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Hi there, Leonard! Oh hi Moon! Are you excited for the Lunar New Year? The Lunar New Year? I thought we just had a new year. Wasn’t it on January 1st? That’s the SOLAR new year. But the LUNAR New Year is based on the phases
of the moon! In China, the first day of Chinese New Year
begins on the new moon that appears between January 21st and February 20th. Whoah! So are you telling me that in China people
celebrate a different new year? That’s right! It’s all about the MOON. In China, each lunar cycle has 60 years, and
12 years is regarded as a small cycle. Each of the 12 years is defined by an animal
sign: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. 2019 is the Year of the Pig. Sounds like animals are pretty important! They sure are! And we often call it Chinese New Year, but
many places, including Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore and many other Asian countries celebrate
the Lunar New Year as national holidays. Holidays? Wait. Is this celebration more than one day? Yep! The Lunar New Year lasts 15 days. Wow! That’s a long celebration! It sure is. It’s the longest national public holiday. People often take 7-12 days off work and children
get a whole month off school! A whole month off?! I want to go to school in China. I also want to celebrate Lunar New Year, it
sounds so fun! It sure is! There are many fun things people do to ring
in the Chinese New Year. Oooooh, like what? Everyone wears new clothes, decorates their
home and town with red lanterns and signs, sets off fireworks, and eat yummy food like
dumplings. Oh! The children also get red envelopes from their
elders filled with money! Money!? Yummy food?! Fireworks!? Gah! I wanna live in China! Why do they do all these super fun things? Well in Chinese folklore, there’s a monster
or evil spirit called “Nian”. A monster called “Nian”. Yikes! Every Lunar New Year, Nian would come into
town to eat humans and their livestock. Ah no! That’s so scary! But Nian is afraid of the color red and fireworks. Oh! So that’s why everyone decorates their homes
and town with red and shoots off fireworks. It’s to keep mean Nian away! That’s right! Wow! I like that tradition. The color red in China is very special too. The color red symbolizes happiness, wealth
and prosperity. So while keeping the evil Spirit Nian away
it is also wishing a happy new year of good fortune! Double whammy! I like that. Yeah, it’s why the kids get red envelopes
with money inside. That’s so cool. I wish someone would give me a red envelope
filled with money. Pretty neat, huh? Yeah. So Moon, 15 days is such a long day for a
holiday. Do people celebrating do the same things everyday? Actually most days during the Chinese New
Year represent something different. Really? Ooooh! Tell me, tell me! Ok! Well let’s start with before the Lunar New
Year. There’s a lot to do to prepare for such
a big holiday. I bet. There’s a lot of cleaning. People clean their homes, sweep, wash all
their clothes and take a nice bath. Cleaning? That doesn’t sound fun. Well it’s very important. Cleaning is believed to wash away all filth
and sickness. You don’t want to start the new year dirty. Yeah, I guess not. And on the first day of the Lunar New Year,
sweeping is not allowed. It’s believed to be bad luck – to sweep
on the first day of the Lunar New Year is like sweeping away potential good luck! Well you won’t see me sweeping! In fact I’ll never sweep to ensure good
luck. Ok Leonard. Anyways, I think you’ll like Lunar New Year’s
Eve. I mean, if there’s no cleaning, then yes! Lunar New Year’s Eve is an important day
to be with family. No matter where people are in the world, they
do their best to be with family. It’s like how people travel to be with their
family on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Aw, that sounds nice. Yes, and when they’re all together, they
have a big reunion dinner consisting of dumplings and a new year’s cake. After dinner, they all gather round the TV
to watch CCTV New Year’s Gala. It is the most watched TV program. It’s a variety show with lots of different
performances that all generations can enjoy. Wow! Then at midnight, families set off fireworks
to ward off evil spirits and celebrate the coming of the new year! That’s just like the Solar New Year! Yeah! The first Lunar New Year day is similar to
the solar new year day. Most people stay home or go shopping. Yep, that sounds like the Solar New Year. What happens on the second day? The second day is “Welcoming Son-In-Laws”. Families will visit the parents of the wife’s
side of the family. They will have dinner together and the children
get red envelopes. I want a red envelope!!! Ok, Leonard. Day 3 is kind of like Day 1. People stay home and relax with family. That sounds nice. Day 4 is “Welcoming the Gods”. People light candles or incense to welcome
good spirits. Neat! On the 5th day, people throw a big banquet
to celebrate the God of Fortune’s birthday. Woo! Party! And on the 6th day people drive away the Ghost
of Poverty by throwing out ragged clothes and rubbish. No, that’s more cleaning! It’s tradition. And the 7th day is the day of mankind. It is the day believed that the mother goddess
created humans. It is also the day everyone gets a year older. A year older, so like a birthday? Do people have two birthdays in China? Kind of. Day 7 is a national birthday but everyone
also has their own special day of when they were actually born. Today, your real birthday is when you get
a year older and the national birthday is more symbolic. Oh I see. I’ll take a second birthday, just like I
would gladly accept a red envelope. Day 8 is the birthday for millet. The crop millet has birthday?! That’s right. Millet is a very important crop for China
so why not bring in the new year wishing for a bountiful year for crops? It’s believed that if this day is bright
and sunny, that means it will be a good year for crops. Wow! That’s like Groundhog Day. Yeah! This is so fun. Yep. And guess what Day 9 is? Another birthday?! Yep! Day 9 is the birthday celebration of Jade
Emperor, the Supreme Deity of Taoism. Big ceremonies are held at Taoist temples. Wow! There’s so many birthday parties to attend! You betcha. Now Days 10-14 is a little more relaxed. People still enjoy the holiday with food and
time with family, but there’s no specific events to attend or things to do. Except for prep for Day 15 – The Lantern Festival. The Lantern Festival!? The Lantern Festival marks the end of the
Lunar New Year. Families walk the town with lit red lanterns. Some lanterns are released with poems and
riddles in them. If you catch a lantern with a riddle and solve
it, the person who wrote the riddle may give you a prize. Whoah neat! Yeah! So what do you think, Leonard? Isn’t the Lunar New Year awesome? Yeah! I want to go to China for the Lunar New Year! I want to eat yummy dumplings and get lots
and lots of red envelopes! Happy Chinese New Year! What do you think kids? Do you celebrate Lunar New Year? What part sounds the most fun to you? Happy New Year, everyone! Now it’s time to watch another video from
Socratica Kids. We have more videos about me, the moon! Go ahead pick one!

