Coming in 2019: Santa’s Merry Marketplace at Holiday World!

I’m Lauren Crosby. And we’ve got something
magical for you in 2019. How magical?
Let’s take a look! It’s Santa’s Merry Marketplace! We’re dialing up the theming
and the menus for 2019. Let’s take a look around! Eat dessert first, I always say! Let’s start with the Sugarplum Scoop Shop,
with all kinds of delicious ice cream treats. What’s this? A sweet shop and a bakery? Candy Cane Confectionary will keep your
sweet tooth in mint condition! Next stop? Polar Expresso!
‘Cause I need more caffeine! Yule not go hungry at Santa’s Merry Marketplace! Pizza and pasta, Asian cuisine, deli sandwiches, burgers and dogs, plus a kids menu with
chicken tenders and mac & cheese… and desserts! Now hear me exclaim, as I disappear from sight: Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good bite!

Stephen Childs


  1. This new expansion for next year looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I can not wait to see the remodeled area! I love all the details and colors for each of the new areas in the buildings! This is exciting news Holiday World!!! I will for be visiting you all in 2019, and will be sure to cover all the new excitement in my Theme Park Report videos on YouTube!

  2. Honestly this is the theming that you all need. Holiday Worlds entry does feel a bit outdated from my first and only visit, but this will absolutely spruce it up. Hopefully some new big rides are on the way for Christmas, perhaps a family coaster themed to Santa’s Sleigh a bit further down the line would be cool? Glad to see the park with my favorite coaster (The Voyage) is refining their dining!

  3. As much as I’d hate to see the old place go, it was definitely needing a big update. Are all the buildings at least getting a Christmas makeover on the outside too? Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Please post lots of photos of kringles before demolition on facebook so the memories of what it has always been can live on

  5. Excited to see some Renovations being made to the park! Any word on new attractions of the sort??

  6. It has been two months since this announcement and I'm still super excited about this and this video is still one of my favorite things on the internet (aside from the Firecracker announcement video). Opening day, you better believe I'm dragging my gal pals with me to Indiana to come see the new Marry Marketplace.

  7. Please tell me you'll at least be keeping the wonderful Santa murals from Kringle's Cafe. Those are irreplaceable.

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