Chartered plane carrying 367 S. Koreans returns from coronavirus-hit Wuhan

A chartered flight carrying three-hundred-67
South Korean nationals from the Chinese city of Wuhan the epicenter of the outbreak arrived
at Seoul’s Gimpo International Airport a couple of hours ago. There was a bit of delay following a thorough
screening of the passengers before departure. They are subject to another quarantine check
before being transferred to two government facilities where they will stay for at least
14 days. During this time, they will be barred from
leaving the premises or being visited by guests. They will also get health checks twice each
day,… and will be transferred to medical centers if they show any symptoms or have
a fever. As for the 350 South Korean nationals still
in Wuhan Seoul’s foreign ministry says it’s in close consultations with the Chinese government
to arrange another flight as soon as possible.

Stephen Childs

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