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  1. Happy Year of the Pig! If you'd like to learn more about Pigs, we have a special video all about them! http://bit.ly/Pigs4Kids

  2. I’m proud to be even have lil bit of Chinese in me YEAH HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR 🧧

  3. Happy Chinese New Year! I’ve put together a painting tutorial to celebrate this Spring festival! Hope everyone enjoy it! Let's start painting with a Bamboo Brush this Pig Year!
    My best wishes,

  4. South Korea used Chinese characters before. Their Lunar New Year is China that originated 4000 years ago. South Korea and Japan imitated China in ancient times. There are still many Chinese characters in the Japanese text. They are called KANJI. China is called HANZI. South Korea only had its own words in the fifteenth century (their words imitated the Roman alphabet). Chinese characters are words of high cultural level in the world. It is the most advanced text in the world. The only remaining hieroglyphics. In order to discredit China, the United States and the West have negatively reported China on public opinion. Because I am afraid that China will become a superpower again. If you don't believe you can take a look at YOUTUBE's news about China is almost all negative. India’s GDP in 1967 was twice that of China. China’s GDP is now 10 times that of India. The world of GDP is second. China's poverty-stricken population reached 600 million. How can such a great country have all the news negative? Normal people should know.


  6. kermit is my best friend everyone should be jealous of me because he is my bestie

  7. I swear I learned more about Chinese New year here than in adult videos. Sometimes explaining this on simple terms, gets the best results.

  8. Ha ha ha! Socratica must had missed a lot of terrible nowadays conventions of Chinese New Year. The most boring thing is to visit or get visited by all kinds of relatives. People give and receive compliments, push over gifts and red envelopes to each other, like everyone becomes a diplomatist. Naughty kids are house destroyers! What's more terrible, guys or ladies who are still unmarried will first suffer a round of the elders' marriage-is-good preaching, then we'll be pushed into blind dates over and over again, until the parents are satisfied, or the holiday is over and it's time for work. Many of us modern young people actually hate the Spring Festivals. Officially we have 7 days off work. But I prefer to be working in the whole holiday.

  9. Fun fact, white and black are unlucky for us Chinese people, as it can stand for funerals (death) and even darkness, void, and bad luck in general.

    新年快乐 Happy new year
    恭喜发财 Money, happiness, prosperity.
    龙马精神 Dragon's and horse's energy and spirit
    机灵活泼 Bright and lively life
    步步高升 Promotions every step you take
    身体健康 Wish you good health
    万事如意 Wish you good luck
    大吉大利 Big luck, big profit.
    心想事成 May all your wishes be true
    马到成功 Immediately become successful.
    升官发财 Become rich
    吉祥如意 Good fortune from wishes.

    Okay, I think that is enough.

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