hey good morning y’all okay are you so excited it’s my day it’s not your birthday but it’s Chuck and we’re gonna celebrate a happy Chuseok Oh what is it Junie June’s I’m gonna put Julian’s handbook on so we can take a picture please yeah you look so cute oh this is the same handbook that his Alma gave us when we brought him home and it fits because the little guy is tiny you are a big kid or something on the one I think that’s better I mean I actually looked up how to tie this bow and I think I figured it out all but okay I think I got it look it might be a little bit messy but I did my best okay now we got to put your pants on look you have here you are [Music] [Music] do you like so cute [Music] what do you think it’s beautiful huh what are you saying you put your hands down here show me where your hands go okay and what do you say I’m making your own si oh good job baby I’m so proud of you thank you let’s go get some pictures okay okay okay come on oh my good what [Music] [Music] will you walk okay oh okay hey we took a picture and then he tripped right as we were walking in yeah okay now huh oh you’re showing them how are you okay yeah it better alright you guys so we are going to our friends house to celebrate chiusa / mid-autumn Moon Festival which I guess they celebrate in the Chinese culture which they have children for Chinese and anyways so we are both gonna have Chinese and Korean dishes I am about to make some gimbap and then I’m gonna bring some Chuck J and you and some dessert so for those of you who don’t know what she suck is basically I have read that it is very similar to what Thanksgiving is in America so it’s a big holiday and you get together with family and just celebrate together so that’s what we are gonna be doing tonight and I am super excited my BOB boys from school I got all my ingredients ready [Music] [Music] yeah we got the Chukchi going yeah but you do [Music] [Music] I believe this is called Fung p.m. I might be totally saying it wrong but it’s little rice cakes and they typically eat these during Chuseok so I’m excited are you excited yeah what is it spring spicy what right we gotta go do your hair okay Oh handsome boy had some white you have like 32,000 Legos right there what’s up junior dude hi you ready you ready to party are you ready to go to your feast huh are you guys ready to party yeah it was raining and like 75 degrees yesterday which was kind of chilly perfect and today it’s back to like 90 something and it’s super high and I’ve heard this is what it’s like on it off yeah if I’m swinging oh that’s cool hey please don’t drop it we’re going to lose it and then we can’t find all the pieces okay yeah [Applause] are you ready dumpling making party yeah she’s a pro keep it over over over to that wait but mine’s getting lost first one and then I do the second one yeah its life and then there that’s humans do now do I do I think you just gotta let me take it looks like what is that your turn wait did you do it oh it’s good penny said no that is horrible penny said that’s not a penny penny don’t lie to him is it good enough how come stars come to shine but it’s dark from so far away show us where we are [Music] we’re gonna cook it and make it is yummy [Music] I love it okay just like me a little bit scared of eyes why does the pain always keep on pouring down when it’s crowd side it really makes me ponder that like amazing look at this how awesome we got all the Chinese goods they got some Korean goods and we’re ready favorite chopsticks that’s so cool I love this line I would go with the rainbow you like family dinner how is it linkie is it yummy [Music] I want to tell me oh yeah I want to try to compete and so long yeah eat it these are such big feet you know if you want to wait there’s bone yeah there’s little nut whoa check out this lightsaber fight over here was that do you love her so much oh you’re Kira oh you got Polly fat did you like your food yeah you can eat I think you’re almost done with the baby yes the food was amazing everything was so good and grace over here is like the greatest cook ever [Applause] don’t just say quite happy to suck [Applause] [Music] it’s like so much fun and we’re so happy to finally have like friends and family to celebrate such a important holiday I feel like you’re like keep fighting and go now and just enjoy time with each other so thank you guys so much for watching [Music] [Music]

Stephen Childs


  1. I teared up seeing you celebrate Chuseok and making Korean food! Thank you so much for incorporating the culture!!

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    Julian is fully adopted with your family and look so happy and comfortable with you guys 😊 amazing job you’ve done !

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