Can Australia’s PM Scott Morrison recover from the fires? – BBC News

No you’re an idiot mate. Stand down now. ScoMo has got to go! Australia is on fire. Are you from the media? Tell the prime minister to go and get- And people are turning their anger on the prime minister, Scott Morrison. You’re out, son. You are out. So what happened to Morrison, I have always believed in miracles. and his miracles, a man who as tourism boss, signed off on this famous, or perhaps infamous, advert. So where the bloody hell are you? Well it was this very catchphrase that came back to bite Morrison, hard. As fires ravaged the country in the lead-up to Christmas and some politicians were spotted helping out, it emerged that the prime minister was on an unannounced holiday in Hawaii. And despite days of public outcry, he only cut his vacation short by about 48 hours. But his actions, once back on Australian soil, didn’t do much to improve the situation. The prime minister’s decision to compensate volunteer firefighters only came after weeks of pressure from the opposition, and after claiming that the firefighters ‘want to be out there’. In the period from Christmas to New Year, as the fires reached catastrophic levels, Mr Morrison made just one public appearance, despite finding time to host a cricket reception and hit the beach. While on another beach the world saw unprecedented scenes of Australians huddling to escape the fires, as Morrison toured the country, seemingly unable to secure a single handshake. I’m only shaking your hand if you give more funding to our [Rural Fire Service]. So many people here have lost their homes. The solution, from a prime minister who prides himself on his marketing acumen? A promotional video, complete with upbeat music. And for a short while, a link for donations – to his own party. Well thankfully we’ve had no loss of life. To make matters worse, on a visit to an island affected by fires, Morrison appeared not to realise lives had been lost there. Two. Two, yeah two that’s right. I was thinking about firefighters. For some of his critics, the prime minister’s failure has been one of leadership in the face of an immediate disaster. For others, it’s a failure to address the wider context of climate change. This has to stop. We can’t keep forgetting and pretending that climate change isn’t real. He has, however, acknowledged climate change in recent press conferences. Climate change has impacted on the world weather patterns that have led to where we are here today, to some extent. The ruling Liberal Party does not have a robust record of taking climate change seriously, though. Back in 2015, ministers were caught joking about rising sea levels affecting Pacific Island nations. Time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to be, you know, have water lapping at your door. There’s a boom [microphone]. But while climate change may have increased the likelihood and severity of the fires, it didn’t cause them. In any case, climate change is a global problem which requires global responsibility. Many people strongly support Morrison’s defence of the mining and energy industries, which have long been at the heart of Australia’s economy. But the public mood suggests he must also be seen to take leadership on climate change, particularly as the hot country will in all likelihood continue to be at the front line of the issue. This is coal. Don’t be afraid! But it may take a lot to convince the public that a man who brought a lump of coal into parliament is serious about climate change.

Stephen Childs


  1. Such a tragic choice of a PM. AND HE HAS THE AUDACITY TO SHAKE PEOPLE’S HANDS

  2. We have same pm he only love camera and himself rest country is burning without flames

  3. Billy Joel said: We didn't start the fire, it was always burning since the world's been turning. In any case have you considered kidnapping, I mean borrowing our PM, Jacinda Ardern, interest free, to mitigate the arrogance of your defective leader?

  4. This PM didnt came by force, he was elected by the Australian peaple. So most of Australians are like him. It's hard but that's the reality.

  5. There is no solution to reverse the global warming. Even by stopping sheep and cattle from farting and zero emissions the globe temperature won't drop one degree. Everyone is talking about climate change then why aren't everyone starting to zero the emmisions immediately.

  6. Love and prayers from Texas. Dear Lord we humbly ask that you please be with the Australian people and may the fires end soon. God bless!

  7. The only goid thing that came out of this forest fire is their pm's reality

  8. AGW, anthropogenic global warming, destabilizes and destroys ever more ecosystems and tremendous areas of habitat for human kind by all kinds of weather extremes especially extreme heat as is argued in the Tumia article below. Not only has human kind realized the AGW greenhouse gas rise 100 times faster than with earlier mass extinctions in natural history, the death spreading agriculture and other human activties already have destroyed and are destroying more and more ecosystems and habitat for humans thus fueling the self reinforcing death spiral of ecosystem destruction and climate change by a double whamming as argued in the article below. So the above promises a mass extinction as never seen before in natural history. Good luck to the human species. They will need it and much sooner than ever imagined: The Colossal Mistake of Underestimating the Death Spreading Agriculture and Meat Industry:

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  9. First of all, Morrison absolutely lost his mind to choose going on a vacation during a national crisis. However there’s nothing Australian gov can do about this fire, this one is way out of their capability. They only have 3000 professional firefighters and loads of volunteers(only about 2000 of the volunteers are well-trained and can be count as reinforcements) plus the 3000 backup firefighters and professionals from US, Canada and other countries (which is very kind of y’all). To conclude, they only have around 9000 professionals and very limited resource to fight against this fire that spread almost 1000 miles vertically, we talking bout the length between New York to north Florida! Even government raised their emergency fund by 100% it still wouldn’t make much of a difference. The force of nature is inevitable. So really get the PEOPLE hell out of there instead complaining the weak government.

