Conservatives are afraid of the CBC | 22 Minutes

Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole
thinks he knows what Canadians want. Screw you Erin! Now, if you’re watching this I assume you’re
either a fan of the CBC or you’re stuck in a hospital waiting room. So thanks for watching, and I hope it’s not
infected. Erin wants to get rid of the CBC, but why? Oh look, a guy who won’t march in Pride parades
is saying the CBC is out of touch. So Erin you’re saying we should replace the
CBC with Tinder? Could it be that some Conservatives are afraid
of the CBC? Look what happened to this CBC reporter when
he tried to cover the Ontario PC party this weekend. Excuse me. Sorry, I’m on… Excuse me. There’s a security trying to stop us from
doing this report. The Ontario PC party is trying to… has sent
people out here to try and chase us away. A recent poll by Nanos Research found that
fewer than 1 in 5 Canadians want CBC funding decreased and 46% want funding increased. In comparison, during the last leadership
campaign Erin O’Toole came in third behind Maxime Bernier and Andrew Scheer. Maybe Erin is just jealous of the CBC because
it’s polling better than he is. Erin, people love the CBC, but don’t take
my word for it, tell him Casey. Listen up Erin you tool! The CBC costs about $34 per person a year,
in comparison BBC funding is $100 per person per year, so that’s a deal! Maybe politicians would stop crapping on how
much money it costs if we renamed the CBC ‘Bombardier’ and changed Revenue Canada to
SNC Lavalin you bunch of pri– Okay calm down Casey! Calm down! Chill out! Now, I don’t want to say that Conservative
politicians use the CBC in a desperate ploy to excite their base, so I’ll just show you
this video that current Conservative leader Andrew Scheer released just this past Sunday. You’ll never believe the story that the CBC
ran. They published an article quoting a University
professor who argued that children’s show Paw Patrol encourages children to embrace
capitalism. We’re big fans of Paw Patrol. Is the CBC conceding that capitalism is a
bad thing? It’s why people flee countries where the
state has too much control over people’s lives, so here’s to Paw Patrol, and to capitalism. And here’s hoping that our state broadcaster
leaves the left-wing bias out of its coverage. That man’s crazy! Casey! So here’s to the CBC, and here’s hoping that
the Conservative party leaves right-wing anti-media bias out of their campaign. Paw Patrol sucks! Casey!

Stephen Childs


  1. CASEY!!!!
    I've missed you, my old friend. I'm so happy to see you! You look like a hobo though and it seems we've both gotten bitter in our old age. It seems CBC retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. Someone get this kid a comeback special. He really looks like he needs some bank.

  2. 22 min is cool, but it is comedy. CBC is a virus. And I don't even vote conservative. I just think conservative views should be fairly represented. Otherwise it is government propaganda. And sadly, it is.

  3. Pathetic! Just pathetic! Government funded bias media is crying for more funding cuz nobody watches them or gives a fekc anymore. So bad.. Waste of taxpayers money!

  4. Here’s a question.
    Why is CBC aloud to turn off comments? They turn off comments especially about Trudeau when we voice our displeasure with Trudeau. This should be addressed and CBC should either close all comments or open all comments open.

  5. well now now , dont be to harsh on the cbc , of course they will virtue signal and say what their masters demand of them after all that govt , money was handed to them to yammer away ,.. and not to mention they usually have the comments section turned off , seeingas they know , 80% would call them on the bull shit and misinformation . …. now public funding is one thing , but its not public funding when its the govt , paying them with tax payers money … a true public forum would be more like pbs for eg … buy donations etc /////.. and its sad , truly truly sad, that any one with a IQ slightly higher than a tea bag can see this . now there are a few good shows .. but not many

  6. LOL CBC is the one who is afraid! I have them blocked from my play listing of channels . And 22 minutes is funny at times but they are way too biased, in one direction, and that's who pays their bills…Turdo! So no, CBC sucks and I do not watch and I do not watch 22 minutes anymore either! It's fun to poke fun but do it to everyone! I will relish if this ever happens! Then CBC and all who affiliate with them, will have to fly on their own merits!

