Cardmaking with Dies: Beary Christmas Train Pop-up Card

hello it’s Karen Burniston here with my
monthly designer challenge video the theme this month is enjoy the ride and I
challenged the team to use either our rocket pop up or our train pivot panels
for a card of any theme I decided to go with the Train pivot panels for this
Beary Christmas card and you can check out all of our designs at KarenBurniston.com the first thing i did is to create several little polar bears using
our winter animals die set now with our animals they have a little stencil
feature that allows you to add facial features to the animals and since I was
using several bears I actually wanted to change the locations of their faces so I
was just going to quickly show how I did that the first thing I did is just
followed the video tutorial for the winter animals die cut the pieces that I
needed and then for the stenciling I did the middle of the ears with a colored
pencil in pink and then rather than leave the piece exactly where it started
in the die I actually moved the die upwards for this bear and what that’s
going to do is move his eyes upward so it’ll just change this expression a
little bit now there is additional stencil features on that die for the
nose and the mouth and you would use those if you were making a Hedgehog but
since I’m using a bear there’s actually a separate snout piece for the bear that
is already been die-cut and then I stenciled on the nose and the mouth and
what I’m going to do is just use a little bit of glue between the eyes that
I can pick up my snout using my quick stick and then move it there between the
eyes then I add just a little bit of
detailing to the ends of the paws and the feet using a black pen now there is
a die that cuts a separate belly piece that is designed so that you just lift
up the animal’s arms and then you slide that belly piece under the arms and then
up under the chin secure it with just a little glue the winter animals die set
includes a scarf now that scarf is wider than the bear
because it’s also sized to fit the penguin that comes in that same set so
when you’re using it with the bear you would just go ahead and snip it to fit
the width of the bear the winter animals die set also includes the stocking cap
which I added to a couple of my bears but it does not include the wreath I
actually took that out of our Christmas animals die set
and then as a final touch I added some rosy cheeks using my pink pencil
I found this corrugated silver cardstock in my stash and I thought it would be
perfect for my decorator train cars that came out of the Train pivot panels die
set and then for the wheels for those train cars I went ahead and used a black
cardstock that has been backed with scor tape so that it will become a
sticker and then I’m just using a white gel pen to go in and add the
highlighting through the stencil feature now since those are stickers it’s very
easy to just lift them up and add them to the train cars and then I grabbed some little glitter
stickers out of my stash these are by stampendous and it has the size that
just fit perfectly in the centers of the wheels so my Bears would look cute
tucked inside those train cars but I actually decided I wanted to see all of
their bodies so I’m making mine into flat cars and that’s an idea that I
first saw from Sandy Diller so a little glue behind just the feet of
the bear and then I’m going to mount a bear onto the flat car and then I’ll put
my other bears on the other flat cars and then I also styled my train engine
so I have all of my decorator pieces ready and now I’m ready for the pop-up
portion of the Train pivot panels and I’m going to die cut that out of a
patterned paper okay so typically I would just start
training this piece and that would start with a center fold in both directions
but I have a little modification I want to do for this particular card and that
is because in the open position my first two train cars end up behind those
mountain folds so essentially when I go and put my bear on the train in that
spot you’re not going to be able to see the Bears head because I’ve used such a
tall item typically I use kind of shorter items in those first two spots
because of that feature of the die but I wanted to show a technique for when you
do have a tall item like a bear sitting in the train car then you can actually
cut away a little bit of the pop-up so that you can see the Bears face so let
me show you how I’m going to do that I’m placing my first two items with no
adhesive just to help me place where the die should go to cut away the head of
the bear now it would be lovely if I could just tape the die down and cut it
just like this but I can’t because I don’t want the body of the bear to cut
through the middle portion of my train so what I have to do is take the die and
snake it down behind the middle portion of the train so that only the head is
going to cut so the head is now on the upper portion of the train I run that
through my die cutting machine and it’s going to cut away that bears head but
the body since it was tucked behind the piece did not cut so this technique
definitely works with the bear the bears width of the head is such that it will
fit in there and it doesn’t cut away either of the folds that you need for
that upper portion of the pop-up to work so you can see it’s gonna sit down in
there and the folds still work so you just kind of have to experiment when
you’re using tall items and make sure that that tall item is not so wide that
you would actually cut away some of your folds if you did this but we’re not
doing that is working just fine so I’m going to
repeat that process to get the head of the bear cut out of the other section of
the pop-up okay so that modification is done and
now I’m going to continue on just assembling my train pivot panels in the
usual manner so Center fold in both directions then the little side tabs
that are out on the engine end out on the back of the Train there’s also the
side tabs but it also actually folds down between the last two train cars as
well as out on the end of the train and then everything moves back out to a flat
position again that was just about training the folds you choose your card
size but you do need a longer card for the Train pivot panels so I’m going with
