Coronavirus cases surpass 20,000 in China, continues to spread worldwide

the coronavirus is becoming deadlier by
the day the death toll in China mounted overnight killing over 420 people now
and numbers of confirmed cases are rising in other countries as well our
park agent starts us off the new corona virus continues to spread killing at
least four hundred twenty five people and infecting twenty thousand 438 in
China as of early Tuesday according to China’s National Health
Commission that’s an additional 64 deaths and 3235 infections compared to
the previous day and all the new cases are in Hebei province where ohan is
located it’s been two months since the first case was confirmed in central
China last December despite the Chinese government having
declared war against the outbreak and pouring major resources into trying to
contain the situation the number of deaths has surpassed that of when SARS
killed around 350 people in 2003 and fears are rising especially from
concerns that the actual number may be far higher than what China is reporting
generally the agreement or the consensus in Wuhan is that the numbers are far
been underreported and that is the reason why especially with international
student are quite more getting hopeless and worried because we know the case is
more his worst than is being reported the Chinese government has taken drastic
measures to prevent a further spread of the virus blocking Hubei Province from
the rest of the world 50 million people have also been put on lockdown in
Chinese cities but figures continue to increase across the world there are at
least 15 confirmed cases in Hong Kong and eight in Macau 16 cases have been
reported in South Korea and 20 in Japan and earlier this week the virus claimed
a life of a person outside the Chinese mainland a man from the Philippines
meanwhile in the u.s. eleven people up and confirmed to have the corona virus
with two new cases reported in California on Monday local time
countries are rushing to evacuate their nationals from Hubei Province while
enforcing stricter travel regulations to China and the race to develop a vaccine
to stop the spread continues in labs around the world kakouton young news

Stephen Childs


  1. China LIES. Death tole is way over 100,000 at 3 crematoriums w/ 30 incinerators ea in Wahun running 24/7. BIOWEAPON escape from Wahun biolab. PERIOD. THE FACTS ARE OUT.

  2. They said didnt need religion when clearly God forbidden people to eat bat, frog, pig, dog, blood, etc.
    .May good people recover or stay away from it
    .the doctors said it was 100.000 cases fiew days ago.

  3. china, this is not the time to lie…..this could potentially be the biggest coronavirus outbreak. seriously man

  4. Arirang News please correct " A man from Philippines"
    it looks like a filipino died from corona Virus which is wrong the man who died here is a citizen of wuhan , this couple came here for tour but sadly this couple infected with the corona virus.

  5. Who said this is better than Flu? the numbers now pas 20,000 cases in Feb and those 20,000 need to wait till 3 weeks from now

  6. Cambodia had 4 cases!
    Nobody is saying it!
    Just they got back without detection until the Chinese return airport!

  7. Praise the Lord China needs Jesus. We keep China in our prayers.God bless us all 🐦🦋

  8. Thailand has found cure Aids medicine – that means? anyone? anyone? Yes virus made in lab

  9. 1 died in Philippines but it's chinese national who travel from wuhan to Hong kong to Philippines together with her girlfriend…. What a news

  10. Whoaaa! It’s a chinese tourist who died in the philippines not a man from the philippines.

  11. The reporter should be careful with the words to use. A "man from the Philippines" means the man is a Filipino, but the truth is, the man is a tourist chinese who went to Philippines and unfortunately died there.

  12. bio weapons testing or accident! Such a virus that is a result of som people's daily lives is ridiculous! A virus doesn't suddenly come from nowhere so fast! think about it, the origin doesn't make any sense! it's man made! just like all the toxins and destruction and chemicals created by MAN…

  13. Has anyone thought or have they tried treatment for legionnaire disease ?????…

  14. I read somewhere that it could potentialy reach 20,000,000 in april.
    I dont know where? Can someone cite t here?

  15. Corona virus will not spread to other countries,Don't try to scare the world people.

  16. Mother blanker. We can't have this in the USA. Stop all flights to and from. Jesus over 400 dead and it's just getting started!

