens.

  22. Demonetization is one thing, but how TF is he completely "taken down" in what's supposed to be a free society? Conspiracy and religious nuts are allowed to say way more dangerous shit on this platform without being "taken down". Frowny face, Internet, frowny face. ☹

  23. Wants youtube demonetize..china uncensored..you really heat those powerful leader just like what they to Alex Jones..They kick him out…cause his talking about high profile person like Espteins,Bill Clinton,and other leaders making weird things experimenting,humanoids,5g,Google's,and others

  24. What the WHO leader said is Not by the WHO graph I saw. WHO puts enough vagueness to make a lie again. United Nations I feel should close it down.

  25. Corona Virus is cultivated & developed in labs by China for Biological Warfare with their enemies.
    Which is now boomeranged on them.
    Cunning & Shameless China / CCP is facing the CURSE of their Bad Deeds, Bad habits & adamant Hypocrisy.
    A Lesson of the life for their Bad Karmas.
    It is the beginning of their END.

  26. China are fucked – before zee Germans arrive! As we say here in the UK. 🤣🤣🤣

  27. …LOL….the picture of nancy reminded me of the scary grandma in the closet in "house on haunted hill" (1959)…

  28. The health crisis in Shandong Province is up to 52 times worse than officials have admitted, a report revealed today

  29. The WHO should be disassembled. You'll never know what will happen if WHO is gone (also the UN), and things might be easier when it cease to exist.

  30. The advice to look at what the CCP does rather than what it says doesn't just apply to the Corona virus. Their language on world peace, win-win, calm diplomatic resolution of problems etc seems to always be at odds with their aggressive actions on all fronts, not least the SCS , use of trade as a weapon, and their rapid militarisation.

  31. Love your channel!!! How come it’s only today I got to watched you !!! Fair enough and truthful!!!

  32. WHO said that it has been declining?!! Sorry I'll believe it when I see it because I don't believe what WHO says.

  33. I’m not a China hugger in any way shape or form, but as a person who’s been living in China for over 10 years it’s pretty obvious that this channel is preeetty biased.
    Fact 1. The virus IS on a decline in China. If not, send links with actual data proving otherwise.
    2. The government is really doing what they can. There are issues with mask shortages and how it handled the beginning of the outbreak is deplorable.
    3. The economy is definitely getting f*cked in the ….
    Most people in the comment section don’t really have a clue what it’s really like to live in China at the moment. Yea, it’s rough and we’re all hoping the virus will come to an end ASAP.
    Lastly the thing that worries me is that China uncensored is really good at digging up information, but it’s clearly only saying one side of the story here since there’s never ever any balance or nuance in their videos.
    Love the channel as it’s constantly raising the awareness of severe societal issues going on in this country, but for a wider audience to take you more seriously, please tell the whole story.

  34. You are awesome China Uncensored! Keep up the good work! My wife and I love your combination of news and humor. 👍

  35. I really love this news channel. And i belief in this news and don't even watch the mean news anymore. But when i share it people don't take it seriously because of the joke's and sarcasme. Not saying not funny but it is indeed makes it look less serious. 😊

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