  7. Fire everyone and disband as far as I am concerned. One sided left wing news. Slightly better than CNN. Something will fill the void. I will vote for anyone that gets rid of CBC.

  8. I love this show. I love many aspects of the CBC. However, their news is very biased towards the Liberals, Greens and NDP.

  9. Nothing wrong with 22 minutes its the news network that is a puppet on string for trudeau the manchild that is destroying canada and cbc protects him and endorses it

  10. Don’t watch the CBC. A fat and bloated organization, that is just an extension of the Liberal party. Shows like This Hour has 22 Minutes, stopped being funny 20 years ago. Advertisers want no part of it. Revenues have been falling year over year, and dependency on taxpayers increasing.

  11. Funny how when they threaten to cut cbc off they take offence but its ok to cut thousands and thousands of resource work jobs from alberta thats fine not word said lol

  12. What a fucking unfunny idiot. And he is not preaching for his own church. Take that tax payers s money away from that crappy media outlet.

  13. Well at least this makes it crystal clear to anyone with a brain cell that the CBC is clearly The Liberals State Broadcaster and these “Stars” shine bright red. Humor that requires state funding ,hmmmm.

  14. CBC employees are welfare recipients. You beg and steal like dogs from the tax payers. Go and try to get real jobs, I dare you!

  15. If CBC was any good, they wouldn't need $1.2 billion to stay afloat. OToole never said he would shut down CBC, but privatize it like any other business and they can run it like a business and if they cant turn a profit they will have to make cuts.

    Only 0.8% of Canadians watch CBC News. The poll done by Pro CBC lobbyists, Friend of Canadian Broadcasting published results to support their cause, they may as well have said 4 out of 5 dentists love CBC. The poll is a sham or the would have more than 0.8% of Canada watching CBC news.

    Over the past 5 years, CBC add revenue has dropped by 53%.

    The Liberals give them $1.2 billion a year because they can use them as a state broadcaster. The Liberals plan to increase funding.

    Who on earth would spend $8 a month per person, so $32 for a family to add CBC to their cable package? ZERO.

    With over 3 million Canadians living in poverty, $1.2 billion can be better spent then on Trudeau's personal spreader of lies

  16. Fuck Paw Patrol. Bootlickers, the lot of 'em! Stop the indoctrination of our children! MCAB! (Most Cops Are Bastards.)

  17. i am confused, was this suppose to be funny or did i just waste 3:34 minutes of my life on this stupid horseshit because that 1 in 5 poll is complete horseshit so it had to be am attempt at comedy, major fail

  18. No canadians want to spend billions in tax dollars to save a failing corporation that only spreads government propaganda

  19. It's funny that people with educations tend to be more liberal minded and non racist.

  20. The CPC isn't anti media… its anti tax payer funded media. If the CBC wants to survive it should do it on its own merit. I haven't watched the CBC in years because of its news, and poor programming. Thats $2 billion dollars that could go to better actually needed groups or actually just left in the tax payers pockets. When over 50% of my wages go to taxes in some form on the federal/provincial/municipal level that says alot. 3/4 of that money is wasted on admin or overpaid union jobs. Is CTV, Global, TSN etc funded by the government? Shouldn't be. We aren't communist Russia, we don't need a biased station funded out of our pockets. How many news broadcasts were there showing light to Trudeau taking advantage of one of his under age students? Or being in Trudeau's face about black face? Funny how this guy can attack someones religious beliefs on not promoting same sex marriage etc. The left want tolerance, but only for their beliefs.

  21. Critch your a worthless peice of human excrement who has lived off the taxpayer long enough ..“And remember while it’s very important to destroy these news outlets and ensure that the sacks of human excrement they call journalists end up eating cat food alone in the dark, its also important to have fun!”…


  22. “Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. It works much better than you may think. Anyone is susceptible to gaslighting, and it is a common technique of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. ”…..


  23. My tax dollars are paying for this garbage, It is not even funny. seems to me that the CBC is afraid of conservatives

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