an a2 long I started with a piece of card stock that was four and a quarter
by 11 scored in the middle for folding and then to that I added a couple pieces
of a patterned paper that’s just a very old piece of patterned paper from my stash
and I just cut a smidge off of those panels of paper so that they would fit
in there with just a very small border of card stock pivot panels are easy to
install inside a card you just add the adhesive to the outer tabs you make sure
that the center fold of the pivot panels is directly over the fold of the card
and of course you can choose the location so I could slide that one way
or the other and then just making sure nothing moves I want to kick those tabs
under and attach them to the card and I just want to make sure that in the
process of kicking them up under that I don’t accidentally pin down whatever is
supposed to pop up so in this case the engine I want to make sure I can still
reach under there and it’s not been pinned down by those tabs okay switching
to the back end of the train again the adhesive goes on the tabs but then also
on the outer tab so there’s three tabs on the back end of the Train then I just
kicked those tabs under and attach them to the card and that goes for all three
okay and with glue it’s always a good idea to just press it for a second and
make sure that it’s set up before you start training the card now to train
this what I want to see is a valley in the middle of the train but mountains at
the top and the bottom and once you get those started then you should be able to
just close the card to really train all of the folds
and what’s nice about pivot panels is that they still lay nice and flat for
you to decorate so now I’m going to start adding all of those decorator
pieces to the pop-up now an interesting thing about designer
challenge videos as I absolutely am just crafting on camera like I do not plan
these things ahead of time and so when I got to this point I realized well I
probably need some snow on the ground since I’m doing essentially a polar bear
Express so I’m using the outdoor scene die set to create some snowy tree-lined
hills for the bottom of the card now if you are making your version of this card
I would suggest that you go ahead and add those snowy tree-lined pieces before
you put in the pivot panels and then you don’t have to do any modification like
what you’re seeing me do here I actually had to cut a little notch out so that I
could slide it in and still go around those pivot panels we have an optional accessory die for
the train pivot panels called the train elements and what I like to do is to cut
the train track out of whatever my slat color will be so in this case white and
then I just take a marker to go in and color between every slat so that the
rails are a different color and then take a pen like a black pen and then
just go in and add like the nails that would attach the slats to the rails also
in the Train elements die set is the railroad crossing sign and what I’ve
done for today’s card is I’ve used white cardstock with scor tape on the back so
that when I die cut it it’s thick and that the words have really pressed down
into the piece and then since that’s a sticker I can pick it up and stick it to
my nonstick craft sheet and then one way to really make the words show up is just
to use a brayer with some ink and brayer over the top you want a light touch on
this because you actually want the words to just stay white so it looks great
tone on tone you don’t have to color the piece another way that I show in the
other video is actually putting ink on the die so just different ways that you
can really highlight those words and then for the backing piece I
actually extended the post and added a second section of the little red lights
and then for a little arrow sign that says North Pole I just hand printed that
onto a little piece of white cardstock and created that little arrow sign okay finishing out the interior railroad
crossing sign and a couple stitched clouds from the outdoor scene and the
smaller stitched cloud worked perfectly as the smoke coming out of my engine now
I first saw that idea by Lous Bak I’ve seen several of our design team members
doing variations of the clouds as smoke okay repeating elements for the card
front and then for the greeting one nice thing about our small word sets is that
they are the same font so I was actually able to grab the B and the A out of
birthday from word set 2 to combine with Merry Christmas from word set three
to make my custom greeting which is Beary Christmas so just adding that to
the front of my card and that completes it and this is just a standard a2 card
so it will mail easily in an a2 sized envelope I have a little extra thickness
to this one because of the rhinestones that I added to my railroad crossing
sign if I were to use something flatter in place of those rhinestones it would
easily go for a single stamp if you check the description box below this
YouTube video you will find links to all of the die sets that I used on this card
as well as a link to the blog post for this designer challenge that’s where you
will find all of the amazing creations by our very talented design team thanks
for watching if you click on the website link you’ll
go to KarenBurniston.com where you can find out information about purchasing
these dies as well as links to all my other social media accounts you can
subscribe to this YouTube channel and check out some of my other videos thanks
so much for watching and I’ll see you next time

Stephen Childs


  1. What a great looking pop-up card…..you always do a fantastic job putting them together…tfs

  2. Karen, your designs are always delightful. This card is really sweet. Thanks for all you do, to make our card making more fun to make and give.

  3. Every time you are able to amaze me with your cards.
    All the alterations you make to create a new scene with your dies is beyond imagination.
    It's so creative and fun to see.
    Love your cards a lot!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Brilliant! Awesome! Amazing! I love it! Moving this one to the top of my wish list. 🙂

  5. Good Save with those snowy hills. What a beary special Christmas card. I love your creations. Your videos are very easy to understand.

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