Cabinet designates October 2 as ‘alternative holiday,’ giving Koreans 10 days off

President Moon Jae-in and his Cabinet designated
October 2nd as an “alternative holiday” to link the weekend and a series of national
holidays… adding up to 10 off days in a row. (KOREAN)
“With the designation of an “off-day” on October 2nd, the people will be able to enjoy an unprecedented
ten-day vacation. I hope it will be a time of rest and solace
that rejuvenates the people.” (10 2 10
. .) In his weekly Cabinet meeting, the liberal
leader acknowledged the serious security situation on the Korean peninsula…, but decided to
order the extra day off to give the people and businesses plenty of time to prepare for
the Chuseok holiday. According to the top office, the extra long
break which includes National Foundation Day, the Chuseok holidays, and Hangeul Day… should
help boost domestic spending and revitalize the economy. Moon ordered the Cabinet to come up with measures
to minimize any negative effects the extra holiday could cause.

Stephen Childs

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