Calling Team USA

The President: Hey, coach. Jill Ellis: Mr.
President, how are you? The President: I’m
not as good as you but I’m pretty good. (laughter) Jill Ellis: Well, we’re all
sitting here and just so excited that
you’re calling us. The President:
Well listen. So I turned on the
game and you guys kind of took the suspense
out of it, you know. (laughter) Ten minutes and then — Jill Ellis: Well,
that was the aim for sure. The President:
— That’s all she wrote. (laughter) Jill Ellis: Yeah, it was
a heck of a performance. We’re all so very, very
proud and excited to come back to the U.S. with
this trophy. The President: Well, listen,
the — it was so much fun to watch and, you know, I want
to congratulate you for great coaching and I want to
congratulate Abby and Megan; way to go. (laughter) Jill Ellis: We’re all
sitting right here. Female Speaker:
Thanks, Mr. President. We appreciate your support. The President: Listen. You know, I love what you
guys have done and the culture you’ve built and,
you know, Alex and Tobin and Julie. You know, terrific, and
then Carli what have you been eating? (laughter) Carli Lloyd: Wheaties. Jill Ellis: She’s
right here, hold on. Carli Lloyd: Hey Mr. President. The President: I want to do what you’re doing. (laughter) Carli Lloyd: You can come
out and run on the field with me if you want. (laughter) The President: Yeah, you
know, I’ll do that for about thirty seconds — (laughter) — and then I’ll stop but
— so that whole visioning thing though; you ended
up one goal short. Am I right about that? Carli Lloyd: Yeah, I
think it was a tie. The President: Yeah. Carly Lloyd: (inaudible) — last-minute so I should
have been sent off maybe. (laughter) The President: Yeah, well,
that never was close, you know. Carli Lloyd: Yeah,
it was close. The President: It was close. But, you know,
three’s not bad. (laughter) Three’s pretty good. Carli Lloyd:
Good (inaudible) The President: So, anyway,
listen; the — couldn’t be prouder, everybody here,
and the next time I see the men’s team, I will have to
remind them that you guys beat the men in viewership. (speaking simultaneously) Yeah! The President: No American
— no soccer event has ever drawn more Americans than
this one and, you know, and you guys just made a whole
bunch of new fans and, more importantly, I think,
inspired a whole new generation of young women
to make sure that U.S. women’s soccer
continues to grow. So you guys — you
guys done good. Female Speaker: Well,
thank you, so much. The President: How late did
you stay up last night? Did you sleep yet? (speaking simultaneously) No. The President: No? So I want to invite you guys
and the team to the White House to celebrate the
championship and I can’t wait to meet you guys and
see you all here and — with the cup and please just bask
in — bask in the glory. You guys deserve it. You guys worked really hard
and you made us all really proud. Female Speaker: Well, thank
you so much Mr. President. We can’t wait to for you
to rock of our jerseys. We’ll be there. The President:
There you go, okay. (speaking simultaneously) The President:
Thank you guys. Bye-bye. (applause)

Stephen Childs

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