Coronavirus cases spreading outside China ‘could be spark’ that becomes ‘bigger fire’: WHO

now let’s turn to the other big story
here in South Korea and that is the corona virus outbreak the World Health
Organization has expressed concerns about the latest coronavirus cases
confirmed in Europe that were transmitted without any travel history
to China the very epicenter of the corona virus outbreak Eastern je reports earlier this week five British citizens
were confirmed to have contracted the novel coronavirus after visiting a
French Alpine town from another British national who was confirmed to have the
virus after returning from a conference in Singapore none of the patients had
any history of traveling to China yet they still fell ill according to the
head of the World Health Organization new cases like these could signal the
start of a wider spread of the corona virus in recent days we have seen some
concerning instances of onward transmission from people with no travel
history to China like the cases reported in France yesterday and the United
Kingdom today the detection of this small number
of cases could be the spark that becomes a bigger fire but for now it’s only a
spark our objective remains containment his comments come as an advanced whu-oh
team of medical experts arrived in China on Monday to investigate the outbreak
dwh o chief says the team will work with their Chinese counterparts to contain
the spread of the virus last month the head of the w-h-o visited Beijing
for talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping and agreed to send an
international mission to help curb the outbreak however it took the Chinese
government nearly two weeks to approve the team’s trip meanwhile a new study
has revealed the incubation period of the novel coronavirus could be as long
as 24 days while initial studies the 14-day incubation period data
collected on over 1,000 patients showed the average incubation period was three
days and could range from 0 to 24 days despite the latest findings the w-h-o
says it’s not considering changing the recommended quarantine time of two weeks
easing J Arirang news

Stephen Childs


  1. How did this man get this position…he's is 100%clueless he's paid millions of dollars to put the rest of the world in complete danger…he's lying

  2. I pressume the second largest Coronavirus outbreak outside mainland China will be either in Hong Kong or Singapore. Or maybe Australia or Canada/U.S.

    But now it seems Singapore has the highest probability.

  3. The who isnt corrupt i dont know what you tin foil hat wearers are thinking. Its not like china allowed them in freely. Is the CDC corrupt too? You people are ridiculous how are they supposed to contain something that was already out by the time they were notified?

  4. Only a “spark” he said! I bet he would be would singing a different tune if it involves his loved ones or happened at his home country.

  5. ⚠⚠⚠ It is safe to say that the CCP are faking the numbers, everything they have done so far would suggest so… They have used every trick in the book so far.. Why stop at the ALL IMPORTANT numbers.

  6. People need to understand that WHO have very limited ability to contain. They cooperate with nations to achieve that. It is ultimately dependent on the countries themselves to contain.

  7. "the spark that becomes the fire"…Sorry but that spark is now a Towering Inferno

  8. WHO said no need to be alarmed keep travelling. WHO say travellers could be the spark of a bigger outbreak. WHO say it's not changing the recommended quarantine duration although latest data shows it could be as long as 24 days. So what's the WHO for?

    The lead candidate for
    the world's top health
    job is being accused of
    covering up deadly
    May 18 2017

  9. china not only importing fake products also china virus as well. 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 10,000 Chinese already dead and counting. eating pangolin which is an endangered species caused this Ncov. So don't believe the fake news 🙏🙏 I'm from nanjing 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  10. Hell im a retired firefighter who took advanced infectious disease course in college for the fire service and I do a better job than The Who does I been researching this thing for a couple of months now and I don’t like what I see I been saying this for two months prior to who saying this the coronavirus has a r naught of 2-4 which is bad that just mean some one infected can get 2 to 4 others sick that is sustained transmission this virus won’t burn out by it self for a virus to burn out it needs a r naught of 1 or less we don’t know shit other than this is now an air borne virus which has probably been for atleast a couple of months it also has hiv proteins that attack white blood cells the white blood cells is what fights infection all I can tell any one is just to wash your hands and don’t touch your face period while out but than again this virus is airborne is suspends in the air for a long time and now has a incubation period of 14-24 days

  11. World health order these officials just as stupid if not more than Chinese officials. Instead of watching the damn thing spread they should've got up off their dumbass sooner. By the way these guys move is more slow than a snail climbing up a tree.

  12. I think starting ww3 was just a distraction to the fact that there's a virus in china and the fire in Australia

  13. How is it that even a study conducted on over 1000 patients that confirmed that signs might take from 3 to 24 days to show ,how can the who deny this claim and keep the quarantine at 14 days

  14. The Government plan:it's called population control. Media will keep people calm till the hierarchy is safe,than were on our own.

  15. This is all some shady, shady bullshit. Another man made virus…hmmmm.

  16. And WHO discourages other countries from shutting their borders against China men. Contain the virus? WHO who are you kidding!? Fuck you.

  17. Don't believe a fckn thing coming out of China or mainstream media, it's all fake news and lies lies lies. Check out a channel called peak prosperity, Dr Chris Marten is a infectious disease specialist that knows what he's talking about and cuts through the bullshit that mainstream media and China are feeding the world. Don't waste your time here ppl.