  10. I understand that not cutting his holiday short was disrespectful but what more could of he done?

  11. Put liberals in office and you’ll get shit on. EVERY TIME! Just look at California.

  12. Get rid of him Peter Dutten should of been the man after turncoat got knifed.

  13. I’m so glad this is happening, maybe now this shithole country should start respecting Trump…

  14. The BBC will not post the fact the Australian government has been selling water by its tonnes to the highest bidder & preventing the Australian people from accessing it. But the sheeple will continue to believe this is all down to climate change nonsense

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI-bh1ofVtY .Maybe he needs to learn from S.Korea. In the biggest wild fire, all fire fighters around the nation were called up to fight the fire by Mr.president. It was magnificent to see endless line of fire trucks heading to the designation and hard working fire fighters accomplished their mission in the shortest time. We are so proud of them. Looking forward to hearing good news from Ausie, including kicking the swimming guy out of government.

  16. Just because Australians are talking shit about their prime minister doesn’t mean we (non-Australians) can. Let them make their own decisions, have some manners, and stay the fuck out of other country’s politics.

  17. Climate change is a load of bollocks. The world has been through all of this before. This is caused by negligence by the government & greed to sell its water.

  18. https://www.moteefe.com/australia-fire-climate-change-t-shirt?color=jet-black&product=unisex-hoodie&user_currency=USD

  19. What a shame he is still on the position of PM! Many people have died and 1 billion animals have been burnt to death. He should resign himself as soon as possible if he has any conscience.

  20. What all those losers could do are wasting tax payers’ money and blaming all their own faults to China!

  21. Your Prime Minister looks, talks, and acts like a joke. 🤭🤢🤮 Time for a change.

  22. Australia needs to get mid evil and the next time this guy shows up the people need to make him feel the literal burn

  23. Australians who VOTED for him are IDIOTS!!! To those who did NOT vote for him and lost your homes to the fires…..Our CONDOLENCES!!!

  24. If about 1 km tp 2 km tree near to fire could cut and trees are taken far from fire areas then the fire can be controlled. Please spread this news to Australia if you can. Coust allso reduced to half.

  25. Dude really left his burning country to enjoy a holiday 😂😂😂😅. Are you serious????????!

  26. Somewhere the Prime Minister of Australia wanted to strike to the face of Vladimir Putin… (for what?) Now let him peck his face for not being able to prevent such an Apocalypse. Why don't you shout in your news that it was Putin with matches,was running all over Australia? Why not? You all lied in unison that he poisoned the Skripals, shot down the Boeing MH 17 and beat the unfortunate and tolerant thugs of DAESH…?????

  27. I've been neutral on the accusations against Morrison as I don't live in Australia, but having a promotional video with a donation to his party is low.


  29. Imagine how Vladimir Putin would react.
    He would put firefighters suit right away and join the fight

  30. How Dare You! Well, he still interested in talking about HangKong and China. Wow, what an nice guy!

  31. THey should put him on jail.. God please bring huge rain to australia…. all my love to u

  32. Scott Morrison is probably the worst political leader I’ve ever seen besides Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, he is probably even worse than those two.

  33. These are flaw of capitalism.The money should be transferred from billionaires and government to firemans, this is ver wrong nobody cares about it.It is the same what happend in Russian Siberia, shame…

  34. I didn't vote for Morrison, because I could see what type of person he was. I saw what he did in the age care sector, when he wasn't PM.

  35. Almost seems like a false-flag to usher in global climate-change policy. Even with all the arrested arsonists sitting in jail, and a do-nothing PM going on vacation during a massive crisis; they still try to blame climate change.

  36. Half of the reservists called did not respond to the call up. Unless they have a good medical or family emergency excuse they should be removed from the reserves . These fires were bad because of a prolonged drought and bad forest management policies brought on by Greenies pressuring Government and Government agreeing with them because it saved them spending any real money and also lack of spending on fire fighting equipment and personnel . Climate change is just the cover story to try and shift blame away from the Greens and the Government . It's the culmination of decades of neglect . Greenies won't talk about the 1.5 billion animals they helped kill .
    Morrison is very unwise and out of touch , grabbing that blokes hand that never wanted to shake his hand was assault . Sometimes it takes a disaster or war or some sort of emergency to show who are the real leaders and who are the clowns . Morrison has failed the test . The Liberal party needs to dump this albatross as soon as possible because they will not win any election with him still PM .


  38. https://www.gofundme.com/f/1vbp6vqkhc?utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&rcid=3b14faaca0cf439abdae43ba48dd749d

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