Bureau of Engraving and Printing Tour and Visitor Center in Washington, DC

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s
Washington, DC tour and Visitors Center located in the heart of the nation’s
capitol is a great place to learn about United States currency and see how it’s
made BEP has been the nation’s exclusive paper
currency printers since 1862 that is more than 150 years of making money and
we are excited about sharing our unique history with you at the BEP tour and
visitors center you will see millions of dollars being printed as you walk along
the gallery overlooking the production floor this approximately 40 minute
experience includes an introductory film followed by a gallery tour which allows
you to follow the entire production process from a blank sheet of currency
paper to the printed cut and shrink-wrap bricks that are packaged and sent to the
Federal Reserve our nation’s central bank at the end of the gallery tour you
can explore educational exhibits and a variety of currency products for sale in
the visitor centers gift shop the tour and visitors center is recommended for
both adults and children and admission is free
if you plan to visit with a large group of 10 or more please contact us in
advance to make a reservation tours are available Monday through Friday from 9
a.m. to 2 p.m. and lasts approximately 40 minutes during non-peak season from
September through February just come directly to the tour entrance during the
peak season from March through August extended tour hours will be in place and
visitors must obtain time tickets at the ticket booth on the same day of the
visit please keep in mind that our facility is closed on federal holidays
and during the last week of the year from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day our
facility is located just south of the Washington Monument and right next door
to the United States Holocaust Museum at 14th and C streets in Southwest
Washington DC some visitors opt to drive and park in the surrounding garages or
at the parking meters to avoid parking challenges it is best to take
Washington’s Metro we are a short two block walk from the Smithsonian station
just follow the signs from March through August your tour journey begins
the ticket booth located on the 15th Street side of our facility also known
as Raoul Wallenberg plates time tickets are distributed beginning at 8 a.m.
until they are gone for the day tickets are only available on the same day of
the tour during the peak season from March to August towards run every 15
minutes from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. tickets are distributed on a first-come
first-served basis you can see the times that are available on the ticket booth
window just come back to take your tour at the time that you’ve been given one
person can request up to four tickets but for groups larger than ten please
schedule your tour in advance peak season is a very popular time so we
highly recommend that you arrive at the ticket booth as early as you can in the
morning once you have your tickets you are ready to go we like to offer you the
following tips to maximize your tour experience at BEP first plan to take BEP’s
tour at the beginning of your vacation if you come join the peak season it is
very possible that all tickets for the day will be distributed early in the
morning by coming early on your vacation if all the tickets are gone the first
day you still have more opportunities to take the tour another day second while
in line for tickets consider a few different tour times just in case your
first choice has been distributed already third one person can wait in
line and get up to four tickets if you need five or six tickets be sure to
bring a second person you do not have to bring three people to get three tickets
fourth please try to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled tour time to allow
for clearance through security this read the back of your ticket it will give you
instructions on where to enter at the time of your tour the Bureau of
Engraving and Printing mission is to develop and produce United States
currency notes trusted worldwide we are confident that your visit to our money
factory will be educational and memorable as you learn about the
innovation and ingenuity that goes into making US
currency we look forward to seeing you soon to learn more visit BEP gov and
follow us on Facebook and Twitter at US moneyfactory

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