[CC/FULL] My Lovely Girl EP03 (1/3) | 내겐너무사랑스러운그녀

Do you like me, mister? I’m asking if you like me. It’s so strange. Why do you care
about me so much? Why do you care whether or not
I run away or have a debt? How did you know I’m in debt? Did you have someone look into me? Who are you, mister? Are you by any chance trying to make
something happen between you and me? You’re right. I’m going to make
something happen between us. Until you can make
a 20,000 dollars’ worth of song. I’m sure it’s hard for you
to imagine it, right? I would have been able to
give you $3 for the demo you gave to Seo Jae-young. Do you know how high standard the
songs you make will have to meet? Why are you deciding things
like that on your own? You take care of other people’s debts
without asking me and ask me to write a song. Why are you doing all this
without consulting me? Okay, fine. Forget my proposal. Yes, I changed my mind. The debts I took care of for you… Let me cancel it then. So, what do you want me to do? Come to ANA tomorrow. If you’re not confident, give up now. Run away now and
live your life as a loser. Always feel indebted to the stroke of luck
that took care of your 20,000 dollars of debt. And don’t worry. You’re not a woman to me. Why am I not a woman to him? Am I a man then? That stupid… [Mr. Loan Shark] What is it? Congratulations. Where did you find such
a kindhearted man? Did you really get the money? Then, we’re all through. Why are you still calling me? I should still say my goodbyes. We’ve known each other for three years. Hey, kid! Have a good life. I wish you luck. What the heck…? What is this? I’m sorry. There’s a flat tire. Just a moment please. ANA bought your song. To be exact,
they invested in your potential. Come in. I thought I told you to come to ANA. What are you talking about? Wow. You always show up
in a dramatic way. I came to pick you up in case
you won’t leave for work. It’s not that I won’t, but I can’t. I can’t leave Dal-bong alone. But you have a pet sitter. She quit yesterday. That’s so uncomfortable. Do you have her number? Why? We will be in trouble if she’s going
around talking about plagiarism. We have to give her
some sort of warning. We need to do something. No need for that. She’s not that sly. You don’t even know her well. She might have approached you
on purpose. I’ve been wondering where
I’ve seen her before. She was at the hotel. First a pet sitter. Then an aspiring songwriter. Isn’t she suspicious? We just ran into each other
by coincidence. Don’t read too much into it. My head just tends to go for the
detective story these days. I’m totally into Sherlock Holms. I’ll send my housekeeper over. She has a dog. She is a dog expert. Happy? Looks delicious. So good. Don’t take anymore. It’s for Dal-bong. Here, my Dal-bong. Don’t leave any leftovers. Eat it all. Change and come down. You should wear a suit today. Do I have to wear a suit? Yeah. You look great in a suit. Hurry. That little… I’m jealous of you. So hateful! Who’s the one who made
ANA a K-pop mecca? Who’s the one who made
Infinite Power the princes of Asia? If the company presidency
becomes available, Seo Jae-young should fill that position. If not, I can do it too. That’s just common sense. Lee Hyun-wook deserves that position too. He asked to be video-conferenced in. Honestly, Lee Hyun-wook
was very successful. Mr. Kim, didn’t you tell me that
you were the one who dreamed of getting a song from him while you
worked for another company? Yes, that’s right. You should know that the end of the
company starts from the internal conflict. Don’t bother bickering. You all wrap up on your own. What are you doing right now? Your blood pressure is high
because you keep yelling like that. Please keep it down, okay? You should have told us ahead of time
it would be a video conference. I am sorry. Anyway, I can’t accept this! I don’t care if he’s the president’s son. Hello, I’m Lee Hyun-wook. I am Kang Tae-min, director in charge
of the strategic planning. Mr. Kang Tae-min,
can I ask you for a favor? Yes… I don’t want to work hard. So, I hope you’ll do the
hard work on my behalf. You’re allowed to talk behind
my back for two months. I just want to serve all of you hard workers. I see you often, Producer Seo Jae-young. That’s true. Miss Yoon Sae-na? You can go up to the president’s office. The president? If you don’t plan on working hard, why did you take on the presidency? I didn’t know they were looking
for a hardworking president. If I run things my way,
it’ll affect the ANA style too much. I’ll only be here for two months. I don’t want to cause too much trouble. I’ll just do things keeping my father’s way. Look over the schedule,
just as your father would. Go ahead, President Wook. President Wook? So I don’t confuse you with your father. What are you doing here, mister? I told you I decided to work at ANA too. Ms. Shin, we’ll talk about
the schedule later. Come in. You look like someone
completely different in a suit. I was surprised too. Normally, I look good wearing whatever,
but I look even better in a suit. I wasn’t saying you look good. You just look different. But are you allowed to
just walk in the President’s office? Yeah. It’s my office. You’re the president? Sit down. Let’s discuss your contract. You will write a 20,000 dollars’
worth of song in two months. If not, you will have to give me
20,000 dollars that I paid for you. Why? You don’t believe you can do it? Mister, no, I mean… Mr. President, are you sure
you won’t regret making me this offer? I don’t have a 20,000 dollars’
worth of regret. I may have a 2 million dollars’
worth of regrets. Then, I’ll do it. Okay. It’s a deal. Why didn’t you tell me that
