Confessions of a Marketing Agency Executive

– Take a walk with me. I wanna confess something to you. Let me ask, have you ever
been bothered by a problem where you know that
there must be an answer, you just haven’t found it yet? That’s where I found
myself back in early 2018, I was an exec at a large marketing agency. And I became really burdened by the fact that no matter how good the ads were, or how many leads were being generated, if the business’s followup
with those leads was slow, and there wasn’t ongoing
communication with the prospects, then sales just didn’t happen. And that’s thus none of the other things that we were doing really mattered. I would see local
businesses burn thousands and thousands of dollars on ads, yet somehow they wouldn’t invest anything into pursuing their leads and prospects, and this frustrated me. Now, if you know me at all, you know I’m incredibly passionate about seeing local
business owners succeed. Especially if they’re trying to establish a legacy for their family and they wanna give
back to their community. Those are two very
important values for me. So, these issues burdened me, they kept me awake at night. And I started out trying to fix this by offering trainings on
how to create processes and SOPs on marketing and
sales followup and nurturing. But here’s what I found. Most local business owners had teams that were already worked to the max. So the idea of adding
any more communication responsibilities to their plate
just felt crippling to them. So after a lot of searching, I found and teamed up with
a US-based development group that was already doing
some incredible things in the world of automation software. I saw an opportunity to
take what they were doing, to refine it, and to fix
three big pain points for business owners. Now first, we would fix their lost leads and cold prospects problem
through immediate lead followup, so that they were always the first vendor to establish contact. And then they’re able to continue
nurturing their prospects so they stayed connected to the business over time until that prospect was ready to make their buying decision. Now second and related to number one, we’d fix the problem shallow connections. Listen, the best stories aren’t shouted through a megaphone or something, they’re told in a conversation
that’s far more personal. And now with the ability to facilitate continuous communication with
your prospects and customers, this deepened connection is possible. Without needing to hemorrhage
thousands of dollars on ads. Now third and finally,
we were going to fix their software clutter problem. Not only would we provide the followup and nurturing systems, but
we’d also provide tools like online scheduling and sales funnels and metrics dashboards so that
all those other cumbersome and expensive tools could get the boot and be replaced by one solution that does everything under one roof for one affordable price. Now so far, I’ve been able to help over 30 businesses in a beta group. And this group has included everyone from real estate brokers to chiropractors, dentists, plumbing companies,
kitchen and bath remodelers, fitness centers, and it’s
worked for all of them and the software has been
developed to the point where I think that nothing else on the market is able to compete with us. But listen, from the bottom of my heart, I’m not out to build some software empire. I wanna make a difference. So I’m opening up only 200
subscriptions right now to local businesses who are
serious about increasing sales and improving their customer experience. The story behind Wilde Workflow is full of purpose and intention. And if you’re a business owner who wants to be intentional about your purpose too, then I wanna work together
to see that fulfilled. I encourage you, invest
a little bit of time in a live demo with one
of our success coaches, they’ll walk you through the software and you can see how it works to make a big different for your business.

Stephen Childs

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