  17. All this will be just ordinary human being, they will never be able to become god , because the was wanted super man

  18. Maybe you should not allow anyone to leave China.!!! No?! I guess that's "Racist."

  19. China may have the scarborough shoal but do not dare do this I REPEAT DO NOT INSULT US FURTHER THAN THIS
    Forgive me for this "fit of anger' but my thoughts remain, I'm not so sure if this is a news channel from china or a channel from what country owned by a Chinese man or Chinese stockholder

  20. Chiness people bad habit eat any jungle animal. So they will suffer ok.but why world community will suffer. Myanmar can help them.Dhaka

  21. I'm willing to bet that the mortality number is not accurate because they don't count those who died at homes, just the ones at the hospitals. So messed up. Chinese ppl need to do something about their govt😤😤😤😤😤

  22. China is definitely under reporting numbers. And they wanna get mad at the U.S. for having restrictions and “causing panic” lol

  23. Bull shit maybe over 20 thousand died and over 4 hundred infected. I hope they telling the truth…

  24. Yesterday Chinese ambassador of Istanbul has said that 521 death so far. Whf?
    Who is lying now? Chinese government or Chinese ambassador?

  25. In the month of September I caught a common cold. I, however never get any fever from common cold. But my cough was pretty bad. Still as usual it got over on the 19th day. Then in the month of December I was travelling through air and the guy sitting beside me was coughing like anything. Five days later my cough developed, and chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, body ache, etc followed. I thought maybe I got infected again. But this was pretty rare because in the past I never fell sick twice. Three weeks had passed but the cough was still there though a little low in intensity. Today, it is February and just last week onwards my cough and chest pain has mostly gone. However, some of it is still there. Therefore, I am sure the second time when I got infected, it must have been something very strong. Normally, from the usual cold and flu, I recover between two to three weeks and once recovered do not fall sick in that season again. But god knows what was that second virus. So, I want to say that there was something pretty strong from the month of November itself. Maybe it could have been a coronavirus or something else. But took more than 2 months to heal. Btw, I never took any medication.

  26. *Agenda 2🌍1 or Agenda 21 in practice.
    Watch 'Event 201' it predicted coronavirus on 4th November 2019*

  27. Corona virus is Punishment from the Real God of Universe to Chinese for Persecuting Uyghur Muslims and Plotting Against Islam.

  28. Why this "news" did not mention recovered person and discharged person?
    Because this "news" is BIASED!!!!!

  29. This little girl with the big deep manly voice..Lol..what do they do to them??

  30. this number is far from real. hospitals in wuhan don't have enough reagent to test the patient therefor they couldn't be confirmed .and many people, I mean huge amount of people who got infected can't have a bed in the hospital. they can only wait and eventually die at home. many families have more than 3 were infected. and they wouldn't and won't be count in the data. they can only die silently. if anyone want to know more detail ,you can check a topic on weibo (微博),the topic called 肺炎求助超话,some of the people who can't get a bed they ask for help on it. it's in chinese but can read with google camera translate.

  31. When China report 20,000 , it may be 200,000 already. Wuhan is becming a Zombie land.

  32. I can see that we are in a bio warfare situation and in the future bio weapons will be used in wars
    It's more efficient to destroy a country without causing material damage
    China is the example, despite being the second largest national economy, its economy has been destroyed like nothing

  33. I dont wanna be rude or something.. I just want to correct a lillte info given here..that the man who died outside China was not "a man from the Philippines", the man who died was from China, – a tourist – visiting the Philippines.

  34. There are planes filled with Chinese tourists flying around, Countries shouldl turn them back at once.

  35. The city of wuhan has an estimation population of 11m and only 20k infected in such highly populated cities ? Never bought that !!! I think about 90k to about 1 million people are infected and and more than 2k people are dead and there no cure till now it could be lethal guys

  36. Please stop eating non veg.. May allah help Chinese people in this hard time…

  37. These numbers are much higher than what is being reported. Not to mention there is at least another 2 weeks to go before we see a peak numbers of the spread of this infection/Wuhan Corona Virus/disease…..before we have a real idea how bad it really is and has spread. This nonsense of it being tbe next 2 or 3 days…..is not accurate either but will be the next coming week to two weeks before it peaks in China…, alone. This does not include peak levels of infection spread in other western countries such as U.S., Canada, etc…, this is going to get much worse.

  38. Guys just remember SARS is still 4 times deadlier than the coronavirus.. even though 60 people die probably a day lol

  39. I believe more than 1 mil are dead already …goverments know the real numbers .

  40. Es muy triste la situacion por la que esta pasando nuestros hermanos en China. Seguimos orando porque termine este contagio , y no pueblo no sufra mas las cobsecuenciaa de este virus. Dios les de la fortaleza para seguir mis bendiciones

