Catherine McKenna discusses education and climate change

Hon. Catherine McKenna: What role can institutions
like Algonquin College play in terms of cutting edge research and knowledge sharing and how
do the students at the institutions, how do they play a role? Kali Taylor (youth leader at Smart Prosperity): I think it’s really important to note that when we’re setting 2030 and 2050 trajectories and targets it doesn’t take long to do the
math and recognize that the people in this room and students are going to be playing
a very important role in actually delivering the boots on the ground when we get to that
point. Institutions like Algonquin College and other
post-secondary institutions play a critical role because I call the post-secondary years
the age of academic enlightenment. It’s the first time out of the house exploring what
issues matter to you as a young person and where you’re likely going to spend the majority
of your career, what issues you’re going to care about in your day to day life.
I think institutions like this can spur that innovation and creativity of young people
and get them thinking about the issues not only from a science and technology traditional
research but also from the policy lens and from the economics lens. We’re going to need
innovation in all those realms. I think that’s where institutions can play a really key role
is getting youth involved in research, in knowledge sharing and also in community building
activities around climate change.

Stephen Childs

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