Confessing My Love To The Man I Like in Japan

Here is the most expensive chocolate I’ve ever bought got this little paper on top Will you be my valentine forever? The answer first Can I try first? Chocolate coma I actually ate way to many chocolate today Hey guys, welcome back to my channel this year for Valentine’s Day We are in Tokyo and here they do things a little bit differently So on February the 14th is when girls give guys gifts of love and then a month later on March 14th It’s white day and that’s when guys give girls gifts of love since February the 14th falls quite a bit earlier than may the 14th The ball is in the women’s court to make her confession of love To her senpai via a box of chocolates And not only do people give them to their partner of interest they also give them to all the men around them So their dad their brother their friends their colleagues their classmates all the men in their life They give them to these kind of chocolates are called giddy chocolates or obligatory chocolates it doesn’t really have any romantic tie to it The ones that do have a romantic tie to them are the honmei chocolate and that’s who you give to your hopeful partner However, recently I discovered that today’s generation views it more as a day of singles It’s where you can buy chocolate for yourself. You can buy chocolate for your friends You don’t really need to follow those strict traditional guidelines What is more of a romantic special holiday for partners now is Christmas especially Christmas Eve Nowadays they don’t use valentine’s day for confession They save it before Christmas because they want to be with him during Christmas either way Valentine’s Day in Japan is a way for you to express gratitude to those you love or for yourself via a box of chocolates or some sort of confectionery and of course businesses are taking full advantage of that around the beginning of February you’ll start to see a lot of special edition things pop up that companies put out for Valentine’s Day So you could offer something like that or another popular thing to do is to make your own chocolate I hear that homemade chocolates holds way higher significance than store-bought ones. Even if you bought something really expensive or luxurious It means you cared more and you put more in an effort Today we’re gonna be celebrating Valentine’s Day a little bit early. It’s a week early. But that’s okay because you are my valentine today tomorrow and everyday Babe And today’s way less crowded It’s earl grey tea Thank you very much We were lucky we were able to get one because you have to reserve them until February 16th all the tables that are usually a cafe are just tables lined with these bags So people taking up these cake is all Valentine’s Day? Sugoi Really popular and there’s only one kind of cake and it is so popular So this is a really popular gift for this year’s Valentine’s Day. I think many years since they’ve been open. Should we try it? Now? Should we take a bite? Let’s go to the park We don’t find a knife Yeah, just gotta bite it just bite? we’ll slice it later but let’s do I just want to try This is like a whole chocolate sweet wow, it looks so rich Take a bite Nice warm feeling chocolate cake in my belly It’s made of like chocolate eggs It’s not cake at all? Oh my god. This is so good chocolate egg butter Granulated sugar and like a bean cocoa bean. The outside is more firm and then it gets more Like squishy towards the center It’s like you’re biting into pure melty squishy decadent exquisite chocolate hmm it’s really good The super balance is not too sweet either. amazing how did they do this texture? They told me this is the only thing on the menu this is all they need and they’re so full and so busy For this with berry rich new you won’t need too much bite it’s very light I won’t say it’s light but there’s a little hint of bitterness to it too which makes it nice and balanced emm very good taste good I think that’s enough save it for tonight we have to… try another one so we’re now in the upscale neighborhood Ginza so next to all the luxury brand names and Dover Street Market actually right across the street from Dover Street Market is the Le Chocolat de H Le Chocolat de H Le Chocolat de H The Le Chocolat de H Which is a super famous chocolate shop in Tokyo because they have these really rare and Daring combinations like miso and caramel and sake and praline so we’re gonna go in and see what combinations are serving up today and try something new Miso Koreha sake Koreha 3 Shurui yū This one just for one piece for about $12 us it it has a very rare white cacao bean in it source from Peru taste just like normal good chocolate just plain I don’t taste the rice. Next one is miso caramel And the more I taste it it like starts to change a little bit sweet and then salty and a little bit sour like a you can taste the miso in the aftertaste Yeah. But I liked it It’s weird It’s weird but I like it yeah, it’s somehow really works well Salty caramel tastes really good because the combinations are great. Just like salted caramel popcorn So then miso it’s always quite a salty kind of taste so miso with caramel kind of reminds me of that but a little bit fermented tho a little bit of bean it says that they use 11 years aged miso Ok number 3, sake! sake one this ones all sparkly there’s layer of sake at the top and then there’s this crunchy Really nice texture chocolate at the bottom. It tastes more buttery than sake. I don’t taste alcohol at all It tastes really smooth and buttery to me a little slight crisps. Yeah I don’t taste sake at all Is good but I just expected like a stronger alcohol flavor and the last one is pepper it’s like very smooth and creamy and then a slight kick at the end Yeah, I can taste the tea I’m really impressed with the shop so far all of the ingredients are from Japan I was gonna say that it reminds me of There’s this really famous pizza place in Tokyo when I tell people I think the best pizza in the world is in Tokyo They get really upset. sounds really confusing to say like isn’t the best pizza in the world in Italy But the ingredients in Japan are so so good so when they take foods and use local ingredients instead of imported Like the Japanese really sweet tomatoes and the amazing cheese from Hokkaido and