CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD | World’s Christmas Customs

hello I’m from argentina here on the 24th and 25th we’re in summer so it’s very hot they’re days when we are in the swimming pool outside and for Christmas we gather with our families and friends too christmas eve each one brings different types of food and we have dinner together after that we eat sweet food and we make toasts with champagne or whatever we have we have also fireworks and at midnight we celebrate Christmas and jesus child brings us presents or Papa Noel on the 25th we get together again and we celebrate more feliz navidad so ‘christkind’ brings us presents a boy with blonde curls, wings and a gloriole the celebration goes like this the children go to a different room not where the christmas tree is and then the parents lighten the candles on the tree and call the children with a bell after everyone sings christmas songs next to the tree and after that food its nothing special its big just some sausages or cookies cookies are great on the 24th night i’ll be with my parents and brother regarding food we’re gonna have salmon i think it’s not like this for a lot of families in france it depends on the culture i think society reflects chistmas as a festivity when you eat and presents but no i think that’s not fair christmas is a moment to share talk, meet with relatives and not especifically a moment when you need to buy a present for everybody it really is a moment to leave all that apart and make the most of time with your family and a moment of pleasure which we share with others on december 24th when we celebrate Christmas in germany it usually snows and it’s cold in the evening we go to the christmas mass in church where children reenact jesus’ birth (theater) of course, we sing christmas songs, like these… in italy we eat pandoro pastry with sugar typical from verona and panettone another pastry with raisins and dry fruits from Milano traditionally on Christmas we eat tortellini in brodo potage with tortellini 6th of january when the kids wake up they go see the candy that Befana has brought for them in their socks she’s an old lady ugly and kind who flies with her broom at night to give candy to the children the bad kids get coal 8th of december we put up the christmas tree and the nativity scene that will be put away January 6th 24th december the whole family eats dinner together and next day we get together again for lunch out typical foods are lamb and pork also we have sweets like panetone and pandoro similar to pan dulce from argentina 24th of december at midnight Papa Noel comes to our house and brings us presents merry christmas from Sardinia one of the most typical foods from chiapas or at least in my family is stew chicken chicken with vegetables we also do botanas to eat with the family karaoke we sing we dance at midnight we go out to see the fireworks and we buy little fireworks colitas de raton crickets very well known in mexico and dangerous too merry christmas what do i do on christmas? my friends and I have decided to dress in red ‘dress code red’ on Christmas day we go in the streets or to the festivals dressed in red the songs like ‘all i want for christmas’ are playing in every street there’s a very well known version of Jingle Bells for kids here it is in Spain we have a tradition very typical on new years eve we eat 12 grapes at midnight there’s a clock that has 12 bell rings and we eat one grape for each bell ring we also like eating nougat chocolate with dried fruits orange, etc nougat, mazapan polvoron roscon etc all those things are very typical we also put in the house a christmas tree and also a little nativity scene at home with Jesus Christ, Mary and Joseph we usually put it in the center of the house it is very typical this is how we celebrate christmas in Spain merry christmas everything is beautiful and everyone’s happy what do we do? normally people go to church on the day before christmas my family we have chinese food and then we watch christmas films bye and merry christmas

Stephen Childs


  1. Faltou o natal brasileiro! (Missed Brazilian Christmas!) I think they are all a little similar though, except from Taiwan, cause they still have classes. It sounds kinda sad.

  2. Buen video. A ver si a la próxima me animo a participar en uno de tus videos.

  3. Pedro, it is fantastic! It was a pleasure to take part of this video. Feliz Natal, Merry Christmas everyone!

  4. Amazing job! Was very fun to be a part of. Very fascinating insights to what Christmas is like in other countries. Merry Christmas!

  5. Não vi o Brasil sendo comentado, mas como somos intruzos kkkkkk vim fazer minha parte! Navida e año nuevo no Brasil é com comidas super diferente de acordo com a região que tu morar e tem muita festa e cachaça…..

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