Burlington receives federal grant to get rid of lead

MORE THAN 3 MILLION DOLLARS IS HEADED TO BURLINGTON TO REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF LEAD PAINT IN LOW INCOME HOUSES. IT’S PART OF A GOVERNMENT GRANT THAT WPTZ’S ROBYN ESTABROOK HAS BEEN LOOKING INTO. SHE JOINS US LIVE IN BURLINGTON WITH THE LATEST ON LEAD PAINT ABATEMENT. ROBYN? TAKING CARE OF LEAD PAINT IN HOMES CAN BE EXPENSIVE, NOW A GRANT CAN HELP. BURLINGTON CODE ENFORCEMENT DIRECTOR, BILL WARD, SAYS LEAD IS DANGEROUS. clip 4 12:41-12:47 “it is not like nuclear waste, it is not that type of radio active hazard, but it is sort of a silent killer.” NOW A THREE POINT FOUR MILLION DOLLAR GRANT FROM HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT, OR HUD, WILL GO TOWARDS GETTING RID OF LEAD IN BURLINGTON AND WINOOSKI HOMES. clip 2 00:56 – 1:14″the federal government provides competitive grants to municipalities and states to reducing lead based paint hazards in older homes as well as addressing other health and safety hazards mostly focused on children and children from families with low incomes.” BRIAN PINE WITH THE COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OFFICE, SAYS THIS WAS COMPETITIVE AND THEY ARE THANKFUL THEY RECEIVED IT. clip 2 1:30- 1:36″largest grant that we’ve gotten to date. That is the maximum that you could get. So that is the upper limit of what is available.” WARD SAYS THIS WILL IMPACT MANY DIFFERENT PEOPLE IN BURLINGTON, NOT ONLY LOW INCOME FAMILIES AND CHILDREN WHO ARE DIRECTLY AFFECTED. clip 4 11:49-12:03 “but there are going to be so many cascading down the line from better quality inspections across the board our office for example will be receiving some additional training that will be the type of training that will be used across all of our inspections.” WITH THE MONEY, THEY CAN HELP GET RID OF LEAD IN 160 HOMES FOR LOW INCOME FAMILIES. AND IF YOU QUALIFY ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS APPLY. clip 2 6:52-6:55 “we hope our phone rings a lot over the next few weeks. We really want to enroll as many people as possible.” IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ENROLLING. CALL 865-LEAD. IN BURLINGTON, ROBYN ESTABROOK WPTZ NEWSCHANNEL FIVE.

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