Christmas Special Q&A: Tobias Forge & Cristina Scabbia – Part.1

Dear Tobias I’m Keith and I am 12 years
old. Every Christmas my aunt sings these awful Christmas songs and the whole
family is bored. If someone asks you to sing something at the end of the
Christmas dinner which song would you choose? – Keith. For the last 10 years I
think at least, yeah at least eight years of eight years of the last ten years as
long as I’ve been a father I’ve had to not listen to one of my favorite
Christmas records because it’s Onkel Kånkel, “Gammeldags Jul” you know which is a very inappropriate Swedish gender Punk record. I heard it first time when I was… must
have been 13. It was released in 1994 and the first time I heard it was in in the
fall… October maybe 1994. I went to a record store and I listened to it
because I was a fan of Onkel Kånkel and I listened to this record and my stomach
hurt so much I couldn’t breathe. I just stood in the store just like like I
couldn’t breathe because I was laughing so much and I would love to sing one of
those songs but it’s very inappropriate very very inappropriate so I’m still
just waiting for the day when I can play that record to my son and my daughter
because I once we reach that level where we can all laugh at that, Christmas we’ll
be back where it was. Christmas is great now because when you when your father
you get to sort of do Christmasy things in a way that you’d sort of did
when you were 25 maybe so yeah I would probably choose the Swedish song from
that record it’s called “Tomtekuk Ikväll”. Google that! if someone asks you to sing something at
the end of the Christmas dinner which song would you choose mm man I wish I
would be more prepared in this kind of questions because I know for sure that
it will ass or something and when I’m done with a question I will be like: fuck
I wish I could have think… hmm well “Naughty Christmas” which is one of our
songs would be perfect because it’s about Krampus which if you don’t know is
the guy that helps Santa Nicolas to punish the kids that behaved in the
wrong way so there will be that would be cool yeah a song about Krampus is always good. yeah I’m sorry about the first
recommendation that that’s I mean you could you could listen to it because
it’s in Swedish but you shouldn’t google it “Tomtekuk Ikväll” file it’s very inappropriate I just just dawn on me
that you guys are kids and you shouldn’t you shouldn’t look but you know if you
ever learn Swedish it could be very fun if you’re slightly older all right hello
Tobias I am Lemmy I am 10. My dad Santa’s impersonation is so embarrassing, which metal musicians do you think would make a cool Santa. I mean just just based
on looks I think that Billy Gibbons would probably be a good Santa nowadays you know there are a lot of
aged and I say aged nicely and and that that is meant as a compliment
aged musicians who does have you know that’s kind of a Santa aura so there
there are some you to choose from I think for for a good while there Tom
Araya from Slayer had a little bit of a Santa thing going and I think that he
would be a very pleasant very calm subdued hey Santa so yeah if I have
to choose I have Billy Gibbons, Tom Araya Leif Edling from Candlemas has a nice
gray beard nowadays you would make a good Santa
you were probably doing lots of good rhymes as well I think he’s good on
rhymes so that’s a few to choose from so good luck with that my dad sent impersonation is so
embarrassing which metal musician do you think would
make a cool Santa hmm welllll Lemmy would have been a perfect
Santa, a perfect metal Santa… rest in peace good Santa mmm
maybe the singer of Amon Amarth will be cool I can think you know about a beard yeah I think it would be it would be a cool Santa

Stephen Childs


  1. If someone could find lyrics or translate the song Tobias talks about, 'Tomtekuk ikaväll' by Onkle Kånkle, they be doing giving us a Christmas treat.

  2. You can sing inappropriate Xmas songs in Swedish, I wouldn't mind Tobias 😝😂

  3. Обожаю этого чувака! С наступающим Рождеством и Новым годом! ♥♥♥

  4. Omg, I really enjoyed this, it's a very original and interesting concept, I love Tobias answers, he also looks so cute with that Christmas hat 😍 and Cristina always so kind and lovely 😊 I hope there is a second part of this.

  5. tender father looking extra tender in this interview 🤧💕 also what a cute concept!

