Celebrating AHRQ’s 20th Anniversary – HHS Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan (Audio Described)

AHRQ Celebrating our 20th Anniversary AHRQ Director Gopal Khanna, MBA, speaking. – The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has been a leading
force in patient safety, practice improvement,
and data and analytics. I am honored to share with you HHS’s Deputy Secretary Hargan’s message as we celebrate AHRQ’s 20th anniversary. – Congratulations, AHRQ. 20 years of great work on
improving American healthcare, on helping drive constant change in the American healthcare system, making it better, more
informed, more efficient, and improving care for all Americans. So, congratulations, AHRQ, 20 great years. Looking forward to 20
more on into the future. For more information,
visit us at www.ahrq.gov. Celebrating AHRQ at 20,
AHRQ in 20, 1999-2019.

Stephen Childs

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