Can We Still Pass An Elementary School Test?! 😅📚🏫

– Hey naturally curly world! I’m Evelyn. – And I’m Nikki. – And here on this channel,
we believe in education. Okay? Freein’ your mind. And summer vacation is coming to an end. And it is time to hit the books again. – We’ve been out of school
for quite some time now. But with the start of
school, we thought we could put our U.S. public education to the test. – Can we pass elementary school? – Okay, so in elementary school,
I was pretty much a dweeb. And I was really, really shy. I went to a few elementary schools. My mom was bouncin’ around,
all over Houston, Texas. But, I was good at drawing. I was great at art. Uh, I loved reading and writing. How do I think I’ll do today? I don’t know, if there’s a lot of math and science questions,
I’ma be makin’ stuff up. So we’ll see how it goes. I BS’d my way all through elementary, middle school, high school, college. So maybe I’ll be able to BS
my way through this test. I have no idea. – What was I like in elementary school? Um, I was a nerd. I was such a nerd. I also wasn’t allowed
to be bad at anything. So, I was in my books, all the time. I did well in everything,
but I especially loved writing and reading because
you could be, like, creative. In school, they’d teach
us like rote memorization. We don’t retain anything, so, ah, I don’t have high expectations. But I got my degree, so do
it really matter in the end? – [Grace] Okay, you guys ready? – Yes.
– Yes. – Although, is this graded on a curve? (Laughs) – [Grace] First grade social studies. – 5 of the U.S. federal holidays fall on what day of the week? – What? – Please, God. – I remember growing up,
uh, they tried to call MLK Day like just a teacher’s work day. And my dad was like “Nope! It’s MLK Day!” – [Grace] Yay! – Ah! Ah! Ah! – Startin’ to sweat a little bit! – [Grace] This one’s funny. Okay. Second grade measurements. – Okay. 30 days, hath September. April, June and November.
– I cannot stand her. All the rest have 31! – What a nerd! Like, what a nerd. I’ma guess on this one, we just gonna see. – Did we learn this in school? – Mom, I’m so sorry you spent
so much money on my education. – We didn’t learn this. – [Grace] Okay, you ready?
– Yes. – [Grace] Show me your answers. You’s both wrong. – I knew it! I wasn’t gonna
sit here, count the days. – I was gonna say Friday…was it… – [Grace] It was Saturday. – Ahh! – [Grace] Third grade history. – Oh my God, y’all, I’m sorry! – We’re both wrong?
– Is it Pennsylvania? – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania?
– I knew it, I was like Virginia or Pennsylvania. Both of ’em racist!
– Wait, the civil war was in Pennsylvania? – Poly means many, right? – And -gon means a shape!
– So… – Or a side! – So like, octagon, pentagon, hexagon. – Right, the only thing
that’s not a polygon is a line, right? – Right! (Laughing) – [Grace] What is that? Frue? (Laughing) It’s true, it’s true. – Oh I was! (Laughs)
– Yes! (Laughing) Africa, South America, or Asia? (Laughing) – [Grace] It’s Africa! – Yes! The motherland! – Out of ten, we are
failing! We are both failing! – [Grace] Fifth grade life science. Hm! Do fifth graders know this? Okay. – Bruh, I didn’t even
know how the vagina worked until last week. (Laughing) – The adrenal gland is adrenaline. – Alright. – It’s your fight or flight. – Right. – So, why would it be
like, above the stomach? That don’t make sense! – That makes no sense! You know, so there’s the
endocrine system, right? (Laughing) Caridiovascular…(Laughs) Just gonna… I don’t really know… – What did you say? – Large intestine! – [Grace] You spelled that so wrong. Instine is how you spelled intestine. – Is it intestine?
– Is it the brain? – [Grace] It is directly above the kidney. – Oh. – Bish! Let me go ahead
and write this down! – We are writers! We are scholars! – [Grace] Go ahead. You’re right. – Lit! – [Grace] Let’s do some basic algebra. – We was…we was doin’
algebra in fifth grade? – Look at her! You are so perplexed! – When I tell you I do not
even know where to begin? – [Grace] Evelyn’s right. – Yes! At first I was doin’ math and I’m like, she’s not asking us to do any math. – Whatever, man. – [Grace] It’s the transitive
property, you guys. – It’s the what? – [Grace] Transitive property! – I don’t know about
no transitive property! – You only get two terms. – Yes. – Which means, if it’s four
times, somebody had to die. – [Grace] No.
– No? – [Grace] That’s wrong. – I feel like this old school. It’s a old, old white man. So we ain’t gonna go Obama years. – Yes! – [Grace] You got it.
That’s why I was like… It wasn’t Teddy Roosevelt. – I feel like Grover Cleveland
and Teddy look alike. They probably both chubby with a mustache – They probably don’t look anything alike and like, spectacles. This dumb! – [Grace] One day, one month, or one year? – The moon…(laughs) – [Grace] It’s one month. – A day? A day? – You see it all the time,
you know what I’m sayin. I got three right. That’s not bad. – That’s one, two, three, – Can you count faster? I mean did they teach you
that in elementary school? – How to count? Hmmm?
– Six, seven, I got a 70. – If you combine our,
uh, scores, we got 100%! – But what did you get by yourself? – I got 30%! – I’m the winner. – I’m gainfully employed,
you know what I’m sayin’? Has a degree. (Laughing) – Uh, uh, uh, uh uh…uh – How do I feel now? Uh, I feel great! A little
hot, ’cause you know the questions were… Making me sweat a little bit. I thought about like oh,
I’ll just like…you know… Study up. But then I was like, who cares? What does this knowledge do for me? Nothing! Does it add
to my bank account? No. Advice for people in elementary school. Get naps. Take advantage of your
recess, ’cause it’s gone in middle school. It’s
gone in high school. You don’t get naps or recess. As far as learning, do what you can! Um, it’s okay to be a nerd
and learn everything you can. Because eventually when you’re my age, it’s gonna disappear and no one will care. – Um, I feel pretty great. Um, I’m feeling like I haven’t lost my mojo. I did get a 70, which is barely passing. But I have since evolved
from my emotional breakdowns of getting like 89s. And now, as long as I pass, I’m good. Public education is
really just about knowing a bunch of facts, like factoids. So like, if you’re a horrible person, but you know the Gettysburg
Address was in Pennsylvania, Like… So? In the comments below, let
us know what you were like in elementary school. Were you a good student,
were you a bad student? Does it matter anymore? If you are a literal
child watching this video, stay in school. Don’t
rush to be a grownup. It kind of sucks. – Don’t forget to comment,
like, share, and subscribe. We make videos every Friday, so we’ll see you next Friday. – Bye!
– Bye! – So, the adrenal gland
leaks out adrenaline. – Yes, does it come to your brain? – [Grace] (Laughing) It leaks out!

