Carving on Cannabis with a Snowboard Gold Medalist

Stephen Childs


  1. His first time snowboarding was at the olympics that he won? Or just at the olympics either way that’s crazy

  2. looking for recommendations for a good youtube channel on food/eating. someone with good recipes.

  3. what kind of strain did he use? I still have to find a good strain for performance enhancing. Harlequin does make me stronger in lifting weight or more reps, but it sucks for cardio.

  4. I believe that kind of business is good for you but honestly I don't think you should smoke more than a week in a row… to me personally I get lazy and I barely can't get out of bed after two weeks… and when I do everything is really hard even walking…

  5. as a weed smoker for the past 10 years….I can add my two cents on the whole appetite thing

    if you smoke consistently and eat when high….your body will get used to that. So when I didnt smoke on a month long family vacation I was dyinggggg the first week. I couldnt sleep, couldnt eat etc

    now if your appetite has been low before chronic use of weed…then thats just how your body is and you might wanna get checked out by a G.I

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if consuming lots of weed actually negatively impacts Ross' appetite because of tolerance and the downregulation of appetite hormones to compensate for the uptick in exogenous cannabinoids. I'm a daily marijuana enjoyer myself and have noticed this specific phenomenon, and there is also at least one sound study that documents the same thing. Anyone who's taken T-breaks can vouch that eating is hard for the first 2-4 days of smoking cessation. I do tend to follow an addiction pattern of dopamine spiking however, so it's possible that my experiences with food are more informed by my relationship between food and dopamine vs. my dopamine-spiking behavior patterns. Who knows. Everyone is different, but almost everyone can change things, so it's worth a thought if Ross Rebagliati/any readers have considered changing their consumption patterns to up-regulate appetite hormones and natural feeding cycles, there might just be room for improvement.

  7. That's awesome and very inspirational! ……………. See y'all later, I'm gonna go get high!

  8. Real talk tho:
    He has no hunger in the morning because when he’s not baked, he’s not hungry. Hallmark of marijuana dependency. I’ve experienced it myself.
    Just sayin’


  10. that "shatter" looked like utter shit I wouldn't smoke that shit even if u gave it to me

  11. I don't think it is a bad thing, but I also don't think it's actually helping him to use cannabis

  12. If taking cannabis was a Olympic sport you would clearly get 1st place everytime!

  13. Bro after a point you just don’t get high. Your tolerance becomes so great that to reach a high after consistent smoking takes more and more weed.

  14. he can't eat so he can consume cannabis… so if people are tired they can use crack?

  15. I was told from a pro MLBer that it's very hard/ not doable to play baseball stoned, but he agreed basketball was fine. Anyone else say it's a no go for baseball and weed? I wouldn't know… Cheers

  16. I would be on the floor asleep if I even a 1/4 of the amount of edibles he does in his coffee alone. Wow.
    Also. The entire interview would be us looking for things i.misplaced. my keys. What I was eating. My car.

  17. what vice does best stick to real problems not this left wing bullshit. Cannabis is healthy and a safe recreational drug

  18. You don’t eat because the cannabis your addicted to, you have to really stop for a while so your body goes back to normal

  19. Am i the only one that gets crippling anxiety and paranoia whenever I smoke?

  20. Oh my God….Safety meetings are a thing….everywhere?!
    I thought my homey and I were the only ones that had frequent safety meetings!

  21. #Munchies can you do a follow up with ross seriously watched this video 311 times. It's an idol of mine.

  22. I absolutely support legalization and anybody who wants to get high and do whatever.
    But I get annoyed when people keep using the word medicate.
    It's a narrative that is annoying as hell.
    You have a disease? What's your diagnosis? who diagnosed you? Have you tried or are you open to other treatments in addition to or other than medication as we would recommend with most health issues?
    How come we recognize we want to have an alternative to advil but do not question the healthiness of 'medicating' with cannabis first thing in the morning and the whole rest of the day? That is some serious dependency on medication. We would most likely question this kind of dependency if it was happening with other meds.

  23. This guy is drug addict it’s not normal what he doing weed doesn’t help performance

  24. Like many have said everything in moderation. I have been smoking way too much lately so i've been on a tolerance break and my body hates it. Feels like i have a eating disorder when im sober now and when i try to eat as much as i do high i feel like throwing uo every singles time.

  25. "You dont wanna lose it" because its addicting, your body gets used to having it, withdrawls are real.

  26. i mean he’s kinda right 😭😭 in my opinion it’s really just a big stigma

  27. This whole video is about him convincing you why he should continue to get high 😂 .

  28. honestly this reads more like a cautionary tale of how despite not being physically addictive you can become utterly dependent on cannabis to perform all of your basic daily functions after years of overuse. i vape almost daily, but not to this extent and i'm glad i watched this film, but the presentation is kind of ignoring the elephant in the room.

  29. Medicated on cannabis and training in the gym is the best just zoned out and pushing it to failure and so far it's been beneficial life is great I feel great and look great it's honestly a performance enhancer. Its a mind to muscle connection for me

  30. did anybody else notice that he casually parked at a park named after him?

  31. Don't be fooled by the way this man words things. He is not a bad person, but he is an addict.

  32. That drawing from his friends daughter “i hope my father will be as great as you”😂😂 wtf

  33. Being a stoner and a snowboarder rarely work hand and hand. Usually you want to be free of restraint so being binded to a single board would most likely cause hip irritation. When you use a set of ski's you are faced forward but when you snowboard you have to turn forward while keeping your feet pointed sideways.

  34. Weed is illegal because its an exponentially better anti-inflammatory than aspirin. If you can grow it in your back yard, you're not spending your paycheck on opioids, etc


  35. "good luck rolling a joint that fast in the woods"… budy you don't know my SKILLS >:c

  36. "with cannabis youre mind is actually processing things faster than it would normally " yeah guy try doing some math problems after a few vapes and get back to me on that

  37. Our corrupt Government does not want us to have this wonderful plant because our out of control corrupt law makers are take big money from Big Pharma.We The People are not going to take these bullshit lies that cannabis does not have great benefits.They all better wake up and smell the cannabis or We The People will put our foot up their asses ASAP. Nuff Said!

  38. Like Cannabis?…. You'll love Kratom! 2 to 4 milligrams to start daily work your way up to max 10 to 15 and is super safe mind opening stress releasing mood enhancing without drunk or buzz high. Just a feel good safe herb with Big Pharma angry because its so good! Drink as a hot tea its wonderful. 😊🤘

  39. This video is 4 years old but if you are ever around UT, or down to meet in Canada I would love to interview you more and build off this video!!! I think your message is amazing and hope I could smoke and ride with you.

  40. More people should do both. Skiing and boarding are so different, yet so similar. And weed make both so much better.

  41. I get so anti social and get way too deep in thoughts when i smoke, its a bummer.
    I wish i could enjoy cannabis but its just not for me.

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