  41. ᴀs ᴡʜᴀᴛ ɪɴ ɢᴇᴏʀɢɪᴀ ɢᴜɪᴅᴇsᴛᴏɴᴇ ғɪʀsᴛ ʀᴜʟᴇ sᴛᴀᴛᴇᴅ
    "ᴍᴀɪɴᴛᴀɪɴ ʜᴜᴍᴀɴɪᴛʏ ᴜɴᴅᴇʀ 500ᴍɪʟʟɪᴏɴ ɪɴ ᴘᴇʀᴘᴇᴛᴜᴀʟ ʙᴀʟᴀɴᴄᴇ ɪɴ ɴᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ"

  42. Malaysia today confirmed 10 cases ..9 was china citizen n 1 is malaysian ..The numbers will rise up anytime ..We dont know if ppl carrying the virus ..14 malaysian are brought back from china is under quarantine ..but i heard 4 of them positive ..mmm

  43. I absolutely agree that the more cases of the corona virus definitely means that the more cases there will be. It's going to become far worse and it's extremely urgent that the infectious disease people from every damned country come together and nip this thing in the bud before the whole world gets the virus. This is apparently a airborne contagion which makes it much more difficult to contain and control. What's more than that it could mutate at any time which would really throw this world particularly China into a state of confusion.
    Since it's a virus you can be relatively certain it's not going away anytime soon.
    Living in the mountains might be the safest place to be out of harm's way. Like other viruses and contagious diseases we need to act fast and stop allowing anyone to continue traveling to other countries. I don't care what the reason is except for one. That would be if a cure was found. Otherwise if China has lied about the number of cases and particularly the number that have resulted in death, then the world would pay severely for that kind of self motivated insolence.

  44. India needs to get there numbers up. Only 3 cases. It is one of the dirtiest places on earth. Terrible hygiene and only 3? This virus is bullshit. I think it was a bio wpn that accidentally
    Got out in its incomplete form. 425 deaths isn't shit. GG ccp. Shit country, shit military, shit R&D program

  45. Just wanna clear it out.. The man that dies n Philippines is a Chinese national.. And the other girl that was confirmed that has nCoV was his girlfriend.. And according to report. She's stable now..

  46. First death outside china: a chinese man from wuhan who died in the philippines. Not a man from philippines.

  47. the real number is actually 40,000+ People. 2 Weeks from now it will be 100,000 Infected.


  49. South Korean tourists, students got racist a lot from Europeans….
    "Chino, Chineses, go back to China!!!".

    South Koreans : what!!! 😳😳😳😳

  50. 外国人可以离开武汉。中国公民必须留下。   Foreigners my leave Wuhan. Chinese must stay.

  51. The Chinese govt trying to control population this is scary. Please take care everyone.

  52. This is beginning to look like the whole world is putting sanctions on China for eating bats with every country banning Chinese from travelling overseas and banning imports from China 😂

  53. I think BGC could raise immune system ,to base balance into babies and underage 16 ,pregnancy and the people risk in frontier under 35 years of virus about 80% work battles in longways future (against TB)
    I think the easier get drugs and medicine will saved time and lives
    I think the doctor should have right to know and steps of laws emergency cost 40-60% hand measure of decision for do anything in need to patients specific antibiotics PVC 13-23
    I think the bacteria are greater dangerous then the virus
    I think Chinese government should be able to open door to the real time expert CDC from elsewhere in challenge campaign combatted volunteers for all human kind .
    There still very strictly laws on human right but not anti human right . in basically living communist- democracy people to joining world together in platform
    Stay healthy 😉

  54. Who is counting? Some guy pointing with his finger. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10!!!! Watch how many fake vaccines will suddenly appear.

  55. It will get worst before it will get better, Chinese are lying to media. That is the problem, you can’t help someone who’s been lying from day one.

  56. so.. from Jan 1 to Jan 22 it was about 1,400 infected.. and in 10 days it went to 20,200? okay.. "legit"
    the numbers don't add up

  57. 这是对上帝的报复,因为您杀死并迫害了穆斯林,在动物活着时燃烧并鞭打了它们,并关闭了穆斯林的清真寺,上帝不会离开您的行径而不受惩罚

  58. 愿上帝对您的病毒的危害大于对埃博拉病毒的危害,因为您对穆斯林和动物的危害,愿上帝对您进行报复

  59. Here is what we know so far. It kills 2-4% of those infected even with advanced hospital care, It evolves from person to person(you can get reinfected with it), it has a layer of material wrapped around it allowing it to live on surfaces for extended periods, it can be spread through eyes, nose, mouth, stool (urine currently unconfirmed).

  60. Believe figure in the Thousands not hundreds as China is a Secret State and the Truth would Cripple the Economy to unfathomable damage to the industrial complex

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