Catherine McKenna discusses the role of businesses in addressing climate change

Hon. Catherine McKenna: So talk to me a bit about
how businesses can play a constructive role in helping us tackle climate change. Pierre Gratton : President and CEO of the
Mining Association of Canada: To me it touches on several points. One, I think as we look at alternative uses, investing in renewables which
our industry is doing more and more of we have to recognize that there’s a lot of emerging
technologies and we need governments to be a partner in some of this, to help take some of the risk out.
And that’s why for us when we look at a price on carbon we look at the importance of what we call revenue neutrality.
So the price we’re paying, let’s take that whatever revenues we’ve raised and put it into projects like this that can help
de-risk some of the new technologies that industry then might use and deploy.
And then of course you develop a technology that Canadians can then export around the world.

Stephen Childs

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