you were president? Up until yesterday, I was a jobless. Follow me. Can you tell me what happened with the girl who came by yesterday
about the plagiarism? Plagiarism? Wrong word choice, right? Sorry! Truth is, the girl from yesterday… Ms. Shin, didn’t you put the
“Staff Only” sign outside? I have someone to introduce. Over there is Producer Seo Jae-young. Over here is Yoon Sae-na. Why should I be introduced to her? She’s going to work with the
songwriting team starting today. Are you joking with me? Why would I take her
as part of my songwriting team? You have nothing to lose. She might give you some inspiration. Like the Infinity Power
title song for instance. I listen to hundreds of songs a day. Sometimes a song will
unconsciously influence me. I did not copy her music on purpose. But not all songs do that. Something about her song
must have inspired you. Isn’t it a bit much to be dumping this on me your very first day
as president? Shouldn’t she have had audition
just like the other trainees? Hasn’t she already passed the audition? With the song that has inspired you? What? How about the internal evaluation
at the end of this month? If she passes in that time,
we’ll take her. If not, too bad. Not a bad idea. Of course it’s not a bad idea. I’m sure she’ll be done in a week. Why did you make that kind of decision? I just wanted to put an aspiring
songwriter on the songwriting team. Do I need another reason for that? Does she seem that talented to you? Yes, that’s what my gut tells me. Where do you hang out these days? I haven’t been to the club in a while. It’s just that trashy kids are
annoying me these days. Club sounds good. Who? Okay, let’s meet up. Is there anything I can do? Who? I’m a new member of the
songwriting team Go throw out the trash. The trash? You asked for something to do. Yes, sir. Mr. Seo, should we set next month’s
monthly evaluation to next Wednesday? Sure. Did you hear? Monthly evaluation is next Wednesday. Go throw out the trash,
and get out of my sight until then. I can’t stand people like you. Where are you? At the company. Why didn’t you answer my calls? I am on my way to visit you
at the hospital. Go back inside. Work until seven before you come. Otherwise I’ll tell them not to pay you. I’ll call your office in ten minutes. Make sure to answer it. Hyun-wook! It’s you, right? Geez, who’s this? Where did our cute Min-ah go? Even though I’m 20cm taller,
am I still cute? Let me look at you. You got more handsome. You’re so mean. You cut off all contact. But what happened? Are you writing songs again? Your brother is taking over your
father’s place as president. Really? Really? What are you doing here? Especially with Min-ah? Min-ah is a trainee here. Didn’t you know that? She won’t disappoint you. I know she’ll be successful as a singer. It doesn’t matter if you know. But Min-ah has to know. I can do really well. You don’t believe in me, do you? That’s not what I mean. Shouldn’t you go down and
practice by now? That’s right. I can’t be late. Mom, I’ll get going. Bye, Hyun-wook. Isn’t my Min-ah pretty? She’s my sister, so of course she is. I’m sure she’ll be pretty enough to be a singer. I’ll think about it at the monthly evaluation. Don’t evaluate her. Just take her. She’s your sister. I can’t stay until seven. I have something to
discuss with you, Father. I’m sorry. I came in because it was empty. It’s okay. It’s a room anyone can use. Just make sure you check in with
the trainee team before you do. Sure. I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Shin Hae-yoon. My name is Yoon Sae-na. Do you know how lucky person you’re? Hyun-wook scouted you. That’s very rare. Is he really the president? Yesterday, he was just a handsome
jobless man who owned a dog. It’s fascinating. You really don’t know? You said that you were
an aspiring songwriter. But you don’t know how famous Lee Hyun-wook is? By any chance… You’re pretty. But not as pretty as you. Should we have a macchiato some time? Your timing… Why did you take Min-ah as a trainee? The daughter of ANA’s president says
she wants to be a singer. Where else would I send her to? Should I send her to YG or Cube? You know she’s not talented. We’ll just drop her into a girl group. Leave her alone. It’s what her mom wants. Is this how you have run your company? I heard you brought in someone too. Geez… Did you plant a spy on me? Of course I do! So, you plan on saying
“do this and do that” on my life again? If you don’t want me to interfere, work hard. Take care of the artists,
Infinite Power’s album, the trainees’ monthly evaluations… Make sure to check all those things
no matter what happens. It took me thirty years to
build that company. ANA is everything to me. Also… I won’t interfere with your love life. I would only be thankful
if there was a girl in your life. There’s no woman. There won’t be a woman
in my life until I die. And there is one thing you forgot. I haven’t forgiven you. I’m just doing my duty as your son. Who does he take after? For the love of only one woman? That sky, that sea… That air, that light… That scent, that moment’s feeling
Like a frozen film, my memory is stuck. And in that memory, you and I… The wind is blowing… You sweep in… It comes back in my eyes as tears… Pass through time,
cross through memories… Just for a day, a moment,
come back to me. Rewind… You still haven’t gone home. Neither have you. I’m just… Turns out you’re pretty famous, mister. I listened to all your songs. All your songs are about the
same woman, aren’t they? Mind your own business. You don’t have that kind of time. If you don’t want to be eliminated
during the monthly evaluation, get to write your songs. And I’m not a mister. I’m the president.

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