Challenge.sites.usa.gov: A Federal Crowdsourcing Tool

Hello everyone. We’re going to have a little
bit of a demonstration we will have some tran18 get into managing some submissions. We wanted
to build free to ask questions throughout anywhere you have them and we will try to
answer them in real-time. What we learned about the federal government more agencies
are looking to capture ideas and information from the public that helps them decide what
to do with data and the type of technical sluices they’re looking for and they’re starting
out ideation phases and we found that we could create an ideation platform in this WordPress
site solution. I will take you right to it. It is very easy and this verifies that you
are a federal employee you can use your PIV card or your easel-username and password.
And I like using my PIV card when available and it associates your account with the agency
where you work. So you create a challenge, you will see this at the top, create a new
challenge, your challenge is and the agency in the page that you have. We built this to
be a seamless experience with our challenge-with our challenge.gov site safety click on the
top left button that will take you back to challenge.gov and while you are in this area
it is for federal agency users only. The public will not see these pages that the fine three
ago to publish your challenge will take the URL and you can list it have promoted from
your websites and all of your social media things like that but for now: we can get in
to see these materials on the Challenge.gov platform is if you are a signed in federal
employees and we’re going to take you through the steps of creating a new challenge. You
had your organization and you are going to choose a title one thing that we have asked
for your title is that you keep it between-keep it between 3 to 6 words keep acronyms out
of it. This is very public facing Aslan languages and portends a you have a one or two sent-sentences
taglines that call people to action and describe what you want them to do. And the text we
are using is off of a challenge that is live and we borrowed some of that so it is simple
to fill in the blanks you have a tagline and then you can add in your description of what
the challenge is trying to accomplish what the solution looks like that can look more
detailed and what is great about this is you can also add in media links and if you have
created a bid via that you want people to share, show them what you do, you will take
the video URL from YouTube or to have a share on another public site and you will copy that
into the text right here. I will show you on YouTube or you can find this. On the YouTube
page, there is a but towards the middle that says share. And when you see that, a lot of
times people think we need to embed it. The two embedded, users need to share the video
take the URL right here off of this line. And that is the one you’re going to insert
right into the text box. To not use the add media for your videos. We are not supporting
video, we are supporting text and logos would like to add a logo here and we have some in
our media files already bark and upload one for my computer. This is simple as you would
attach any type of file layouts when you have that, you can put in a caption explaining
what it is, your alternative text is for screen readers or other accessibility devices and
your description is for the internal media library description of what that is. So I’m
going to select that and you want the challenge to be hosted on challenge sites.USA .gov you
will use your category for ideas and we’re going to put in their list of partners that
we are partnering with, HHS and EPA on this. We could do that. You want to include your
rule that this is where you have done your work ahead of time to make sure you have cleared
all of the rules with your office of General Counsel these are the official rules that
will be used through the challenge because this is a highlight description and there
is a way to take this first page we are not ready to publish it yet.
>>I’m going to go to drastic see the ones in draft and [Indiscernible] logo for demonstration
purposes only and I’m going to click on edit challenges to the right and I can continue
with the tab on a submission to include our terms and conditions a lot of copying and
pasting and had to enter and describe the instructions to create a valid submission
and any parameters they would need to have in order to be eligible for the prize.
>>You don’t have to save the save earlier and save often and get to the next tab and
put in the prize name, put it grand prize and you could determine if it is a cash prize
and you can have a cash prize or types of incentive prizes that gives you the option
you are not doing a cash prize you do not need to write it we are not giving a cash
prize, you can write in what the incentive arises and the amount.–You can write it with
the incentive prize in, the amount of the description that is good to explain what that
is and later when you have a winner determined you will be able to enter the winner’s name
that would be affiliated with the enterprise, their solution title link and a description
and if you want to add more prizes you click the button to add more prizes seats have a
number of prizes and categories. Most popular, voters choice, first, third and how you like
to name that. It shows what you want to have displayed at right now we have prizes that
when you have winners, and you can toggle back sure the winners. And I am clicking to
save it. And going to judging. You can put in your criteria and the description of that
criteria in the percentage sometimes he wanted to [Indiscernible] to get that 20% weight.
They may have the judging criteria usability creativity voters choice if you want to add
multiple aspects of judging criteria this repeater button for adding more criteria would
work perfectly fine. If you want to show the percentages on challenge, you can click a
button to show that it was given to the judges, a lot of times I gets people excited about
the doing a crowd sourcing composition is seeing who is going to be judging and looking
at it, who’s going to make it a [Indiscernible] and putting your judges name and address will
not be public in the time-honored position and he can choose if you want to show their
title and organization. So also it really helps the type of work that we do with open
data and open government initiative, to be very clear about who your judges are so people
have an idea about who they’re trying to impress the hell that furnishes entails. With this
should be working towards and I am also would say in draft, we are going along, given the
questions while we’re in the sections, please put them into the chat box. I am moving over
to the tab before date. And this is the phenomenal level of detail to have full disclosure of
for what you want people to know for deadlines and submission dates. So we could pick a calendar
date today. We will start accepting submissions today will stop accepting them on the 28th.
