Cara mudah menampilkan hari libur di kalender Android

Hi, friends see me again on the Newbie ID Android channel this time I will share the tutorial on how to add national holidays and religious holidays on the android calendar by using this method, the calendar on your Android will display national holidays and religious holidays If you want to know how, watch this video But before I continue, if you haven’t subscribed to this channel, please click the Subscribe button also activate the bell, so you don’t miss the latest video from me and help share to your social media, as a form of support for me making the latest video I continue first install the Google calendar application on the Play Store or through the link in the description column of this video if the Google calendar application is installed, please open it click understand click allow all application access click the upper left corner scroll down, click settings scroll down, click holiday select your country click ok click to add religious holidays select the religious holiday you want to display click ok close the Google calendar application, then open the Android calendar application click point 3 in the upper right corner click manage calendar scroll down activate holidays in your country then the Android calendar will display national holidays and religious holidays Thus the tips and tricks from me this time, hopefully useful if you like this video, give it your likes if anyone doesn’t understand, please write in the comments column Thank you for watching and see you in the next video

Stephen Childs

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