  6. Tomtekuk ikväll, by Onkel Kånkel it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LI7Pc-rodw

  7. Aw I'd love to hear more about Tobias's family. Not sure if he'd ever want to talk about family things but anytime he mentions his kids or wife it's too adorable. Maximum wholesomeness

  8. youtube subtitles are fucked up….turn to 5:02 and you can read instead of if i had to choose… if I fight Jews…o.o (ofc turn subtitles on first)

  9. Onkel Konkel? This is cool, it sounds like our silesian Onkel Karlik 😅😅😅😅😅

  10. When Tobias was talking about metal artists who could be Santa I was thinking “if he doesn’t say Tom Araya, then I’ll feel stupid” so once he said it I was so happy to hear that

  11. Do satanists celebrate Christmas since it’s Jesus’s birthday?

    I’m just asking a question if you don’t believe In god or anything don’t talk crap please.

  12. what if… Tobias sings that inappropriate hard to spell song.. haha jk… Unless?????

  13. I would KILL to hear Ghost do the Christmas classics. Little Drummer Boy in particular. Or Il est né, le divin Enfant. OR!!! Or, fuck. do your own fucking Christmas song, like the Waitresses did.

  14. We need a Ghost Anti-Christmas album. How awesome would that be!? "Hail Santa!"

  15. You won't play that Swedish gender punk song for your kids because it is inappropriate????!!! What about the evil garbage you sing on stage? They can listen to that dark, morbid nonsense you and your followers call music??? What about the young kids that listen to your twisted lyrics??? Let's not forget the visuals……Those songs are appropriate for them? hypocrite much?
    Why don't you think about this……Let's say your daughter, 14 years old, goes out on her first date with someone like you. He reads some poetry filled with twisted, angry words. He starts talking about demons and blood offerings. What would you do or say to your daughter??? Your flesh and blood?

  16. I never thought I needed to see Tobias in a Santa hat and scarf talking about Christmas. This is pure gold! Made my day! It's so cute and sweet. Hope he has a good Christmas!

  17. Thank you Tobias for this awesome Christmas Song: Onkel Kånkel – Tomtekuk ikväll

  18. omg the captions wrote "if i fight jews" instead of what tobias said " if i had to choose" wtf lmao

  19. I read the lyrics to the song Tobias mentioned, and now I regret learning some Swedish. 😂

  20. Tobias looks like he'd make a nice Santa. I think it's high time we got a hot Santa.

  21. Looking great Tobias happy holidays to you and family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Okay, so Tobias has twins and 1 is a boy and 1 is a girl. i had heard he had twin girls. And, BTW, who is Christina Scabbia? I am pretty sure that Tobias's wife is a redhead. And her face is NOT like this gals is. I guess I could look up who Christina Scabbia is.
    Anyway, IF I wanted to Google THAT song he mentioned I COULD not FIGURE OUT HOW TO SPELL IT ANYWAY.

    Tom Araya popped into my mind right after I heard the question. He used to be smokin hot sexy, he is still cute, BUT he looks like a more subdued and jolly guy now. I am NOT dissing him, I used to be much hotter at one time, age gets us all.

    Now, Dave Grohl in the video for "run" is kinda "Santa-like". Also Pat Smear in the video for "run" by the Foo Fighters. very Santa like. Maybe James Hetfield, if he let his hair and beard grow in. I saw Tom Araya being interviewed by a kid that was also in a video with the "nameless Ghoul" that was Tobias Forge years ago, and seeing THAT video of Tom Araya with that kid REALLY seals him as a Santa. I would imagine that Tom's kids are in High School or college at LEAST now, or are older, BUT, anyway, Tom is my top pick for "heavy metal Santa".

  23. Okay, so, Christine is from Lacuna Coil. I have seen a couple of vids from them, not enough for me to recognize her though.

  24. Someone find that inappropriate Swedish song and make a video with translated lyrics on it. Pleeeeeease!

  25. Por que el título es en español y nisiquiera esta subtitulado o tienen nisiquiera los subtítulos en español? Me parece algo inapropiado

  26. It is actually GENITAL-ROCK or GENETALIA-ROCK. Kön means both that and gender in Swedish. Onkel Kånkel is awsome and it is so explicit and offensive that even today there are few counterpoints. That record covers molesting little boys, receiving all sorts of objects rectally and santa having oral sex with the father of every home he visits.

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