  18. When I hear 800 infection is dead on record, in reality it's 800,000 people that's been affected.

  19. Containment?…..Too late for that. Has anyone considered the products that the US gets from China?

  20. WHO
    You are killing people
    You are behind communist government of China!!!!!
    You are killing kids, young people, older people everyone
    Because of your fake news, data’s , do you think it helps??? For Chinese economy?? World economy??? No!!!
    Y’all corrupt manipulative bastards

  21. What the fuck is going on!!!?????? They didn't travel to China?? That means it's being pumped into cities in other ways I.e. conspiracy theories have to be right!!! We have to Assume other wise

  22. The world health organization seem to want that this virus to spread because they’re not calling it what it is they’re not doing anything

  23. A spark started the California fires.A Spark started the Australian fires.A spark started the Brazilian fires Any Spark Will spread this coronavirus worldwide.

  24. Oh lord don't tell me this i just started feeling sick today! Gonna make me paranoid! Im in USA

  25. Who the hell trusts ANYTHING the World Health Organization says??????????????????????

  26. Lets not trust the WHO.. it is concerned more about trade health of China then of health of human beings

  27. Tedros is one of the most dangerous men on the planet at the moment. I can't work out if he's complacent, incompetent or something more sinister.

  28. Wtf 24 days for the incubation period & authorities are only monitoring for 14 days still. Wtf is going on, what is the goal here reduce half of human population? Is this is a joke? Someone with true sense of leadership needs to step the fuck up please & stop this mayhem. No one cares about world economy at this point except those on top 5% (rich folks owning more then half the world) but guess what? They will have a back up plan because they have all the money in the world unlike us regular folks this is BS, God speed everyone, praying for humans who still have humanity left in them. God bless!

  29. I would be more than happy for the Chinese to spread its love towards the communist, globalist and leftist countries!

    Please spread the love towards WHO. It's a gift only for the globalists to have

  30. Medical stuff can seem counter-intuitive at times. As a medical doctor I have summarised evidence from medical journals to make it easy to understand:
    Truth about coronavirus, based on medical journal articles

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  32. Stop being bias! Remember when swine flu hurt many of us Americans and the world, social medias didn't exist back than!

  33. The incubation time could be24 days! It is everywhere now. Quaraintaine is only slowing the spread in the very beginning. The only thing you can do is up your immunesystem to the maximum. Lots of fruit vegeables vit D no stress enough sleep stamina.

  34. Take a look at this document. The date it was published. We cannot trust. The Chinese government on what they're telling us.

  35. Bullshit.. the transmission of course did happened because someone traveled to these infected areas. Test everyone who has been in infected area and travel home. Simple and easy

  36. Someone should replace him, his speech is awful, a spark can never become a bigger fire, it can't even be a fire, you can use it plus any flammable object to create fire. Of course I understand what he meant but still it does not excuse his horrible artistict speech analogy. And beside how can you say that what's happening now is just a spark? It's already spreading you can't spread a spark, the situation is already on fire, we're just trying to contain it.

  37. So wat they r saying basicly is highly populated Asian country's r spreading it so avoid mass groups off people especially Asian people

  38. I have a gut feeling that the World Health Organisation (WHO) are hiding something. This Tedros Adhanom I do not trust him I've been watching him and his body language and facial expressions, they tell me not to trust him. Michael J Ryan, there's something about him as well. we are definitely not getting the full truth from them is either an attempt to keep things safe and calm or there is something that they really don't want us to know about.

  39. WHO had been praising China over its handling of this new epidemic with assurances to the world the regime has everything under control since its began , leading to many countries government lack of aggressive and proactive respond to the outbreak since last year, the complacency and lies had lead to present alarming rate of increased infection rate and death toll worldwide.

  40. Just wait till it jumps to fish, plankton. Where is all that infected sewage going to?

  41. The WHO director is a corrupt clown. Economy before lives is all he cares about. And this is just a spark so let's let it become a fire then do something. Isn't it about preventing the fire or spark in the first place. Will never trust this WHO organisation.

  42. You don't be ignorant fools… Panic and mistrust is the last thing you need in an epidemic. Trust the government, they are working to create vaccines as i am writing this. We have to be calm and organized. Don't be afraid, you have pretty small chance to get killed by this virus.

  43. WHO is always late. Not recommending period of quarantine from 14 days to 24.Not yet. Still waiting for more dead bodies to pile up before changing your mind?

  44. More than 2 weeks of quarantine would kill China's economy. Very convenient for US who just needed the edge on the economical war against China.

  45. Dr Who is lying and he is bribed by China, do not trust Dr Who and Chinese Govt.

  46. The Cambodian people are flucked,we have no means to fight this deadly disease !! And the Prime Minister continue to allow foreigners to enter the country….

  47. doctor Tedros come from ethiopian marxist-leninist
    Tigray People's Liberation Front (wikipedia)

  48. If China admits to 1100 deaths you can be sure it is way, way more than that…

  49. Recommending people in other countries to quarantine for 30 day or 40 days would be a lot safer than 24 days. Why? It can mutate or maybe so called data so far is incorrect. The extra day will allow a buffer (room for error) and will help keep their family and public safe. Ask them can we keep u isloated for 30 days before we let u go home so u do not infect your family friends or kids??

  50. When there is an outbreak, it is best to have a strategist at the helm..

    someone who have some science background but also have a tactical method to fight and understanding of public perception and online media.

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