So every once in a while I scrolled the internet And then I find out that it’s a holiday That I didn’t know exsited National Dog Day National Doughnut Day Basically, I just don’t have time like I can’t celebrate every day So I might look through the offical holiday database Okay, I just googled holidays, but still So I was gonna try and celebrate as many
of these holidays as possible So I can just get it out of the way So I pick some of my faves because lets be real Some of these holidays are just ‘Lumpy Rug Day’? May 3rd What’s that about? Anyway, let’s go January 13 there’s National Sceptics Day Or is it? I’m kidding, it is January 23rd, Measure Your Feet Day Let’s do this! 9! February 20th is Hoodie-Hoo Day It’s where people go out wave their hands
over their head and chant “Hoodie-Hoo” To chase away the winter blues I’m just saying if you were gonna chase anything away
with a chant and you choose “Hoodie-Hoo” Hoodie-Hoo who do you think you are Hoodie-Hoo Nope? Hoodie-How tho Hoodie-Haaaa That’s a good chant! March 10th, Middle Name Pride Day My middle name is Don Not like the beautiful sunrise But like the duck And I’m proud April 8th, Draw a Picture of a Bird Day Did it May 21st, National Memo Day Okay, so I don’t know what this means or
what I’m suppose to do But the only way I can think to celebrate this holiday would be to go through my voicemail memos And listen to one I’m so nervous, you don’t understand The things I voice memo Just, you wouldn’t believe it I’m just gonna scroll through and whatever
my finger lands on that’s what we’re gonna listen to Okay, let’s do it Let’s do it! What are we land on? Oh God Moving on June 4th Hold Your Cat Day! June 18th, International Picnic Day Also, International Panic Day Okay, so here’s what I think went down Whoever was in charge of creating National Panic Day Was clearly frazzled, accidentally registeres
National Picnic Day because autocorrect Panics, and then registeres Panic Day as
originally planned, doesn’t tell anyone And hopes no one noticies Well I noticed Okay, so after taking a closer look I realized That february 9th is also Panic Day So just I really need to meet the creator of Panic Day Cause I think we might be related Or it just might be me It might just be me August 8th, National Sneak Some Zucchini
On To Your Neighbor’s Porch Day That’s correct I did not read that wrong That’s real Man.. So I’m terrified of my neighbors thinking
that I’m weird So I waited until everybody went to sleep It doesn’t help tho, however that I chose such loud pants On this excursion I have my zucchini We’re gonna do this (I don’t wanna do this) I’m putting my shoes on WE DID IT! Hoodie-Hoohohohooo You know what’s interesting about that holiday Is that the holiday after it,
(August 9th) is Book Lovers Day And you what you should celebrate Book Lovers Day with? With an audiobook from Audible.com They have over 250.000 titles And so many genres and if you use the link: Audible.com/Ally You will get a free 30 day trial I’m just sayin’! Whatever you wanna celebrate Is there Also, so over 250.000 titles Right now I’m reading:
Diary of a Cat Lady ‘Cause I’m a cat lady I wish I had another explanation, I don’t I’m just tryin to keep the holiday spirit alive So I’m just put it out there
Audible.com/Ally I’m just sayin’ If you wanna check it out, you should! August 18th, Bad Poetry Day Roses are flowers,
Violets are also flowers. August 29th, More Herbs, Less Salt Day What a very specific request for a day Not only is that very specific, but why is that
sound like something that would be written on like A shirt from a vegan etsy store Like if they don’t already
make a shirt to commemorate this holiday And I can’t buy it on etsy Then I’m all starting an etsy,
and can help them make a shirt And then I’m gonna create Created Etsy Store Day And then This will all make sense October 14th, World Egg Day Did it November 2nd, Deviled Egg Day Did it Anyway, while you guys keep on celebrating
your holidays every day I’ll be over here relaxing ’cause I already did it That’s it for me I will see you later, suckers! May 1st, Save the Rhino Day Okay, listen.. I don’t have anything to say about Rhinos or the holiday But did you know that rhino horns
are made out of the same things Our finger nails are made out of? I just read that the other day And I’ve been died to tell somebody It’s not that interesting of a fact

Stephen Childs


  1. the singing q and a "audible ad" still one of favorite videos you've ever done.

    More. singing improv

  2. the singing q and a "audible ad" still one of favorite videos you've ever done.

    More. singing improv

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