Stephen Childs


  1. I belong here. I have curly hair 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  2. That goes to show that the things you learn in school barely apply to life you can’t forget something you always use.🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. I was homeschooled sooo 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  4. This shows the education system a waste man cause my ass failed 😭😂😂😂😂😂good job ladies

  5. I always assumed I would be horrible at “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”. Now I know this for a fact.

  6. It's not alliteration. Alliteration specifically refers to identical consonant sounds at the beginnings of words. The answer is "assonance."

  7. 7 years Catholic school grade school I was average student for the most part. excelled in reading and writing . I was a shy Nerd.

  8. Lol those weren’t even real elementary Questions like we’re as the math or correct social studies Questions.

  9. I was a good student. I was normal. I got good grades and was good and didn’t mess around but I was also a little popular. now I get good grades and have fun but I’m not popular I’m in the middle

  10. I got the kidney organ thing question right i guessed thats all i do on all my test…my score was 20%

  11. Omg! After watching tons of Naturally Curky videos, I have come to realize they are in Austin, Tx! Can i be apart of you guys!? Pleaseeee! Hahaha idk what I would do but I love you ladies! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. I know the adrenal glands are above the kidneys. Did I know that in elementary school? No da fuq?

  13. Okay… Im almost in highschool and i dont remember learning any of those questions

  14. What kind of elementary schools are teaching those things? I didn't learn about the battle of Gettysburg until middle school. And all the science I learned was how to use a magnifying glass and even then I didn't use it properly I preferred burning things.

  15. Bs d my way through pre school elementary middle school high school college lol I could not

  16. I was very average at school all throughout (im a senior in hs) I was never really good at something….

  17. I love both of their personalities, specially the girl on the right! Keep it up ladies :*

  18. I'm in middle school and we didn't even learn most of these in elementary school!😂

  19. when it was about the moon Evelyn wrote a month which is right then Nikki wrote a day
    Evelyn: A Day?
    Nikki: You see it all the time

  20. I got a 90. But I also have children in elementary school, middle school and high school… (In a few years Nikki will improve her score. Cause she will be doing homework with her little one before she knows it).

  21. What? I get recess and I am in middle school.Is that weird or normal?

  22. was I the only one that noticed how Nikki spelled Virginia as Virgina. I'M LEGIT DYING

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  24. Why did she have that random white clip on the side of her head😂🤣🤣

  25. I don’t know what standards these are from but these where to hard and fifth grade science barely existed and I didn’t learn about organs until like middle school

  26. “Is this graded on a curve” me every time someone tells me I have a test

  27. I’m in middle school and I am still the type to cry over an A- 😂

    I was still learning my multiplication and division tables.

  29. my science teacher sucked he teach us anything he just made us watch a video and gave us a test

  30. 6:31 wrong it doesn't take 1 month, it take approximately 28 days for the moon to go around the earth

  31. Some of this stuff I didn’t learn until middle school and other things i never learned.Also not knowing this stuff doesn’t mean you’re not smart it lowkey just proves they are shoving information in you that youll never need😭😭

  32. We never learned any of this. I would know, I was in Elementary school 2 years ago.

  33. I’m mad because I only guessed the algebra question correctly and I failed 2 consecutive semesters of algebra…. 😐

  34. At one of my colleges we had nap club. The only rules were to take 3 hr nap a day

  35. i was kind of the class clown and the nerd at the same time 🤣🤣 i was kinda popular

  36. I only learned the answer to the Gettysburg one because they said it on Homeland.

  37. Only matters in order to teach my homeschool kiddos. I was shy and smart.

  38. I’m still in 5th grade and milestones is next week.


  39. I got D’s in elementary but I have adhd so that’s my “exscuse”😂 but now I make all A’s but ya

  40. A DAY !???
    We see it all the time ya know what I’m sayinnn

    I fell you Nikki!!!

  41. aI’m going to 7th grade and I don’t remember learning bout no where is the adrenal gland or the battle of Getty’sburgg I

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