Chandragupta Maurya – Ep 205 – Full Episode – 27th August, 2019

Hail Emperor Chandragupta. Hail The Emperor Chandragupta. Hail The Emperor Chandragupta. Hail The Emperor Chandragupta. Hail The Emperor Chandragupta. Hail The Emperor Chandragupta. Hail The Emperor Chandragupta. Hail The King Chandragupta. Hail The King Chandragupta. Hail The King Chandragupta. Hail The Emperor Chandragupta. Hail The Emperor Chandragupta. Hail The Emperor Chandragupta. Hail The Emperor Chandragupta. Hail The Emperor Chandragupta. Hail The Emperor Chandragupta. Amatya, how did this happen? Dhananand. He did all this to me,
Chandragupta. This is the reward I got
from him for my honesty and devotion. He couldn’t take revenge
from you for his failure. But he rained all the fire of anger on me. Chandragupta, I have committed
a huge mistake. I should have chosen you when you gave me
the opportunity. I have a request for you. Please make me
a part of your shelter. I want to take my last breath
in my birth place. Please make me
a part of your shelter. Nothing will happen to you,
Amatya. Stul, inform
the royal doctor. Hurry up.
– Chandragupta think before you do something. Maybe, it’s a trick. Master! What’s there to think?
Few moments ago I took an oath for being
the ruler of this state. It’s my responsibility,
to protect the person who comes to my shelter. Master, we need to save Amatya. We need to give him shelter. Thank you so much. Indeed, you are a great king. ‘My majesty’ ‘I have dedicated
my whole life to you.’ ‘Where’s the fault
in my honesty and devotion’ ‘for which you have
punished me so hard.’ ‘You are Amatya Rakshas
for the whole world.’ ‘But for me’ ‘you are The Great Amatya.’ ‘I tried to kill you.’ ‘Now you will return back
to Magadha.’ ‘You will enter my palace’ ‘and kill Chandragupta.’ ‘Now you have to kill
Chandragupta for me.’ ‘And I will take away everything
from him’ ‘which he has taken away
from me.’ My old room. It’s just like it was before. Yes, Durdhara. This is the same room of Magadha from where we started
our journey. You were imprisoned
in your own house for me. Because, you were with me not your family. Now that I am the emperor
of Magadha. I thought, I should fulfil
all the desires of my queen.
I mean everything for the happiness
of the queen of Magadha. Look there, Durdhara. Your favourite paintbrushes
made of peacock feathers. Chandra, I know you want to give me
all the joy in the world. But after getting you
in my life I understood, that
the most valuable thing in life is the love
and support from our beloved. Not the luxuries. You want me to start
painting again, right? Yes.
– So until my painting is finished,
you will not open your eyes. Okay? It is a cradle, Durdhara. That means.. Yes, Chandra. An heir
to the Maurya dynasty will come soon to our life. Durdhara, you will see.
I will give my child all the happiness
in this world. Our child will never encounter
any pain or grief. ‘Listen! Look at this blood
on my palm!’ ‘This is the
blood of baby-to-be of me’ ‘and Tara!’ ‘I will not show any mercy
on anyone now’ ‘no matter whether
he is my enemy’ ‘or a traitor standing
with you.’ Even I hope that our child
never faces any trouble. Your plan is successful,
Your Highness. Amatya has entered
Chandragupta’s palace. What did you say? Chandragupta’s palace! I represent Magadha and that idiot can never
change this reality. Next time, if you say
anything like this that Chandragupta has rights
on any of my belongings then the weapon which
missed the target now will hit exactly the target
next time. Forgive me! The doors of the palace
will soon be opened for their actual king. Because
tonight will be Chandragupta’s last night. My teacher Chanakya taught me
during childhood itself that a king should be alert
and prepared even in sleep. ‘None of Dhananand’s belongings
should remain in the palace!’ ‘Take them out soon!
– How dare Chandragupta’ ‘to claim his right
on His Highness’ room!’ ‘And you both.’ ‘You both are responsible
for His Highness’ safety.’ ‘So, keep watching.’ ‘What kind of sound it was?’ Those who come to seek asylum
do not raise weapons. I will give
my life for my pride and honour, Magadha. I promised the emperor,
Dhananand that I will kill that person
who has ruined his happiness. And you are that person,
Chandragupta. I will kill you. Chandra, do not need to show him mercy. Acharya always says
that one should get punished for his sin. Even he should be punished
severely for his deceit. Being an ex-minister of Magadha you know very well
what punishment one can get for trying to kill an emperor. I hope you are ready
for your punishment. Amatya Rakshas will bring
the good news of the end of Chandra very soon. And the flag of Magadha
will be hoisted on the top of my palace again. The soldiers
of Chandragupta have brought Amatya
