Can I jaywalk? | Is It Legal? | 22 Minutes

I wanna
cross the street but the crosswalk is
all the way over there! So I just wanna cross
the street from here. Is it legal? What our friend Meredith is
considering, is “jaywalking”. And by jaywalking, I mean that she’s about to
unlawfully cross the street. I don’t mean that she’s
about to do an old segment on “The Tonight Show” where
Jay Leno made people look dumb for ten minutes. That might be a crime,
depending on who you ask. Yeah, but what’s the
worst that could happen? Well, for one, you could
get hit by a bus and die. Yeah, but I won’t go
to jail for it, right? Dude, your
priorities are messed up. No, you won’t go to jail but if you like having
money, then buckle up. According to a
stat I made up, trillions of people
jaywalk every day. and if you’re caught, it
could set you back quite a bit. In fact, for those
who live in Halifax, you could get hit
with a $700 dollar ticket! To put that in
perspective: it’s $700 dollars! That’s all the
perspective you need! Just don’t do it! Pfft! You can’t
tell me what to do! I’m a grown
woman, damn you. (crashing sound) I’m okay! I’m okay! Well, there you go. Jaywalking won’t
land you in a prison cell but it could land
you in a hospital bed or at the very
least, in debt. Now, if you’re out for a bike
ride in Quebec with 15 friends, somebody’s gotta
leave the group. Only 15 cyclists can ride
together in a row or it’s– you guessed it, illegal! Let us know what
laws you’ve been
wondering about in our
comment section. And don’t forget to watch more: 22 MINUTES “Is It Legal?” videos you never know when
you’ll need it.

Stephen Childs


  1. For people living in Toronto, the situation is different: http://www.toronto.ca/311/knowledgebase/68/101000049368.html

  2. I noticed living in Toronto how much Jay walking after Blue Jay games….this coincidence or booze?

  3. Is it legal to do pay-for-play fundraising when you're the government??? I'm dying to know!

  4. do you really need to wait for the RCMP in Ontario for an accident if you admit fault on the motorway?

  5. You better have a chat with the Windsor Police Service in Windsor Ontario then. Because I was THREATENED TO BE CHARGED for a fucking old man with cataracts hitting me and killing my dog while crossing the street from the grocery store with a cart full of groceries.

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