Building Success 101: Top 5 Qualities of the Most Successful

Check this out!! What’s up everybody!! It’s Julio Caezar, and I’m here to talk about … …success. Yes, welcome to my couch!! This is where I get intimate with you guys Everybody’s at a different level based on their definition of success. Sooo…we really can’t judge a person based on what they have or what they’ve accomplished. …vaguely, you can’t We can’t judge them accurately and in all
honesty, you shouldn’t judge anybody besides yourself. …but, i’ll share the things that I think about on a daily basis One I alway think about my dreams and my visions. It happens every day. Every time I wake up I think about the dream that I had or the next step that I need to take in order to make that dream a reality. So, before I get into number two, let me just elaborate on number 1. Dream … dream big If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. You have to believe that your dreams are
impossible and aside from that, this might sound like an oxymoron, you have to believe that you are capable of making that impossibility a reality. Every dream you dream of is possible! Unless you’re thinking about some quantum physics where you can instantly transmit your body to Mars… in a second. It might be possible but the technology is not there yet, so… it’s gonna take some time. Everything’s possible though. Number Two It’s kind of like a really good segway … You have to have a strategy Strategy is … key when you are trying to overcome a foe. … and in this case, our foe, our enemy, is life. Make sure that you have a strategy, or a plan to make your dreams a reality. It’s so necessary Consistency There’s no successful person that is not consistent in what they do. Yes, you can do something once; you can probably win a science fair Oooo, big whoop! But can you win that science fare every year, for a decade? You know? Can you be that basketball player that allows your team to win a championship, every year? For six years? Consistency; that’s success that is being a champion at what you do. That’s being the best. That’s being the person everybody else wants to
be Go ahead, hit the like button. Believe in who you are and embrace yourself. …the same way I’m embracing me right now. and i’m not afraid to let you guys know who I am, what I’m about, what I think about all the time. I would like for us to get personal…to the extent where …you somewhat know my thought process. I don’t think anyone can ever figure my shyt out… I’m super complicated, but … Regardless, just know yourself because if you know yourself, you know if you can provide for people, you know what you can do for you that can actually help others. So…know yourself. Last but not least … Number Five … Hard Work … You have to understand that nothing comes easy… and it ties in with consistency. Yes you can do something once but are you able to do it over and over again. Hard work is essential because if you are not a person that is enveloped in what it is to work hard, on a daily basis to achieve what you want and desire… Guess what!! No one is going to do it for you…sooo it’s not going to happen. So Hard Work! …And in order to work that hard everyday, you need to have the ambition…it ties in together. You need an ambition You need something to push you along the way, because hard work is hard for a reason It’s hard. Hard work. Nobody wants to do hard work I don’t want to do hard work. I want my money to fu**ing work for itself, at some point. But that’s not going to happen now. There’s always a foundation that we have to build, unless it’s already built for us …And if it’s already built for us, we don’t value it as much as if we were to build it ourselves. So work hard, base off of the ambition that you have towards something. The bonus one… Perseverance Bonus…the sixth sense that nobody knows about Perseverance… You can fail, and you will fail, whether it’s in school, whether it’s at your job …there’s always going to be something … that may trigger the idea of failure. They all come together. Simple as that. If you have perseverance, and you fail … you understand what happened, you get up … you strategize against that, you work hard based on the ambition that you have … and you continue to be consistent so that, in the end… you finally embrace who you are and you make your dreams a reality. I really hope I did that right … because that came from the heart. …and…yeaaaa Anyways. If you like this video, make sure to hit the like button. No I’m not getting paid for this Subscribe… No we don’t get paid for that either. By you liking, commenting, or subscribing… I just know that you’re trying to engage with me, which is pretty cool. I like engagement … Oh … and if you have any questions … drop them below. I’ll definitely answer them. Or tweet me, or Instagram, or whatever. You know where to find me. This was Julio Caezar, here in my couch. Do that (Subscribe) Or I’ll do this … Peace!!

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