their bread here is really good to make something really special and really delicious So I think this is a similar type of thing where they took They took something French even a French name or French way of making chocolates but use local ingredients to make something Extremely delicious. All right, box one done flowers? Okay, so this is this limited edition Valentine’s Day one like flower Ume I’m so excited for their ume one You really feel the sourness and the sides of your tongue I don’t like this one I like it This one taste weird Feel like I’m eating perfume. It really like you can feel it throughout your whole mouth like the scent is filling your mouth Mmmm this one is good! I don’t know how I feel I like the flavor Feel like I’m sucking in a bathroom or something It’s like a tea bag It’s a tea bag in your mouth We have a tea bag situation oh, I understand just breathe through your nose will you be my valentine forever? The answer first Can I try first? Maybe it’s not good Woah it’s really rich Yes Ok! It’s really good Whoa whoa It’s nothing like I’ve experienced before chocolate The taste is so complex it’s not complex, just pure chocolate It taste really pure but different than normal bitter chocolate it’s like a bit sharper and it lasts long Hmm really long We ate too many chocolate I want some food I’m so hungry Too sweet too many sweets I have a chocolate coma We’ve just come to a really famous old coffee shop nearby Ginza It was actually opened in 1948 and still has the original interior and they only serve coffee they’re famous for serving beans that are aged over 40 years and They also serve coffee mix with cream But its really cool to see There’s a ash tray built right into the table. I’ve never seen that before The coffee here is quite expensive My cup was about 9 or 10 dollars They are 9 or 10 dollars each so its really expensive for a little cup but Coffee is really good. They speak English so they could explain all the processes. beans and its really interesting and the whole atmosphere is really cool so there are probably one of the first coffee people in Japan because back then it was all about tea not coffee they are really good watch coffee. I love Japan for that two places we went to today only serve one thing. That one was just coffee This one was just chocolate cake and they’ve become amazing at it. They really get good at their craft and stick to it they don’t give up and they really Become the best at it and it’s delicious This is a nice day babe are you enjoy this date day? it’s not crowded here now Yep So good to walk around And we’re beating the Valentine’s Day crowds They really have all the brands So many I’ve never even heard of from all over the world they have so many samples for you to try its fun to just spend an afternoon here. even if you’re not buying any chocolate for anyone Just trying and chocolate and seeing all the details and all the kinds and colors and shapes is crazy There is a lot of people in here This is a week early too so this isn’t as busy as it’s gonna get like a lot of people are just browsing right now checking out the prices checking out their options So many desserts today but when we’re at Ginza we always gonna stop there They have the bst mochi Here is the most expensive chocolate I’ve ever bought at 4000 yen or about $40 u.s. It’s from bulgari. And this is a Japan limited flavour so it’s only available here got this little paper on top babe you have to drop everything This paper is stupid took off some of the gold gold foil. That’s okay this is probably like five dollars taste nothing right? I chipped it It is very detailed here some specks of gold everywhere a little gold foil here like 1/18 of a nut I think that is They’ve got the bulgari stamps So this one is matcha and praline flavored It’s not you like that thick about one centimeter in height and maybe four centimeters wide It is really good but not that’s strong I don’t taste that much matcha it just tastes like a regular praline to me honestly What I think some of the other chocolates today I tried were much better and there were a fourth of the price Look it’s not that complicated in the inside what There’s only a very slight hint of matcha Very very slightly. You can barely taste it. It’s good Don’t get me wrong but it’s not like the best chocolate ever and I expect them way better for this price I don’t think this one’s worth it. Let me know your thoughts Because you love matcha of desserts I’d rather buy the Japanese real matcha one I’d rather just buy a package of Meiji from 7-eleven Or like those melty kiss I think 80% of the price goes to the box Yeah, the packaging a beautiful orange box and then you they put in this bag And the branding Yeah the branding looks really beautiful It’s not special Sugary chocolate yeah that chocolate is just very thin too I’m so disappointed Okay, so what’s your favourite of the day My favorite is the Ken’s cafe Yeah me too for price quality the amount you get Ken’s cafe The chocolate cake is by far the best choice So if you’re in Tokyo or visiting and you like chocolate you need to go to this place at 3,000 yen You get a whole cake which is quite a bit because it’s quite rich and I can’t wait to cut it up and then I’m gonna freeze some because when you freeze it it tastes like a ganache I’ve already eaten it at room temperature it was delicious and then we’re also gonna heat it up and it tastes kind of like a molten chocolate cake and put it with ice cream so you can serve it so many different ways and it is just so delicious This was by far my favorite of the day second I really like umm I really like Le Chocolat De H They’re they’re more interesting flavors like the miso one I love the miso one price for quality and getting Japanese unique flavors of the shop But overall Ken’s cafe for sure whether you eat chocolate or not or Or if you’re spending your Valentine’s Day with your significant other family friends yourself showing yourself some soft love I hope you have a good one. I am riding a chocolate high right now I like feel tired and disoriented at the same time, but I’m pretty hyper so I’m gonna go now. thank you so much for watching. Happy Valentine’s day I will see you guys in my next video Bye

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