Cannabis and the border – Don’t travel with it

Oh, sugar snaps! I thought
marijuana was legal now? Cannabis and products containing
cannabis may soon be legal in Canada, but that doesn’t mean you will
be able to cross the border with them. Whether you use it medically
or recreationally, if you’re leaving Canada,
returning or visiting, it will still be illegal to take cannabis across the Canadian border. If you have it with you, declare it. Moving cannabis across an
international border will remain a serious offence that
can impact your future. Keep it legal. Don’t bring it in.
Don’t take it out.

Stephen Childs


  1. … I'm still unclear though, because at the end he says if we have it, declare it. So what happens when we declare it? Do they possibly let you in? If so, what are the reasons why and why not?

  2. Yea lets get some clarity on the declaring bit, that caught my ear too as a contradiction that may get people in real trouble

  3. You will be denied entry to America even if you work in the Canadian Cannabis industry. If you tell them you took one draw of Cannabis 23years ago and didnt inhale you will be denied entry. If you tell them you have legal Canadian Cannabis on your person you will go to prison. This isnt legalization this is Canada saying a big fuck you to every country that has ever signed an international drug treaty agreement

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