And you can choose a time to recommend that you don’t and challenges at midnight or on
weekends but the big influx of submissions is going to come within a couple of hours
of those deadlines and you want to have it stacks. Once the submissions are and we will
the public voting start and we will E public mood for one week. And the judging will also
start on that day. And we will let the judges have a couple of weeks. To do their judging.
When you go to choose your day to announce the winner, please move that announcement
date at least a week or two out from under judging has been completed because you need
to verify wonders and make sure everything is on the up and up legally with everyone
who provided their entries in any kind of clearances. Today so we are going to put that
at the end of April to make that announcement so you plenty of time for the office of General
Counsel for the program managers to make that work. Now that I have created this, the key
is like any other challenge platform or use the right upfront what it is that is happening.
There is your logo, something eye-catching, and ideations of people now what you are looking
for and one or two sentences of what action I need to take in the problem when trying
to solve and right at the top, the key dates, do you have that perfectly in line? The prizes
that will show up. Your description. And let me refresh that. This story right here is
the URL but it will show as a video of the houses in-with the judges and what to enter.
When you publish a discussion board, an area to manage solutions people can see the rules
and when you’re ready to add your solution, who will click over to the other tab and there
is the ability to edit this challenge. I am comfortable with this as it does right now
I will go back and edit the challenge and make this public as he gets he would it looks
like on a published page. The Sicily is above to scroll being draft and publish, budget
the challenge. And here is. So, our discussion board allows us to communicate with any of
these solvers and the one of the public. If you could name another SQ buyer challenge,
that-you could put that into the discussion area and share that with everyone.
>>So we have a question or a solution about the solution but the sin and submit the comment
and it will show for administrators, I will show your first initial and last name when
you submit a comment or when you respond to one. And then we can do a reply and we are
going to do it threaded instead of adding to the discussion, and submit there. And what
you will see is that Scioscia the original as Scioscia the replies, you can open out
out to see more of those details.>>I will give you an example of one that
is live right now and how this is a seamless experience at Challenge.gov. You’re looking
at the Challenge.gov page. And this is a challenge that is currently on site. And here is the
White House office for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other challenge and
they have a video it here. Seek see how that works the main description. The criteria,
how to
enter and their rules. It is a simple to use tool, very thorough. In that I have discussions
or solutions yet. If I was interested in submitting a solution, I could simply go here and fill
out my name, e-mail, submission title and submission text and include any link and you
can also let your people who are submitting files of many to accept terms and conditions
in order to officially submit. So why don’t we take a break right now and check in for
any questions before we keep going into more detail?
>>It looks like there are questions.>>We have two questions ever anyone else,
we are going to the set a quick pace but feel free to enter your questions on the right-hand
side. The first question is in a sourcing forum listening ideas to the public that-effective
by the-researcher. To make your running game-running a challenge in price competition that is what
you are doing under the American conflict act. You are not asking for people to submit
personal information or collect. We are usually trying to solve a very specific problem and
ideation challenges are not open survey and this is collecting information, no, this is
where you work your office of General Counsel to make sure what you’re doing is a legitimate
crowd sourcing competition and not a surveyed and it doesn’t follow to the paperwork reduction
act.>>This is an interesting question, clearly
is this challenge platform internals related-agency. Only open to ways of my own agency. Student
this is if of increasing tool. If you cruise the here and duly shared URL with people internally,
that was work as hard sharing but everything is searchable by search box so there is no
expectation of privacy. Also the mandate of funded and how this works, this is for external
public facing crowd sourcing competition. It we discourage the other uses of that at
this time. We hear from a lot of people that you want some internal ideation tools there
is a community of practice that we can put you in touch with you can learn more about
what tools are available for that type of work but technically it could be done policy
wise please don’t. Are there any other questions?>>We have a few more. This is a question
not specifically tied to a platform but a general question was addressing. He recommended
not ending a challenge at midnight, why is that?
>>You need to have your technology stacked at the time you are going to have the most
use of her pages and I don’t think most of us the federal agency are staffed to be working
night shift. We should have her mission to have technical support and he would, look
for managing the new department to do that. In the middle of the day, usually. Zero West
Coast Ed Otsuka and and it is always good to have a team of people at the last few critical
hours answering questions or had-or having the ability to fix it something goes wrong
at 5 min. until midnight is kind of energy. Food not want to challenge jurors to be liable
for any certain issues with people saying they could submit an losing eligibility. Cynic
thinks. Here’s a question regarding-how do you obtain a ID, my office is unfamiliar with
this?>>Max.I would be-Max. OMB .gov anyone who
is a photoplay can repeat requests is a sign of their available set you up.
>>Okay. Questions regarding terms and conditions, this person asks if there is an option to
get accept terms and conditions pop up as a scroll screen so people have to definitely
view the terms before checking the box?>>No. No. We will take feedback like that
into consideration for another iteration of this but we have been running these platforms
for years and of all the ones we have, people have found, they are liable to click click
that they agree to those terms, and their publicly available on a page, they are available
anywhere you post them at you talk about your challenge so you have to put some on your
respondents and solvers to read those terms if they agree to them.