Rakshas here. This means he has failed in his task. ‘Rest be assured.
You will not get death penalty.’ ‘Your punishment is’ ‘that you will go
to your master, Dhananand’ ‘and narrate him the tale
of your failure.’ ‘You will see him leading
a life of a pauper.’ ‘And that will be
your punishment.’ ‘Dhananand will hold you
responsible for his defeat’ ‘and insult you every day.’ ‘That will be
your punishment.’ ‘And I hope that you
will realise sooner or later’ ‘that the one whom you have
served throughout your life’ ‘does not deserve your loyalty.’ This means, the one
whom I asked you to kill has blackened
our faces again by showing you mercy. You should have killed me,
Your Highness. No, Amatya Rakshas. I cannot accept
my defeat like this. The son
of a barber cannot lose to a Kshatriya again. I will
not let Chandragupta rule over Magadha. I have not played
my last card yet. Which are you referring to,
Your Highness? Dhananand will approach
Seleucus now. Dhananand will definitely
go to him to ask for help. And he will keep
trying to kill you until he defeats you
in a battle, Chandragupta. This means,
Chandra is not safe even here! No. Hence, we need
to tighten his security. What is your plan, Acharya? Henceforth, Chandragupta
will not sleep in a particular chamber
for more than one night. And no one else will know
about his location except four of us. If an enemy breaches
the security and enters the palace he will not be sure
which chamber he should attack. Durdhara,
I know why you are worried. But don’t worry. Till I’m alive I’ll not let anything happen
to you and your child. Come. Let me drop you to your room. Seleucus According to the friendship the deal that we had Deal? What deal? And what friendship? Magadha’s strong, powerful
King Dhananand that I befriended. He is king only for you. For the rest of the world he is just a common man. You’re forgetting, Seleucus. That the same person who built the Magadha empire only through his
power and brain. And I can do that now. Your commanders are
trying since months to find a way
to get into India but from Chandragupta army your army is getting defeated. And they are destroying your army from India. You give your army to me and I will give you my plan. After that you will be able to enter
India because that Chandragupta’s
security system will break. Acharya Your crest reminds me your pledge is still incomplete. And it will be incomplete till Dhananand is alive. Acharya, you shouldn’t
have stopped me from killing him. It would have been better
for all of us. My pledge will be fulfilled,
Chandragupta. With Dhananand death Nand dynasty will be over. But killing Dhananand I had an important agenda What agenda, Acharya? One tested enemy from an unknown friend is more powerful. Dhananand and Seleucus
friendship The reason why I stopped you
from killing Dhananand is because I knew after getting overthrown by us Dhananand will directly
go to Seleucus for help. Till now we are aware of Dhananand’s step. I know everything in what state what will he do. Tomorrow when Dhananand
and Seleucus armies will attack us. Then we will take
advantage of it earth’s mother earth’s two enemies will end them together. Anyway it is not easy to face such a big army, Chandragupta. Specially when we don’t know anything
about their strategy. I understood, Acharya. Now we have to only be patient. And see How will Dhananand
and Seleucus’s friendship turn out. Raindrops when they drop on earth
from the sky. They mix up with the soil and spreads the fragrance
everywhere. But when these rain drops come together
because of heavy rain.. Then it can bring flood as well. Similarly in life if we don’t value
a person’s nobility and generosity. Then that person can get a change
in our life like those rain drops. The same person can
be the cause of our trouble. My wisdom your actions.

Stephen Childs


  1. Amatya failed to kill Chandra the lesson is don't trust people easy.

  2. Duh watu tunakesha online hiii no noma but wahindi wanajua kucheza na hakili za watu,,, iseeee dhananand kwishaaa

  3. On dit que même si un serpent a la tête coupée, il reste dangereux. Cette "amitié " ne me dit rien qui vaille. Avec tout ça, Dhananand reste super beau 😉 Bref je m'égare là..206 ! 206 ! 206 !

  4. Kumuacha adui ni kucheza na petrol jikoni'sasa unamwacha adui AF unaanza tena kuwaza

  5. Mzigo umenoga ile mbaya sasa move linaanza upyaa kosa kutomdedisha mfarme shoga. ..Chandra unamlembeshea sana yani sikubali mpka nishudie kifo chako mfarme shoga

  6. Yaaaani, unapata nafasi ya kumuua adui ila unamuacha ili aendelee kukusumbua wewe ma familia yako… Hongera kwa hilo nahisi utakipata unachokitafuta Chandra!

  7. कित्ना समझदारी हे आचार्य और अच्छा भि
    Miss u old chandra gupt और अभिका चन्द्रगुप्त

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