>>A question that I can answer basically a person asked for more information about
the ideation community of practice. That is something we could have included a follow-up
e-mail you receive after the webinar. It looks like one last-what if any categories of challenges
by outside the scope of using this tool?>>What types of challenges are not supported
by this tool, if any?>>Technically, this tool comes a port any
type of challenge, creative challenge, video challenge, if you want to use this for different
challenges, talk with us because there are areas of platforms with expertise if you’re
interested in doing a software or technical challenge our relationship on the platform
is that is where we host and have our scientific and technical software to oranges posted because
there is a built-in community care and we can work with you on finding a platform that
meets the needs of the sulfur audience you’re trying to reach. But this platform can pretty
much handle anything that is the routers of sending a submission and enough live. And
they keep rolling in. Thank you for your questions. Are the terms and conditions customizable
or do they stay the same?>>We will customize those. On the go back
and to edit a challenge. All of these parts, you’re going to put in. Under submissions,
you filament terms and conditions, we do not provide those. We have terms of use for the
site that you have to have terms and condition of crowd sourcing, Titian.
>>I think that wraps up the questions. I think we’re going to show people how to-how
outside person would submit a solution. Is that correct? Great.
>>I’ve going to go into another browser so we can submit a solution. And you so really
what is cool about this, when you are receiving submissions whoever is set up with this challenge
can-whoever said this challenge is going to have a submissions delivered directly to you.
And we shows up at the bottom of terms and conditions. I’m going to click to set-select
that. I did not type in my name and people can use a username to you. A lot of times
the terms and conditions elected president criteria, then he makes his shipper that share
information with you in order to qualify to be a winner. And I’m going to check my e-mail
and I will show you are that it is up. I have semi-files open to peer for this. And you
will see-I have so many files open to prepare for this.
>>And you will see that
this should show up right in my e-mail. But it hasn’t so I will go back. So once you have
that submission you can go to manage your challenge and manage solutions and you can
put the title in here
and I am going to put the text in here and I am going to add in the image so one of the
key things about solutions, if you are adding an image, you want to take it out of the media
library. You don’t want to upload files, it won’t let you grab something off of a computer.
You want to have it added into your media library and [Indiscernible] the internal.
You may want to [Indiscernible] or something and there are two things you can do, you can
say I’m not ready to make this public, I will click to have it hidden anything on all of
your submissions hidden until you are able to make this public you will create the solution
and receive a solution. There it is. Imagine a holistic ways to say phenomenal five-star
rating system. I would give it five and what you see is that it gives to the description
and it is one of average five ratified. As more people go to vote you can determine somebody
is the most books have urges EU to this. The plug-in you’re using what to-on several of
the public vote on each solution one time. And if your IT people need some background,
we can share the information about how for this app, collecting IP air and cookie but
it is a collective anything else, just for the voting mechanism and in your solution,
look at that did more detail and if people want to discuss things around us, you can
do that and what we recommend is because of his ideas and proposals that people are submitting
so there’ll be discussion that you plan to have moderation around your general discussion
and moderation around your comments. These are all very intuitive: the blanks. Just click
and out something. When you’re signed in, you can do all this material and anybody from
your agency, can see from our agency, these are the challenges that are happening. Are
there other questions right now? This has pretty much taken us through the whole platform
showing you something that is published, showing you how to get the details, we will have some
materials that can show you the materials you’re going to need and all the terms that
you will have drafted before you use this tool so we can get anything you need to get
you started. Any questions?>>Looks like we have one. That is very kind.
As a thank you for developing. He says thanks for developing the solution that looks great.
We have said you all think it is great when you use it. We think it is awesome.
>>We really love how this is a seamless experience between the Challenge.gov and Challenge.sites.usa.gov
so from a user standpoint you are looking on Challenge.gov anytime you create a challenge
it looks like there in the same place and it is just a beautiful user experience to
be able to engage and participate for the agencies to provide an extreme level of detail
what you are asking the public to do and being very transparent about what your processes
and we ask that when you are planning these, to give us a heads up and ask any questions
that you need in as much as you can for these pages, especially the top part of your data,
use plain language and be extremely brief and provide background and detail and information
behind the scenes in the lower part with those details.
>>One thing I wanted to note, we had come across while talking with people regarding
this, just be aware that Challenge.sites.usa.gov is separate from Challenge.gov. It will not
automatically post your challenge to Challenge.gov so when you receive your URL make sure you
go to Challenge.gov and linked from Challenge.gov. It will not be an automatic experience. Stephen
very helpful. Thank you for sticking with us today. We like short webinars and would
like to show you things quickly and easily and we are available to answer questions at
any time. We have the slider going to share with you later for alignment between the agency
and what your crowd sourcing competition is that if you have questions this is the right
now number of ways to get touch with us. We have twitter, we have a Facebook page Thursday
challenge list serve if you are on the list serve you are allowed to post questions and
discussions of anyone I group revenue challenges Challenge.sites.usa.gov. Thank you so much
for your time and interest I would look forward to connecting with you off and on.

Stephen Childs

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